Ape Shit Strain Review

Despite its edgy name, Ape Shit is a relaxing and euphoric hybrid with a rockstar parentage. Users laud this strain for its ability to alleviate symptoms of depression, stress, and everyday aches and pains. Take a peek below for more info on Ape Shit!

History and Makeup

There’s not much information floating around on the web as to Ape Shit’s origin story. We’re not certain who created the well-known marijuana strain. However, we do know its composition.

Ape Shit is an evenly balanced hybrid coming out as 50% sativa and 50% indica, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 19%. It has very low CBD content. This hybrid strain blends Purple Urkle (a relaxing indica with a fruity taste), Cinderella 99 (an energy-boosting sativa), and Acapulco Gold (a renowned cerebral sativa).
It is primarily grown on the west coast and has been increasing in popularity in dispensaries all over the US over the last few years.

Growing Ape Shit

Ape Shit’s heritage (specifically Purple Urkle) might make one leery of attempting to grow the strain. Purple Urkle is one of those cannabis strains that beginning growers are told to stay clear of until they have more experience under their belts. Thankfully, Ape Shit got the low-stress cultivation of Cinderella 99, the excellent indoor yield of Purple Urkle, and the disease/mite resistance of Cinderella 99, with none of the difficulty.

Ape Shit is a sturdy little plant with a relatively short height and dense buds. Because of its shortness and thick foliage, Ape Shit would benefit from liberal topping (the practice of thinning upper leaves to allow light to reach lower branches) and trimming. Growers with smaller operations (grow rooms or tents) would benefit from its shorter nature.

Ape Shit takes around 8 to 10 weeks to fully develop and flower when grown inside and produces around 12 to 14 ounces per square meter of plant. Outdoor cultivation results in buds popping up around mid-October, with a similar yield up to 14 ounces per square meter of plant.


Aesthetic and Flavor

Ape Shit’s leaves are deep forest green, and its pistils have vibrant orange hairs that are coated in delicious, sparkly crystals. The strain inherited purple hues from Purple Urkle and golden undertones from Acapulco Gold. The color of the plant depends on the phenotype, but there will likely be at least some of that lovely purple and gold in whatever bag you receive.

Ape Shit has a unique lavender flavor that has the user feeling like they’ve walked into an understated candle shop. The taste lingers on the back of the tongue in a delightful way. The lavender taste is mixed with a fruity flavor profile with hints of grape and citrus, and under all of that is the distinctive skunky cannabis vibe that most strains possess.


Ape Shit’s THC content is in the mid-range. It’s not as high as other strains such as Grand Daddy Purple (23% THC) or as low as ACDC (6% THC). Thanks to the middle-of-the-road THC content, Ape Shit’s high isn’t overwhelming by any means.

Ape Shit came over me fairly quickly. It created deep body effects, fast. The gray, exhausting cloud of depression lifted up, up, up after a few puffs, and had me feeling both relaxed and happy. Ape Shit isn’t an either-or strain. You could easily have a busy, errand filled afternoon or a morning chilling on your couch watching a binge-able show. Regardless of how you spend your day, Ape Shit will help you keep an uplifted and euphoric mood throughout.

For me, I chose to walk to the local grocery store, then came home to chill out while catching up on my favorite podcasts. My podcasts of choice are usually in the area of comedy, so laughing isn’t unexpected. Still, Ape Shit had me cracking up in fits of giggles for the silliest reasons.

I definitely had some dry eyes, eye pressure, and some mild dry mouth with this strain. It was pretty mild and didn’t last long after liberal application of eye drops and a bottle of water.

I would absolutely recommend Ape Shit to someone looking to relieve stress or uplift the fog of depression. It would also be useful for relieving aches and pains, either after an intense workout or when dealing with chronic pain.

Wrapping Up Ape Shit

That wraps up our Ape Shit review. Ape Shit cannabis has a mysterious background, and a well-known ability to boost its users’ mood. After a few hits, you’ll be feeling cheerful and invigorated, and pretty giggly. Ape Shit also has the range needed for a day of relaxation and chilling.

If you’re looking to lift your mood or relieve stress, put Ape Shit on your list!

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