AK-47 Strain Review

AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for creating a stress-free, calming high.

One would think that with a brutal name like AK-47, this cannabis strain would be anything other than mellow. In reality, it is a deeply chill, relaxing strain with ample potential for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as chronic pain relief.

History and Makeup

AK-47 is the opposite of an old-world monarchy, in that it is the product of a spectacularly strong lineage. There are no soft chins or anemia in this family, that’s for sure. AK-47 is the blend of four dominant landrace strains – Mexican, Afghani, Thai, and Colombian. Landrace refers to a cannabis strain that has managed to survive and thrive in a natural environment over a prolonged period. The hybrid of AK-47 was cultivated and spread through the Netherlands in the early 90s. Soon after, AK-47 reached the West Coast, where it blossomed into popularity.
AK-47 could fill an entire mantle with its awards, which include accolades in 1999, 2003, and 2011 from the High Times Cannabis Cup. Additionally, it took home first at the 2010 Highlife competition in Spain and first at a popular Toronto expo.

It’s a sativa-dominant strain with it’s THC content measuring around 65% sativa and 35% indica. It’s THC levels range from 15% to 20%, with very low CBD content.

Growing AK-47

Considering that AK-47 is the product of four landrace strains, it makes sense that it can be cultivated outdoors. However, most growers tend to choose indoor cultivation for the increased ability to control the environment. If one is looking to grow outdoors, be sure that you’re located in a mild climate where temperatures don’t rise above seventy-five degrees. Buds tend to open and become rather fluffy if temperatures reach seventy-five. This strain is known for it’s pistils, calyxes, and deep green color of it’s leaves.

AK-47 weed plants tend to be wide and medium height, and are typically ready for harvest in the middle of October. One can usually expect an indoor yield between 350 and 500 grams per square meter of the plant. The vegetation period for the strain is typically between 5 to 10 days until harvest time.

If you’re looking to grow AK-47, it’s pretty easy to find at most online seed banks. 

Aesthetic and Flavor

AK-47 has a vibrant, bright white coloring that is downright pretty. The flowers have a lovely purple hue and are rather tacky in texture. This tackiness is due to the abundant glistening crystal trichomes covering the buds. AK-47 is best handled with a grinder or scissors.

AK-47 smells earthy and savory. The flavor is classic in that it’s a mix of pepper, skunk, diesel, and citrus. Keep in mind that it can be overwhelming for a beginner smokers. If you’re looking to stay on the down-low, AK-47 might not be a strain for you as the skunky scent carries quite a distance.


I was reluctant to try AK-47. My favorite sort of strain name is one that tells you exactly what you’re in for. AK-47 is not that. Based on the name, I assumed that AK-47 was a harsher cannabis and, therefore, one that I would not enjoy. After a trip to my local dispensary, I finally decided to delve into this strain. Based on what others were saying about it, I grew surprised and excited to try it.

The day I chose to dip my toe in the ocean of AK-47 was a rainy one. Grey clouds hung heavy in the sky, and rivers of water ran down the windows. It was an atmosphere that encouraged loafing around and feeling unproductive. Why not try some AK-47 to give my day a pickup?

AK-47 came on gradually. I’d say it took maybe fifteen minutes to kick in. If you have a higher tolerance to cannabis like me, you’ll likely find that you need more hits for the full experience. Instead of slouching around on my couch and feeling down, an invigorating buzz flooded my head and kept my thoughts upbeat and positive. The cerebral buzz was pure euphoria – a mellow, couchlock-adjacent heaven if you will.

I wouldn’t describe my experience with AK-47 as couchlock. However, I certainly wasn’t feeling energetic in a get-up-and-move sense. My mind, though, was feeling light, upbeat, and quick. I chit-chatted on the phone with a friend for about an hour. The second hour saw me feeling sleepier and sleepier. This ended in a delightful early afternoon nap. Not everyone experiences the sleepy side of AK-47, but keep in mind that fatigue is common when AK-47 is consumed in higher dosages.

I typically use cannabis medicinally for both depression and anxiety. After trying AK-47, I can see how this is a great strain for relieving both. I felt invigorated and chilled-out the entire time. Due to the relaxing high, I would also recommend it as a strain that may be useful for relieving chronic pains and aches.

Wrapping up on AK-47

Despite its violent name, the AK-47 marijuana strain provides the user with an energetic, mellow high. Many users find that it helps with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain. Side effects for AK-47 commonly include fatigue (when the dosage is higher), dry mouth, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. If you’re looking to chill out or relieve depression, AK-47 might just be the strain for you.

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