The Best 11 Cannabis Marketing Agencies That Will Grow Your Cannabis Brand

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What’s the best cannabis marketing agency? Although there’s plenty out there and even more to argue about, we think the best cannabis marketing agencies are:

  • The Clarity Agency
  • Global Cannect Agency
  • Marijuana Marketing Gurus
  • Greenlit
  • Cannabis Brands
  • High Hopes
  • Sapling
  • Blue Dream
  • Attack!Marketing
  • Cannaverse Solutions

In this post, we’ll cover why these are our favorites and why they’re the best.

The Top 11 Cannabis Marketing Agencies for 2022

The Clarity Agency

best cannabis marketing agencies

Chicago’s Clarity Agency owns the online space, including cannabis SEO, digital marketing strategies, and email marketing. If you need your cannabis business to join the living and get online, Clarity is the cannabis marketing agency to do it.

Strength: Building links no one else can, and writing content that engages readers and ranks well

Global Cannect Agency

We love Global Cannect Agency for helping clients supplement their digital business ecosystems by developing tailored marketing campaigns, which helps them achieve digital marketing goals faster.

Strength: design and brand development

Marijuana Marketing Gurus

A Denver, Сolorado favorite, Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a startup cannabis marketing agency that develops and offers unique marketing packages depending on client goals. They absolutely shine at public relations and reputation management.

Strength: public relations


Greenlit is a Hollywood, California cannabis marketing agency that collaborates with cannabis entrepreneurs on digital marketing strategies, brand identities, packaging design, websites, and more. But it’s their video production capabilities that are truly next level in this industry and merit attention.

Strength: high-end video production

Apex Marketing

For content marketing and content creation in the medical marijuana and cannabis space, it doesn’t get much better than Apex. This is a team that understands organic search and the kind of content that makes it work.

Strength: content marketing, content creation

Cannabis Brands

Cannabis Brands of Boston is among the best-known cannabis marketing agencies focused on branding, market research, marketing strategy, and website development for small and large cannabis brands.

Strength: marketing strategy

High Hopes

High Hopes offers general dispensary marketing services for cannabis entrepreneurs including branding, packaging, social media marketing, SEO, and website design. High Hopes is among the best cannabis marketing agencies that provides digital marketing solutions alongside design and branding services.

Strength: web design, design and branding


If your cannabis brand is at the stage where there just aren’t enough hours in the day for marketing no matter what, it’s time to automate the customer acquisition process with Sapling and their marketing automation solutions for cannabis business small teams.

Strength: marketing automation and marketing strategy

Blue Dream

Another Denver option, Blue Dream is a design and cannabis branding agency that is known for particularly impactful branding and design.

Strength: branding, design


We love the way Attack!Marketing helps businesses make real world connections for clients with events, including cannabis brands. It’s all online these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing impact with amazing events.

Strength: cannabis event management

CannaVerse Solutions

CannaVerse Solutions is a unique option given its coast to coast vibe, with offices in California and New York, not to mention a pretty serious level of more than 40 years of experience. If proven results and web development in particular are on your list, this is one of the best cannabis marketing agencies for you to consider.

Strength: digital advertising, website development

The Basics of Cannabis Marketing

Since the trend toward cannabis legalization really started to heat up after Colorado legalized in 2012, many more states have gone legal to the delight of cannabis consumers. Many new cannabis companies and brands are emerging on the scene, and even in a booming market, the competition is fierce amid astronomically high startup costs.

With growing numbers of cannabis and CBD brands needing specialized marketing from a cannabis creative team, more agencies are rising to the challenge. But the cannabis industry is unpredictable, and poorly regulated—the modern-day equivalent of the Wild West in transition toward corporate takeover. Cannabis influencers, confused Baby Boomers new to weed for the first time in years, stigmatized lifelong users, and regulations and rules at the local and state level that are vague, make for plenty of confusion and uncertainty.

You have a lot of options when it comes to cannabis marketing firms, and most aren’t familiar with confusing medical marijuana and recreational cannabis marketing regulations. Of those who are, too many aren’t creative enough to come up with new solutions and workarounds.

Still, the very best of the cannabis marketing agencies really make good on what they promise to cannabis businesses, even in this competitive landscape. The cannabis marketing world is highly specialized, so it pays to hire an actual cannabis marketing agency that knows cannabis industry details inside and out, and can find functionality and reach new customers with your cannabis brand identity on existing platforms.


First of all, it’s still a rarefied niche industry. For those who don’t understand it intimately well, speaking with a brand voice and understanding what consumers want to hear is really an impossible task. (Spoiler alert: watching a bunch of movies about pot doesn’t get you there.)

Second, regulations and rules really are still confusing. This means you need a marketing agency that already knows what is in and out of bounds for your brand and business where you are and online. Don’t waste time paying for a marketing agency to learn the cannabis industry.

How did we choose our favorites?

It wasn’t always the biggest names. We looked for cannabis marketing agencies that can and do get results for clients time and again. We looked for unique offerings, a range of skills, and the bottom line ROI for clients.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Can you go it alone, without professional cannabis marketing? Of course! But you risk more than missing out on your optimal profits.

There is also more risk to your brand reputation when you try to navigate the rules and regulations for everything from packaging on down to web copy without input from a professional.

The bottom line is that every single cannabis business is unique, so no two business owners will see what’s best the same way. But look for a cannabis marketing agency that both knows the existing landscape and is constantly learning what’s new—a team that can grow and change with this volatile industry. You need a marketing team who can shape an action plan based on your goals, your budget, your target audience, and the metrics to ensure that every dollar is well-spent.

There are plenty of cannabis marketing agencies you might want to avoid, but the names on this list are all useful leads. And if you want to learn more about why The Clarity Agency tops this list, find out here.

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Ed is a writer and marketer who has been involved with the cannabis industry since 2017. He is particularly passionate about helping small businesses succeed in the increasingly corporate-takeover environment of the cannabis industry, as well as helping people get started working with cannabis.

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