Ananda Hemp is one of the countries largest and most prominent producers of high-quality domestic hemp. The seeds are bred in Australia and grown at Ananda’s Kentucky cannabis farms where they are grown in healthy conditions and raised until ready for extraction. Their 500-acre hemp farm was the first legal hemp farm operating in Kentucky. They have continued to honor its tradition of using healthy and ethical growing practices.

In addition to owning their entire process and practicing radical transparency, Ananda Hemp is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of CBD oil. Their company blog is an incredible resource that dives into the scientific benefits of hemp plants. It offers in-depth information on the right way to dose and how to choose which products are right for you. They travel the world attending cannabis and CBD conferences to further spread the word about not just their products, but CBD in general through workshops and seminars.

Let’s dive more into Ananda Hemp’s processes, products, and see exactly how they compare to other popular CBD brands.

Source of hemp

Ananda Hemp is one of the few CBD companies that own their entire production process. Their process starts with genetic seed development through their parent company, Ecofibre Ltd. Ecofibre owns the most extensive private cannabis seed bank in the world and breeds seeds specifically for Ananda Hemp’s CBD extract. Through Ecofibre LTD, Ananda Hemp legally breeds and acquired genetically superior hemp seeds in Australia before transferring them to their company farms in Kentucky. A team of geneticists, farmers, and scientist work together to develop strains specifically for CBD. They work with the DEA to acquire legal import permits. This helps them stand out from other CBD brands whose seeds are often uncertified and untraceable.

Ananda Hemp utilizes a green ethanol extraction process to produce their oil, which gives them a higher concentration of CBD. Both their full spectrum and broad spectrum blends contain a healthy addition of other cannabinoids and terpenes while still maintaining the minimal THC content required for each type of hemp oil.

They extract full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil to develop a range of CBD products that cater to different user’s needs. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture certifies the entire process.

After extraction, the oil is sent to a third-party lab for testing before it is bottled and shipped to consumers or one of their retail stores. Every product they sell goes through three rounds of testing for contaminants, quality, and potency before it’s sold.

Taste and flavors

All of Ananda Hemp’s oils are made from all-natural ingredients and contain no added flavors. They don’t offer any flavor alternatives for their oils. Since they are all-natural, they tend to retain the green, earthy taste that CBD is often known for. Sive they use a green ethanol extraction process, the CBD may contain chlorophyll. While chlorophyll is perfectly safe and rich with vitamins and antioxidants, it can add even more of a grass-like taste to the oil. Luckily, their oils are easily blendable with your favorite drinks and foods. They also offer CBD softgels as an alternative to their hemp oils for people who don’t want to deal with masking the flavor of the tinctures.

Shopping Experience

The Ananda Hemp website is easy to use and navigate. However, they do not offer any specific information about their shipping rates, fees, or other shipping policies. You do not find out how much shipping costs until you enter your address and nearly complete the transaction. They offer a full refund within. Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9:30 am and 5:30 pm Pacific Time. You can contact them with any questions via email, phone, website form, or a live chat on their website. Users stated that their customer service team is accommodating and responsive to any issues that come up.

Range of Products

Ananda Hemp CBD Oils

Ananda Hemp currently sells two primary CBD oil products: Their full-spectrum CBD oil and zero THC broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil

Each bottle of Ananda Hemp Zero THC Tincture contains 600 mg of CBD which includes all of the active cannabinoids in their full-spectrum oil, without any of the THC content. This blend is perfect for anyone concerned about drug screening because it contains 0% THC. Each serving contains 20mg of CBD carried in organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and other plant-based ingredients. One bottle of broad-spectrum zero costs $90.

Full-Spectrum CBD oil with Premium Hemp Extract

Ananda Hemp’s most popular product is their line of full-spectrum oils. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg and 2000mg bottles.

The lowest potency option bottle contains 300mg of CBD per 30ml bottle and 10mg per 1ml serving for $50. For the CBD user who wants a bit more relief, they sell their 30ml, 600mg bottle containing 20mg per serving, for $90. Their most potent, 2000mg option is a 50ml bottle containing 40mg of active cannabinoids per 1ml serving for $230.

All of their oils are unflavored and tend to have a stronger taste than some other CBD oil products because of their green ethanol extraction process. They contain no added sugar or flavorings, but still, make an excellent addition to your favorite flavored beverage.

If taken on its own, it’s recommended you start with half a dropper full of oil under your tongue. Hold the oil in your mouth for up to a minute before swallowing. Try this dosage for a day or two before upping your dose again if you feel you need more relief.

Ananda Hemp CBD Gels

If you’re not a fan of the taste of unflavored CBD oil, they also offer CBD gel caps made from the same oil as their famous tinctures. Ananda Hemp full-spectrum CBD gels are available in 30 and 60 count bottles. Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD along with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil as well as gelatin. They recommend taking one pill two times per day. A 30-count bottle costs $65, and its 60-count bottle costs $120.

Ananda Hemp CBD Topicals

For treating localized pain on skin and joints, Ananda Hemp sells Spectrum Salve 125, a 125mg full-spectrum CBD topical. It’s made from a blend of natural and organic ingredients along with their full-spectrum CBD oil. Just rub a small amount of the affected area and massage it until it is absorbed into the skin. This salve works perfectly to soothe rashes, burns, muscle soreness, and joint pain, but should not be used on open wounds. The 25mg tin costs $24.

Ananda Hemp CBD for Pets

In addition to their standard CBD tinctures, Ananda Hemp sells a special CBD oil tincture just for pets.
Ananda Pets is a full spectrum hemp extract created to target cats and dogs endocannabinoid systems and give them the same healing benefits of CBD as humans.

Ananda Pets uses safe ingredients, including all-natural coconut oil and vegetarian certified bacon flavoring. Coconut oil is known for helping aid pets digestive systems, improving their coats, helping to prevent infection. CBD oil provides them with a soothing dose of cannabinoids to calm their nerves and help them feel their best. A 30ml, 300mg bottle of Ananda Pets cost $60.

Ananda Hemp Intimate Bliss Oil

Their most unique product is their Ananda Hemp Intimate Bliss Oil. It was formulated exclusively by their inhouse medical doctor Dr. Alex Capano who focuses on sexual and reproductive medicine. This product is specifically designed to use CBD to help couples who experience better sex by enhancing and equalizing the sexual experience for everyone. The 2oz bottle of Intimate Bliss Oil contains 250 mg of active cannabinoids per bottle and costs $60.

Lab Testing

Ananda Hemp’s CBD oil is tested three times before it hits shelves. They are incredibly transparent about their production and extraction process, and the same goes for their lab testing. Each batch is testing for quality, potency, and any contaminants. Their testing partners include Iron Laboratories, Anresco Laboratories, and CBD labs. You can see a Certificate of Analysis from each lab, for every one of their products online on the specific product pages.


  • THC free options – We love that they offer broad-spectrum THC free choices of their CBD tinctures. For anyone who is attracted to their thorough seed breeding process and wants to purchase the highest quality oil without THC, then their broad-spectrum blends are a great option.
  • Transparency – As we mentioned, Ananda Hemp is not shy about letting their users know precisely where their CBD is coming from down to the seeds themselves. They are a true seed to shelf brand, and it’s rare to find this kind of in-depth transparency from a company.
  • In-depth blog and online resources – We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to learn about the substances you’re putting in your body. That’s why we’re very impressed by the level of detail and time Ananda Hemp dedicates to updating their blogs. They share relevant and timely resources to help new and existing customers learn more about the potential benefits of CBD.


  • Flavor – They don’t offer any flavored oils or edibles, so there aren’t many options for people who don’t enjoy the taste of pure CBD. While we don’t mind the sharp taste of Ananda Hemp’s oils, we understand that the flavor is not for everyone. There are plenty of other CBD brands selling flavored oils and edibles.
  • Limited products – Ananda Hemp knows they make high-quality oils and have decided to focus on what they do best. For that reason, their product line is limited to oils, capsules, and topicals. For users who enjoy vaping or want to consume CBD as an edible, we recommend choosing a different brand.

Final Thoughts

From the seed to the shelf, Ananda Hemp gives attention and care into their entire production process. You’re able to see your CBD get made from the seed going into the ground until the oil filling your bottle. In an industry has a lot of grey areas in terms of transparency and regulation, this kind of honesty is refreshing. In addition to their transparency and thorough testing process, we love Ananda Hemp’s dedication to the quality of their hemp products and focus on getting the basics right.

They are a no-nonsense brand when it comes to CBD oil, and we respect that.

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