The process of growing and caring for cannabis is time-consuming and meticulous. But, it’s also a therapeutic and beloved hobby for some and a full-time job for others.

When you’re ready to level up your grow operation, one of the first things you’ll need to upgrade is your grow lights. For many growers, that means upgrading from lower wattage lights to 1200-watt LED grow lights.

Just like when you were searching for your starter lights, there are hundreds of higher wattage lights on the market. If it’s your first time working with 1200 watt lights, you may need some help deciding which lights are the right ones for your grow. We’ve tested some of the most popular 1200 watt LED grow lights and made our picks for the top 5.

Last Updated: March 6, 2020

Viparspectra 1200W Full Spectrum4.5′ x 4.5′100,000 hrs
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King Plus 1200W Double Chips Full Spectrum3.5′ x 5.2′100,000 hrs
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Meizhi Reflector Series 1200W5′ x 4′100,000 hrs
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BESTVA 1200W5.7′ x 5.4′50,000 hrs
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Miya 1200W5′ x 5′50,000 hrs
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BLOOMSPECT 1200W3′ x 3′100,000 hrs
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Top 1200w LED Grow Light

1. Viparspectra 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Viparspectra is one of the most well-known grow light brands on the market. The price of the Viparspectra 1200w full spectrum LED grow light might make you do a double-take. As a popular brand, the lights tend to be more expensive than other lesser-known brands, but based on customer reviews from experienced growers, if you invest in the best, you’ll get your money’s worth. When you compare the cost of the light to the amount of energy efficiency that the light provides, as well as the long-lasting quality, you might find that it’s worth it to pay a bit more for a longer-lasting light.

The Viparspectra 1200w full spectrum LED grow light provides a full band spectrum of light that is suitable from seed to flowering stage. You retain control over the amount of light exposure your plants receive by timing the number of hours a day the light is on.

It also features a fantastic cooling system that works well for smaller grow areas, and might even replace out one of your fans. You’ll find the lamp’s built-in cooling system uses six fans w in the system tray. Because these fans are within the lighting system, you don’t have to account for extra space or calculate how many more outlets you need.

With a higher quality cooling system, your bulbs will last longer, and you will save money on other cooling equipment for your grow room.

The bulbs also include an aluminum heat sink, another cooling element to keep your lights from overheating. The heat sink helps dissipate warm air away from the components board, which is one of the first things that tends to overheat in a grow tent or room.

One of the most popular selling points of this light is that it comes with veg and bloom switches that will adjust the light flow for each growing stage. Although you’ll have to do a bit of reading on the particular strain you’ll be growing; these bloom and veg switches will help your plants get everything they can in the most crucial stages of plant growth.


  • Veg and bloom switches
  • Very energy efficient
  • Intense cooling system
  • 3-year warranty


  • Expensive compared to other light brands

2. King Plus 1200W Double Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The King Plus 1200w double chips full spectrum LED grow light uses some of the newest LED technology available. These bulbs aim to provide the best lights for photosynthesis and work for plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. When it comes to growing cannabis, they are ideal for helping the plants during the vegetative state.

Each light has 1200w of power and offers a very intense light. The brightness is nearly unmatched, which is one reason for the price being so high. The grow lights have three holes in the cover over the LEDs to help dissipate heat away from the plants. Unlike the Viparspectra lights, heat dissipation on these bulbs is not a good enough substitute for fans or a complete cooling system.

The King Plus 1200w double chips full spectrum LED grow light uses only 235-watts making it highly energy efficient. Most growers get up to 50,000 hours of light from this system before having to change the bulbs. While it’s not the best lifespan we’ve seen, it gets the job done for growers on a tighter budget.  For a hobbyist grower who prefers to use higher wattage systems, it’s probably more than enough lifespan.

Overall the King Plus 1200w double chips full spectrum LED grow light is a great light for smaller grows. The LEDs aren’t as long-lasting as the other systems available in the same price range, but the system is very energy efficient and provides a lot of intensity.


  • Energy saving
  • Only draws 235w of power
  • High intensity
  • Multiple sizes available in the same model


  • Short lifespan
  • LEDs are known to die out

3. Meizhi Reflector Series 1200W LED grow light

Quick Overview:

  • Reflector design prevents light loss
  • Dual veg and bloom switches

The Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light uses some of the most up to date technology available. With mirrors placed behind the LEDs, your plants will get more light than ever. These mirrors reflect the light that would otherwise escape and dissipate upwards.

The power delivery is 1200w, which is powerful enough to take care of numerous plants at once. The Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light uses eight infrared LEDs that are great for the cannabis bloom stage. Because infrared light provides a stimulus for photosynthesis, you’ll see a larger yield and bigger buds.

During the bloom stage, cannabis plants are exceptionally delicate. The Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light has one downside, and that’s that it’s challenging to transition the plants to an intense bloom stage without shocking them.

fThe Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light stands out from the competition with its long lifespan. These LEDs are high-quality and last for years. But, just in case there is a 3-year warranty on all of Meizhi products. There’s also a 30-day return period if you realize that the Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light doesn’t fit your needs as well as you thought it would.

Overall, the Meizhi 1200w reflector series LED grow light is an excellent option if you’re looking for a higher yield and are taking care of 5 or 6 plants. The PAR map shows that light dissipates about 3 feet out of the center, which is astounding.


  • High intensity
  • Energy saving
  • A big coverage area
  • Tons of infrared light
  • 3-year guarantee


  • The transition during blooming might shock plants
  • Price
  • The 30-day return period isn’t long enough to see results of the light

4. BESTVA 1200W LED Grow Light

Quick Overview:

  • Both veg and bloom modes
  • Lens enhances the light quality

There are now a few lights on this list that use the double chip technology. We know that the double chips LED technology offers greater intensity and brightness. But, the Bestva uses a combination of double chip LEDs and high lumens to ensure that the intense light gets to your plants and doesn’t dissipate so quickly.

The cooling system that comes with the Bestva 1200w double chip LED grow light is above and beyond because of an aluminum panel. The glass covers also help retain heat to prevent it from getting to your plants. Accordingly, the lights themselves can get fairly hot, but you can switch between the high and low heat lumens for a cooler environment.

Possibly the best part of the Bestva 1200w double chip LED grow light is that it’s hyper-efficient. Although this 1200w light provides a lot of intensity, it only draws 240 watts of power from your wall. This level of efficiency is nearly unheard of for 1200-watt lights.

Overall the Bestva is a quality purchase and one you should consider if you’re taking care of 3 to 5 plants. If this light Is in your budget, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t make this investment, other than it lacks in infrared lighting. This means you should expect only standard yields.


  • Great intensity
  • Very energy efficient
  • Heat control
  • Double chip LEDs


  • Higher price than other similar lights

5. Miya 1200W LED Grow Light

The Miya 1200W LED Grow Light features one hundred and twenty high-efficiency dual-chip LEDs, which deliver full wavelength illumination for healthier growth and a bigger harvest.

Each dual-chip LED is rated at 10 watts, providing superior radiance compared to traditional chips. These LEDs are also energy-conscious, and their power consumption stays around 220 to 240 watts.

Each light is fitted with an aluminum radiator shell along with four heavy-duty low noise cooling fans making it a great choice for additional heat dissipation.

It provides the optimal full spectrum of light and produces high PPFD value at every growing stage. This can lead to higher yields and more potent THC in your final product.


  • Energy-saving dual-chip LEDs that deliver superior brightness
  • Easy to use veg/bloom double switch modes
  • Better balance between coverage and PAR/lumen output
  • The super-efficient heat dissipation system
  • Easy to mount as well as operate
  • Long performance and service life


  • No daisy chain connection
  • Mounting gear is poorly designed

6. Bloomspect 1200W LED Grow Light

If you want a grow light that emulates the sun without consuming too much power, the Bloomspect 1200W LED Grow Light is another great option. It is equipped with 10 watts double chip LEDs that are brighter and more energy-efficient compared to traditional 5 watt LEDs.

The Bloomspect LED spectrum is packed with blue, red, white, and deep red lights that promote healthier plant growth as well as a bigger harvest. The full spectrum not only generates high PAR values but also maintains a superior balance between coverage and PAR/lumen output at different heights.


  • Brighter bulbs and energy-saving double chip LEDs
  • Full-spectrum light that promotes healthier plant growth
  • A superior cooling system that maintains optimal temperatures
  • An effective balance between coverage and PAR/lumen output
  • Uniform blending of colors for better plant growth
  • Includes power cords based on the country you’re ordering from


  • UV and IR lights are not included in the spectrum
  • Some growers find the bloom function to be confusing

How to choose 1200w led light?

Value is significant because there isn’t anyone actively investigating what these grow light manufacturers claim. Growers rely on the community around them to point out misleading advertisements and faulty systems.

Full Spectrum

What does “Full Spectrum” mean? Nearly every light manufacturer claims that their products are “full-spectrum” but how do we know that’s true? There’s a difference in quality, and the plants can tell!

Whether you’re growing cannabis outdoors, or indoors you must address the plant’s light needs before anything else. There’s a bit of debate surrounding light spectrums and how you can mimic the natural light that they would get otherwise.

What you’re looking for in a full spectrum light is:

  • Infrared (IR)
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • 400nm
  • 450nm
  • 500nm
  • 600nm
  • 650nm
  • 700nm

These light wavelengths work together to provide Chlorophylls and Carotenoids, which are essential during any plant’s photosynthesis process. It’s vital to have true full-spectrum bulbs as your indoor LED plant grow lights.

PAR and More

PAR is photosynthetically active radiation, which applies to the wavelengths of light that indoor plants can use. A high-quality grow light should include both infrared and ultraviolet light wavelengths to give the plant what it needs to grow.

The ultraviolet wavelengths help boost your plant’s defense mechanisms. When the plant’s defense system goes up during growing, there is an increase in terpenes, cannabinoids, and trichomes. In short, ultraviolet light leads to higher potency and also helps penetrate through the canopy more effectively. As your indoor plants grow and their leaves become denser, you get less light closer to the stalk than when they were younger. Ultraviolet rays help the light reach through the canopy and to the plant stems.

The infrared wavelengths can help increase the speed of photosynthesis. Infrared lights help stimulate plant growth, increase yield, bud growth, and trichrome production.


There is some debate among indoor growers about how light intensity affects the plants. For some, the intensity is also known as brightness. However, the term brightness is deceiving because it has nothing to do with how bright the light is to our eyes. Instead, brightness refers to the number of photons that your plants receive during a grow. Brightness can also define how deep into the canopy the light can penetrate.

A light’s wattage usually measures intensity and brightness. You can find grow lights at 300w – 2000w and beyond. However, different manufacturers may measure wattage differently. Some manufacturers refer to the amount of wattage that the light system draws straight from the wall. But others refer to the light’s ability to replace a 300w HID system, or in some cases, and HPS system. The 300W HID systems emitted up to 300 watts.

Cannabis plants require a lot of light exposure to grow. Some growers will say that the higher the intensity of light, the better the final product (when you have a proper cooling system). Typically, growers shy away from overly intense lights because they don’t have the budget, or because they’re growing only a few plants.

If you’re growing a small batch of plants, you can easily opt for a lower intensity because you’ll have less density as your plants grow.


Most full spectrum lights are suitable for use throughout the entire growing cycle. But, it can be challenging to alternate between light spectrums and prevent overexposure to certain light colors in various phases.

If you’re looking for the best value, you’re better off finding a light system that has a veg and bloom switch. These switches allow you to control the blue light, white light, and UV light as necessary. The significant difference is the changes necessary during blooming.

There’s a delicate balance, and if you’re planning on changing the spectrum during the seedling, vegetative, and blooming stages, you should spend some time reading on light transitioning.

Our Top Pick

We hope this breakdown of our top picks for the best 1200W LED grow lights helps you make your choice.

When it comes to our top pick? There’s one light that stands out among the others.

The Viparspectra 1200w full spectrum LED grow light is our favorite among this list. Beyond the fact that it’s a  it’s a fan favorite and bestseller, it caters to the needs of virtually every type of grower.

Because your plants need different spectrums in different growth stages, many growers struggle to achieve the optimal yield. The Viparspectra light has a built-in veg and bloom switch an option. This switch is a game changer that will make your life easier as a grower, and will improve your plant’s growth.

Overall the Viparspectra 1200w full spectrum LED grow light is versatile and worth the investment and is a full-spectrum grow lamp that will likely last for years.

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