When you’re looking for the top gear to get your next grow cycle started, consider which lights are the best value for your grow operation, and which are best for your preferred strain.

900W grow lights are a great choice for medium to large grow rooms. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about finding 900-watt LED plant grow light for you and your indoor plants.

5 Best 900W LED Grow Lights

1. G8LED 900 watt G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light

Quick Overview:

The G8LED 900 watt Mega G8-900 LED Grow Light covers about 24 sq ft. It has an impressive penetration depth of about 60 inches piercing straight through the canopy of a fully grown cannabis plant.

Ideally, you’re ready to step up from a lower wattage grow light and are looking for the best 900w light available. The G8LED 900w G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light might be what you’re looking for; it’s an overall steal.

Although it might seem like the price is a bit step you’ll make up the difference on your electric bill in no time. The G8LED 900w G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light uses a design that promotes photosynthesis and encourages growth throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages.

It is important to note that there’s no vegetative growth or bloom switch to control the light spectrum during growth. There’s also not a complete spectrum. The G8LED 900w G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light uses an 8-band light spectrum. Unfortunately, that means that you’re missing out on valuable light and growth abilities.

But, with the light, the G8LED 900w G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light does provide you’re guaranteed not to waste any of it. There are no optical lenses to filter or diminish the abilities of the G8LED 900w G8-900 Mega LED Grow Light.


  • Outstanding cooling system
  • Unfiltered LED power
  • Coverage area for large grow tents or grow rooms
  • Price
  • Includes adapter and power cord


  • Not a full spectrum LED light
  • Missing infrared and ultraviolet rays

2. Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W

Quick Overview:

  • Delicately balanced PAR value and Coverage
  • Full spectrum
  • Veg/Bloom switched

The Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light one of the most powerful lights in this range. The Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light uses a smart design o provide a delicate balance of PAR and Lumen output to coverage. This stem also provides a high intensity that’s difficult to match.

The coverage area should be right about 3.5  square feet by 3.5 feet however during the early veg stages you can get right around 4.5 feet by 4.5 feet. The Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light uses quality fans and aluminum heat sink cooling to ensure that the unit doesn’t retain heat.

If you are comparing the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light to similar grow lights, you’ll probably notice that the Viparspectra seems to have a lot in its package for a small price tag. The Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light uses mid-quality LEDs so that the price will stay down.

The lesser quality in the LEDs can lead to a shorter lifespan, but there are good reports that the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light lasts for years with constant use. In the end, you get a low of the band for your buck with the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light. The lights are intense and get through the plant canopy easily. They provide a full spectrum and come with a 3-year warranty.


  • Great coverage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Veg and bloom switches for full control
  • Price


  • Small for its wattage
  • Consumes 418 watts from the wall

3. PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900

Quick Overview:

  • Highest PAR output for 900w lights
  • Nearly complete spectrum

The Advanced Platinum Series LED P900 grow light sounds perfect, and it’s close. Initially the PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900 grow light does really well with providing complete 12-band light spectrum. It’ also uses a unique technology that keeps the environment cool while the lights are on. The P900 also hosts impressive amounts of intensity.

The intensity of the P900 grows light is roughly 3 times that of the other grow lights on this list. Clearly, you’re paying the price for that improvement, but for professionals or dedicated hobbyists, the investment is worth it. The light board is full of ultraviolet and infrared lights which we can’t detect with a naked eye, but trust us, they’re there.

The PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900 grow light claims to be the closest you can get to sunlight when you’re growing indoors.

The veg and bloom switches are great for helping your plants progress through their various stages of life. As you go through the growing cycle, you can switch on the veg options for an increase in blue light. Or, you can flip on the bloom option for a 90-degree and LEDlenses which reflects the red light back into your plants. Many people report a substantial amount of growth after switching to the PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900 grow light.

Unfortunately, the light concentration is overly concentrated. The PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900 grow light doesn’t naturally disperse light. This hyper-focus of light can cause your plant’s leaves to burn.


  • Offers a nearly complete light spectrum
  • Ultraviolet and infrared lights
  • 12-band spectrum
  • Super quiet
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Light focus doesn’t spread

4. Kingbo 900W LED Grow Light

Quick Overview:

  • Dual optic lenses
  • 3-years warranty

The Kingbo 900w Hydroponic LED grow light is another full spectrum light system that many people find is a convenient upgrade when you’re working up from smaller models.

The dual optic lens is a double-edged sword for growers. The lenses create kind of a filter that will dissipate your light more. However, it helps break up the light to prevent it from being overly focused.

When light is too focused it can burn the leaves of your plant and affect their overall health. But, when it’s too broken up, you’ll see a drop in yield. The Kingbo 900w LED grow light attempt to use the various angle to avoid both of these pitfalls.

The optic lens on the inside angles lights back towards the canopy at a 90-degree angle. But, towards the outside, the lens angles light at a 120-degree angle. This angle increases the light output and reduced the amount of light loss.

The Kingbo 900w LED grow light uses a traditional 1000w HPS for energy consumption which equates to only 360-watts of power drawn from the wall. When you’re ready to upgrade your current light system, you should consider this option.

Aside from the full spectrum light, and long lifespan you can benefit from the veg and bloom switches. These switches help direct, dim, or intensify the red and blue lights as appropriate. Currently, the growing community has a strong stance on red light affecting growth and blue light affecting potency. You want both, but there’s a delicate balance you have to achieve.


  • Full band spectrum
  • Dual optic lenses to reduce light loss
  • Increases light output


  • Mid-quality LEDs
  • Partial loss of light

5. Mars Hydro II LED Grow Light

Quick Overview:

  • High PPFD for a larger yield
  • 40% energy savings
  • Up to 5.5’ by 5.5’ of coverage

The 900W Mars II model is a go-to option for those new to professional growth. The Mars Hydro II LED grow light uses 180, 5w diodes for maximum light. When it comes down to the actual power consumption,you’re looking at about 440watt pull from your wall. This drop in electricity usage will impact your electric bill if you’re switching from an old-school HID system. However, if you’re moving up in size from another LED system, you might see an increase in your electric bill.

The panels typically don’t use all of their lights at once when you start using the veg and bloom switches. It might seem like this is a downfall, but it’s actually a good thing because you’re only giving your plants what they need during that stage in their growth cycle.

The Mars Hydro II LED grow light help evenly distribute light and provides a uniform stretch, so you don’t get any sad plants on the outskirts of the PAR footprint. Typically, you’re looking at about a 5.5 foot by 5.5-foot coverage area during full bloom.

Where the Mars Hydro II LED grow, the light really shines in its spectrum. The Mars Hydro series offers a 10-band spectrum which is a full spectrum. Instead of providing every light spectrum your plant needs it only provides the one’s they thrive on, and drop the yellow and green lights.


  • 10-band light spectrum
  • Higher yields
  • Great coverage area
  • Even light distribution
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Price
  • Still produces regular amounts of heat

How to Choose 900W LED Grow Light

The aspects you need to consider when finding a great value is whether the light offers a full spectrum, how much energy it’s using, how much coverage opticallenses you’re getting out of the light and how long the light should last.

Too often people obsess over a ton of unnecessary features and end up with a light that has half the lifespan of its competitors.

Full Spectrum

When you’re looking for great value in a flor light, you need true full spectrum. Many companies claim to offer full spectrum, but with no one to question them, you won’t know for sure until someone tries them. The light wavelengths span a wide range, and you need both the types of wavelengths that will stimulate photosynthesis and the light that will help your plant grow and thrive.

The light wavelengths in the red and blue spectrums offer the greatest amount of efficiency and help convert light, energy, and water into successful growth. The plants use these 2 wavelengths the most and a great grow light will provide more red and blue light spectrums to benefit your plants. These 2 wavelengths make up the absorption waves of the light spectrum.

What you want to avoid when a grow light advertises that it’s “full spectrum” is anything with a lot of white light. The myth of white light has been busted many times. White light is a blend of green and yellow light, as there are no true white LEDs. Green and yellow light is beneficial for your plants,but they don’t contribute to photosynthesis.

Energy Use

It’s important to consider how much energy your plants are using not just for your utility bill, but also for their immediate environment. Although LEDs are well-known for operating with virtually no heat, the light system will generate heat based on energy efficiency.

The lesser efficient models can easily heat up and raise the temperature of your grow area. If you’re using a grow, then the heat can mess with your humidity levels as well. If you can’t find an energy efficient model in your budget, try to find an option that has cooling fans.

Life Span

It’s unlikely that any LED light will die all at once. Unless there’s some technical failure with its power supply, ou likely see LEDs slowly die out. The great thing about units as big as most 900w options is that you probably won’t notice right away.

A great lifespan should be somewhere around 50,000 hours of use which can equate to about 10 years of steady growth cycles.

Final thought

The best grow light from the options above is the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light, both for its quality and value. What you’re getting here is a mix. Although the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow light is a bestseller, it doesn’t use the highest quality LEDs it makes up for it with a smart design and high-quality cooling system.

The Viparspectra is the ideal 900w light for indoor growers. Many new growers start with the 300 or 600 model of the same series and find that this is a natural way to progress. With the Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W grow lights flower booster, you’ll likely see much larger flowers, denser bud growth, and healthier plants.

It’s always important to find the lights that are best for you and your plants, but with the variety of lights listed here, we’re sure one of these will work for you!

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