In 2013, brothers Brian and Justin Jasiewicz were marijuana farmers in Bayfield, Colorado, when they began experimenting with different CBD dominant hemp strains. At the time, CBD was on the verge of mainstream popularity, and they knew this was an opportunity o present the world with a high-quality product that was the fruits of their labor. They worked tirelessly to develop and test their own cannabis strains. Their love of the CBD combined with their years of experience helped them eventually landed on a formula they would use to formulate all of their CBD products for Four Corners Cannabis.

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Source of hemp

One of the reasons that 4 Corners Cannabis products have maintained a top-notch reputation over the years is that they are one of the only seed to bottle CBD companies in the country. All of their plant materials are grown onsite in their company farms and harvested specifically for their CBD products. They have full control over the quality of the plants and choose only to use high-quality materials when growing their hemp. They also experiment with their own strains and have been able to cultivate their high-CBD strains.

Shopping Experience

All of their orders ship with a $5 flat rate shipping fee no matter where you live. Shoppers who spend over $100 can also get free priority shipping. All of their orders are processed within 24 hours, and they are known for their relatively quick shipping time. They notify you of every step of the shipping process, so you’re never left wondering if your package shipped and when you receive it.

The 4 Corners website is straightforward to navigate, and they also have great CBD resources on their blog for new shoppers who want to learn more about different types of CBD before making a purchase. As a thank you to their loyal customers, they also hold regular giveaways on their products to encourage users to follow them on social media. They are also known for sending out free samples of their new products.

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Range of Products

4 Corners Cannabis currently sells CBD tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and CBD pet products on their websites. Lets’ go over each of their products in more depth.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Tinctures

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All of 4 COrners premium CBD oils and tinctures are made with CBD dominant hemp extract from their own farm grown plants from the Colorado Rockies.

They offer five blends, each containing a carrier oil and available in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg options. They offer hemp oil tinctures a variety of carrier oils including blue label MCT oil blend, their orange label Glycerin blend which can also double as vape liquid, and their avocado tinctures.

  • Avocado Oil Tincture
  • Oral Tincture
  • Glycerin Tincture
  • Cinnamon oil tincture
  • THC-Free Choco Mint Oral Tincture
  • THC-Free Coconut Citrus Oral Tincture

All of their CBD oil products are naturally flavored bu still contain hints of that natural hemp flavor. All five blends are formulated the same way, just with a different carrier oil, except for their two THC free tinctures, which contain 0% THC while the remaining oils contain >.2% THC.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Honey

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Whereas most other brands go down the route of CBD gummies or candy, 4 Corners offers a more out of the box alternative to CBD edibles with their CBD Honey brand. In addition to containing their homegrown hemp extract, all of the ingredients for 4 Corners CBD Honey is sourced in the 4 Corners regions and are products that are predicted sustainable and responsibly. The honey only contains two ingredients: local honey and complete spectrum hemp extract.

Add the honey to your favorite recipes or tea of an extra kick of relief any time of day.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Topicals

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If you’re looking for a CBD cream or topical, you can choose from a number of their CBD topical products; all formulated to create pain relief for sore muscles, itchy skin, or irritation. If you want easy-to-apply topicals, opt for one of their salve sticks that glide on effortlessly and provide targeted relief. If you’re looking for a more liberal application of the product, then their salve jars or massage oil might be a better choice. The salves contain coconut oil, beeswax, full spectrum CBD hemp extract, and a variety of terpenes.

They offer a 100% THC free option as well.

Their current line of topicals includes:

  • CBD Salve Stik
  • CBD + Cooling Menthol Salve Stick
  • Grape Seed+Jojoba Massage Oil
  • CBD Salve
  • CBD + Cooling Menthol Salve
  • THC Free-Salve

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Pedigree Pet Tinctures

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These pet tinctures are made using the same high-quality ingredients as the human CBD products. To make it more pet friendly, this formula does not contain the Limonene cannabinoid present in their other recipes. Its only ingredients are organic holden hemp seed oil and compete for spectrum hemp extract. Just put a few oil drops onto your pet’s tongue, mix it into their feed for instant relief for anxious pets, or help relieve achy joints. Check the body weight chart on their website to know how much of the product to use.

Third-Party Lab Testing

4 Corners don’t believe in hiding behind an anonymous internet persona. EVery step of their process is publicly available for the public to see on their website and their social media pages. They regularly share photos of their behind the scenes process of their grows and their extraction process.

A third-party lab tests all of their CBD, and you can easily find the lab reports on their website. If you’ve purchased a product from 4 Corners, you can search the batch number of the product you ordered and gt the exact lab information for that batch.


  • Transparency – They are one of the most transparent brands we have seen, and they regularly share information about their process with their audience on their blog and social media.
  • Quality – Since they control the entire process from seed to bottle, you know you’re getting high-quality products that haven’t gone through a middle man. They also have strict quality control practices in place to make sure their customers are happy.
  • Source their own product – 4 Corners is one of the only companies that grow unique strains designed specifically for their products.


  • Cost – Their products tend to cost a bit more than other brands because they do not skimp on the quality of the ingredients they use when formulating their CBD.
  • Flavors – Their products don’t contain any artificial flavoring, and tend to retain the natural taste of the CBD

Final Thoughts on 4 Corners Cannabis CBD

4 Corners are one of the most unique CBD brands we’ve come across. Their commitment to the green lifestyle shines through everything that they do. It’s hard not to trust their products when they do everything in-house and share the process in-depth with their audience. When you supper their brand, you know you’re supporting local businesses that support their local communities in Bayfield and Durango.

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