Full Spectrum started life as a “how to grow cannabis” resource. After a year of covering the best methods to grow indoor and outdoor cannabis, we became interested in covering the business of cannabis, switching our focus from grow guides and product reviews to covering the latest news, career advice, how to break into the canna industry, and how to grow a strong business.

At Full Spectrum we cover:

  • Cannabis industry news
  • Career guides
  • The business of cannabis
  • Cannabis domain names
  • Cannabusinesses for sale
  • and more.

You can find us on social media @FullSpectrum

Meet the Full Spectrum Team

Our team is comprised of experienced marketers, professional journalists, and cannabis experts.

ed markey full spectrum

Ed Markey

Ed is a writer and marketer who has been involved with the cannabis industry since 2017. He is particularly passionate about helping small businesses succeed in the increasingly corporate-takeover environment of the cannabis industry, as well as helping people get started working with cannabis.

Olivia Monahan

Olivia Monahan

Chicana journalist, editor, educator, and organizer in Sacramento whose sole focus is to shed light on stories on our most impacted and marginalized communities, but even more importantly, for those stories to humanize those normally left out. She is an Ida B Wells Investigative Journalism Fellow 2022 Finalist, a member of the Parenting Journalists Society, and has bylines in The Courier, The Sacramento Bee, The Americano, Submerge Magazine among others.

radina cannabis stack team

Radina Petrishka

Radina writes about all things marketing. She has been in digital marketing, branding and company growing management since 2011 and has a proven record of wins with different sectors. Her passions in the canna-businesses are the cannabis culture, fast-developing solutions, and the challenges the field is offering.

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