Wattage; what does it mean to LED grow lights? The wattage of an LED grows light mainly refers to the power output of the light in terms of performance.

In most cases, wattage is directly related to growing space. For example, a 2 by 2 grow area would require an LED light rated at 120 watts.

So, a high performing 2000 watts LED grow light would be a suitable choice for a 16+ square feet growing area.

Finding these 2000W lights may not be entirely simple. You would probably come across a lot of junk products that don’t deliver.

We understand you better than anyone. That is why we have researched the market and unveiled five top products you can buy today.

ProductPower Consumption Color Spectrum Price
BESTVA401WBlue, Yellow, Orange, Red, UV, IR
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HIGROW400WRed, Blue, White, UV, IR
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King Plus380WWhite, Red, Blue, Orange, IR, UV
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Roleadro300WBlue, Red, White, UV, IR
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Phlizon308WBlue, Red, White, UV, IR
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Top 5 Best 2000-Watt LED Grow Lights

#1 BESTVA Reflector Series LED Grow Light

BESTVA Reflector Series is a high performance LED grow light with a full spectrum design that is ideal for emulating natural sunlight.

This model has a solid design that measures 21.6 by 11.4 by 2.8 inches. It installs easily with two adjustable hangers.

It has a superior airing system that includes all-rounded vents and an integral aluminum structure radiator for effective cooling. It will operate optimally for extended durations.

The full spectrum is generated by ten types of LEDs. This spectrum is suitable for germination, growth, and flowering stages.

The unit features two modes of operation: veg and bloom. Each mode is operated independently with a switch.
The light has a superior core coverage area of 5 by 5.4 inches and vertical coverage of up to 40 inches.

It delivers a superior photosynthetic active radiation that is highly usable. The produced PAR will meet all the normal growth needs of your plants.

Things We Like:

  • Full-spectrum gives your plants everything they need
  • Ideal for all growth stages, including germination, growth, and flowering
  • Veg and bloom switches allow you to operate the two modes independently
  • Integral aluminum radiator offers superior cooling
  • High-performance lens enhance the delivered beam
  • Wide PAR core coverage area

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Penetration may reduce with increasing height

#2 HIGROW Double Chips LED Grow Light

Are you in search of a high performing 2000W LED grow light that uses double chip technology? Look no further than the HIGROW.

The unit comes with a very durable construction that features a heavy-duty cooling heat sink made of 0603 aluminum.

The cooling system is also integrated with two high-speed fans that run quietly. This model can operate under optimal temperatures for more than twenty-four hours.

At the back of the unit, you’ve got the power switch, an input plug, and a daisy chain connection for adding more units.

The light delivers an advanced full-spectrum that ranges from 400 to 760 nm. The spectrum produces the following lights: IR, UV, yellow, orange, white, blue, and red.

Even though there are no separate light modes (veg and bloom), the generated spectrum is ideal for all growth phases.

The unit is rated at 2000W, but it only consumes 400W to illuminate an area as large as 5 by 4.5 inches. It also has an effective PAR coverage of 24 inches.

Things We Like:

  • Double chip technology is brighter compared to 5W/3W LED chips
  • Delivers higher PAR output for maximum plant growth
  • Advanced full-spectrum gives your plants enough natural light
  • Heavy-duty cooling system for superior heat dissipation
  • Consumes only 400W, highly energy efficient

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • IR diodes may appear dimmer
  • Design not waterproof

#3 King Plus LED Grow Light

If you are in search of an upgraded design, you should look no further than the King Plus LED Grow Light.

This light system comes with an efficient cooling system that is made up of an aluminum heat sink and four high-speed fans. There are also vent holes on the LED board.

This design delivers an effective full-spectrum with the best ratio of color. The spectrum includes white, red, blue, IR, UV, and orange lights.

The light is equipped with double chip LEDs that are much brighter compared to 5-watt or 3-watt LED chips.
The PAR coverage is exceptional. It provides your plants all the useful spectrums they need, ranging from 380 to 730 nm.

Regardless of the fact that it is rated at 2000W, this lamp is energy efficient. It consumes approximately 380 watts. It saves you a lot of money compared to using HPS lamps.

Things We Like:

  • Double chip LEDs are much brighter than 5W or 3W LEDs
  • Highly energy efficient only uses 380 watts of power
  • A full spectrum that produces effective spectrums for all growth stages
  • An advanced cooling system that boosts optimal operating temperatures
  • Separate veg and bloom switches for different growth stages
  • No extra ballast is required, just plug and play

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some LEDs may flicker
  • IR LEDs may be dimmer

#4 Roleadro LED Grow Light

Are you an indoor grower in search of a high performing grow light? Look no further than the Roleadro LED Grow Light.

This light features a very sturdy construction made up of an aluminum heat sink and two high-speed, high-performance cooling fans.

It only has one on/off switch for operation. There is a daisy chain connection for connecting more units, making it suitable for larger growing environments.

The unit delivers a proprietary advanced spectrum that is ideal for germinating, growing, and flowering. Healthier and bigger yields are guaranteed.

The PAR performance is exceptional at different heights. At 12 inches (PAR 1147), at 18 inches (PAR 592), at 24 inches (PAR 387), and at 36 inches (PAR 135).

The average power draw of the unit is 300 watts, which makes it highly energy-efficient compared to most HPS and CFL models.

Things We Like:

  • Heavy-duty heat sink and cooling fans maintain optimum temperature
  • Draws little power for optimal performance, only 300 watts
  • An effective full spectrum simulates solar spectrum for effective growth
  • Maintains a good balance of lumen/PAR output as well as coverage
  • Daisy chain outlet allows you to connect more units

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some rows of bulbs may flicker or burn out

#5 Phlizon LED Grow Light

Do you want a high performance LED grow light that comes with useful accessories? Look no further than the Phlizon LED Grow Light.

Most LED grow lights are fitted with reflector, which can easily cause a fire. This model comes with a no reflector design, eliminating the danger.

The design is fitted with quadruple cooling fans that help to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ranging from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The high-quality dual-chip LEDs are rated at 10 watts. They not only deliver high PAR/lumen output, they also deliver an advanced full-spectrum that simulates natural light.

The light has a superior core coverage of 4 by 4 inches for germination and seedlings, and a core coverage of 3.5 by 3.5 for vegetative and flowering.

When it comes to energy saving, this light is at a premium. It only uses 308 watts to deliver the advanced full-spectrum compared to HPS, MH, or HIDs.

Things We Like:

  • No reflector design eliminates fire risks
  • Features a revolutionary heat dissipation system
  • Dual chip LEDs deliver high PAR/lumen output
  • Advanced full-spectrum promotes healthy plant growth
  • Super energy efficient, only uses 308 watts

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Most of the bulbs may blow or flicker

2000w Led Grow Light: Buying Guide

Knowing which manufacturers to avoid and which 2000-watt LED grow lights are worth getting is not easy. We hope to make the selection process a little more clear with the following considerations.


PAR refers to photosynthetic active radiation. We are dealing with LED grow lights that have a similar power rating, 2000 watts. So, PAR is an important distinguishing factor.

Photosynthetic active radiation is the amount of useful light spectrum that your plants can use for photosynthesis.

Calculating lux is a more accurate method to establish how much light your plant receives. Most manufacturers will provide you with a chart showing PAR values at different heights.

A 2000 watts LED grow light delivers sufficient light to illuminate a 6 by 6 grow space well. However, are all the lumens usable to your plants?

The amount of usable light spectrum tends to reduce with height. That is why you will see some manufacturers urging you not to exceed a certain height, say 24 inches when installing the light.

Most high performing 2000-watt LED grow lights have a high PAR/lumen output of 1000+ at about 18 inches and 500+ at about 24 inches.


Most indoor growers settle for LED grow lights because they are efficient and energy saving, but they usually outshine each other inefficiency.

These lights don’t draw the rated wattage from the wall socket or else they would be expensive to use than HPS and HIDs.

The finest 2000-watt models draw less than 400 watts for energy saving and efficient performance during extended use.

We recommend a model that draws about 300 watts. But you can consider anything in the range of 300 and 400 watts.

Right Color Spectrum

Do your plants get the ideal color spectrum? When you illuminate your plants with an LED light, there are colors in the spectrum your plants pick.

Not all colors are usable to your plants, but a few. In fact, almost no light your plants will absorb in the green range of the color spectrum.

Make sure the light you are buying has a full spectrum that can provide your plants with the following lights.

  • Red

This spectrum normally ranges from 620 to 630 nm or 655 to 660 nm. It promotes photosynthesis, sprouting, as well as bloom.

It also supports the synthesis of chlorophyll and the development of flower pigments.

  • White

This spectrum ranges from 3000k to 10000k. This light ensures that your indoor plants receive all the usable light they need for healthy growth as well as yield.

  • Blue

The blue spectrum ranges from 440 to 450 nm or 450 to 460 nm. Blue photons are said to drive photosynthetic reactions. But the general proportion is exorbitant and unfavorable.

  • UV

This light ranges from 380 to 410 nm. This color spectrum stimulates plant growth, promotes sugar and protein, and reduces plant disease.

  • IR

The IR light may range from 730 to 740 nm. It offers far infrared thermal effects as well as the development of heat.

Some LED lights may also come with orange LED chips.

Special Features

A well-built 2000 watts LED grow light should have some special features that can increase its usefulness.

First, look for a light that has veg and bloom switches. This feature allows you to feed your plants the desired light spectrum during the right growth stage.

You also get to observe how a specific spectrum performs in a particular growth stage, and be able to deduce whether the manufacturer’s claims are true.

Second, the daisy chain outlet. This feature allows you to link multiple units, especially if you have a large indoor garden.

Third, the availability of additional accessories. Apart from the hanging gear, some manufacturers may provide you with special equipment, such as a temperature/humidity controller.

Final Words

The advantage of quality 2000W LED grow lights is that they yield a higher lumen per watt conversion compared to lower wattage models.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just pick any 2000-watt light on the market. Some of these models don’t deliver, they just come with bold manufacturer claims.

We advise you to dig deep into the specifics of the light. Take into consideration everything performance-related, such as PAR, best color ratio, and efficiency.

Make sure the product you are buying is actually energy-efficient compared to using an HID or HPS with a similar power rating.

For the money, you should also consider an advanced model that has separate veg and bloom switches as well as a daisy chain connection.

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