If you are actively searching for grow lights that are highly efficient and energy saving, you should look no further than quality LED grow light bulbs.

These bulbs are here to stay and will last into the future of indoor gardening. They’re certainly a great choice for amateur growers.

You will come across numerous LED grow bulbs, and choosing the most ideal model for your indoor plants may not be a walk in the park.

In this guide, you will find five top products that we have selected for you. We chose these products after considering a number of factors that we will discuss later.

Yeuloum80WUp To 50,000 Hours s
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CANAGROW35WUp To 50,000 Hours
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Sansi15WUp To 30,000 Hours
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Easy Bright1000wUp To 50,000 Hours
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Outcrop Innovations100WUp To 20,000 Hours
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Top 5 LED Grow Light Bulbs

#1 Yeuloum LED Grow Light Bulb

If you’re looking for a high performing LED lights for all plant growth stages, look no further than the Yeuloum.

The bulb has a ribbed design and polished aluminum body. The ribbed design is highly resourceful in luminosity and keeps the light cool during continuous use.

The delivered color spectrum covers 120 degrees. The recommended vertical distance from your plants is 13 inches.

The unit is rated at 80W and it is equipped with 120 LED chips, including 6 UV, 6 IR, 6 White, 24 blue, and 78 red.

The red light promotes sprout, photosynthesis, and blossom. The blue light supports vegetative leaf growth. The white light fills in for all the missing spectrums.

The UV spectrum LED technology stimulates growth and promotes synthetic acids, sugar, and protein. Ultraviolet light also sterilizes and disinfects plants, reducing plant disease.

The lamp also supplies your plants with IR light that delivers infrared thermal effects for LED plant grow light growth as well as the development of ripe fruits.

The Yeuloum LED Grow Light Bulb is a suitable choice if you are planting indoors during rainy or winter season.

Things We Like:

  • Ribbed aluminum body is cool running
  • Delivers a powerful spectrum up to 13 inches high
  • Gives a full spectrum for all growth stages
  • The UV light helps to sterilizes and disinfect indoor plants
  • Offers a wide illumination angle of 120 degrees
  • Suitable for standard E26/E27 sockets

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Could have a higher power rating

#2 CANAGROW LED Grow Light Bulb

Do you want your plants to flourish in all growth stages? Choose the CANAGROW LED Grow Light Bulb for the finest results.

The first impressive feature of this lamp is the design that is not the only vent, but it is also fitted with a quiet cooling fan for preventing overheating.

The body is engineered from aluminum alloy, which has superior heat dissipation ability. The thermal structure is also very strong.

Unlike conventional bulbs that come with inferior LEDs, the CANAGROW is fitted with high-quality Bridgelux LED chips that are surprisingly energy efficient.

This model delivers a high PAR output of up to 1450umol that is highly resourceful for indoor plants. The superior PAR also guarantees higher yields.

The bulb gives a directed spectrum ratio that ensures your plants receive all the illumination they need. It provides an optimal spectrum for blooming and fruiting.

Things We Like:

  • Vented design with an inbuilt fan for effective cooling
  • Aluminum alloy body is highly durable
  • Bridgelux LED chips are highly energy efficient
  • High PAR output guarantees higher yields
  • Targeted spectrum ratio boost blooming and fruiting
  • It is E26/E27 compatible

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May not be suitable for some growth stages

#3 Sansi LED Grow Light Bulb

Do you want a lamp that is specifically designed to expedite the growth of your indoor plants? Look no further than the Sansi LED Grow Light Bulb.

This is a suitable choice for potted plants, houseplants, indoor farming, as well as aquarium and terrarium.

The unit comes with a hollow out design that allows for superior heat dissipation. The body is made of ceramic material that is highly durable.

The unit is fitted with a high performing lens, which ensures all the generated light reaches your plants instead of being trapped inside the lamp.

Unlike conventional grow lights, this model provides you with an optimal full spectrum grow light with a wavelength range of 380 to 780 nm.

The optical structure of the light ensures uniform light distribution with similar intensity. The delivered spectrum is of perfect proportion and simulates natural light.

Apart from the 15W design, the unit is also available in the following in 36W and 24W sizes.

Things We Like:

  • Ceramic body is highly durable
  • Hollow out design allows for superior heat dissipation
  • Powerful lens ensures all the light reaches your plants
  • E26 socket compatible, including desktop lamps
  • Promotes photosynthesis, blooming and fruiting
  • Optical structure promotes the uniform light distribution

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • A defective lamp may burn in a few weeks

#4 Easy Bright LED Grow Light Bulb

Are you in search of a super bright bulb that will speed up the growth of your plants? Look no further than the Easy Bright LED Grow Light Bulb.

Easy Bright uses a ribbed lamp design that doesn’t run hot easily. You should never worry about your plants getting too much heat.

The grow light on itself is entirely made of LEDs, one hundred and fifty of them. Therefore, it goes easy on power consumption. The 4.9” by 4.8” bulb is equipped with 5 IR, 10 white, 35 blue, and 100 red LEDs.

The LEDs deliver an optimum full spectrum that promotes photosynthesis, vegetative growth, blooming, and fruiting.

The 100W rating of the lamp should not prevent you from buying this unit. It only uses 20 watts of power to deliver 100 watts, making the bulb energy efficient.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, this model uses cool running LED chips that never gets too hot. You can easily position the bulb without getting burnt.

It is also one of the easiest bulbs to install. The E27 base means you can use it with the nearest light bulb socket.

Things We Like:

  • Ribbed design runs cool and LEDs are energy efficient
  • Optimum full spectrum guarantees enhanced photosynthesis and plant health
  • Metal aluminum radiator shell prevents the light from overheating
  • E27 socket compatible, making it easy to install
  • Suitable for indoor gardens, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some LEDs may start flickering

#5 Outcrop Innovation LED Grow Light Bulb

Improve the health of your indoor plants with the Outcrop Innovation LED Grow Light Bulb. You no longer have to put up with bulky overhead grow lights.

Unlike conventional lamps that come with the inferior build quality, this model features a heavy-duty aluminum heat sink. The rugged design is cool running.

The interior structure of the bulb is extremely firm, which reduces the possibility during shipping. The strong inner design also improves the durability of the bulb.

This compact model is fitted with 150 high performing LED chips, which uses only 23 watts to deliver an equivalent of 100 watts.

The lamp delivers a custom-tailored photosynthetic active radiation light spectrum, which matches the light needed for chlorophyll production as well as flowering.

The bulb delivers different light intensities at different heights. For example, at 1.5 feet, it gives 17772 LUX, and at 2.9 feet it gives 4443 LUX.

Things We Like:

  • Durable aluminum heat sink prevents overheating
  • Delivers superior PAR light spectrum for chlorophyll making and flowering
  • Highly energy-saving uses on 23 watts to deliver an equivalent of 100 watts
  • Compatible with E26 / E27 sockets
  • Best choice for hydroponics, grow rooms, and greenhouses

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May receive a defective bulb

What to look for the best LED grow bulbs?

Manufacturers of LED grow bulbs market their products to get them in front of you. However, great marketing doesn’t make a great bulb, performance does.

How do you choose a high performing LED grow light bulb? Apart from our aforementioned suggestions, we will offer you our knowledge and insights on how to choose the best model.

There are several factors to consider, and we have narrowed them down to five considerations.

Cool-Running Design

The construction of any LED grows bulb matters. It plays a significant role in the cooling of the bulb during continuous use.

The most effective construction that is normally cool-running is the ribbed design. The all-rounded crests help to dissipate heat evenly.

A hollow out design is also better at heat dissipation. Some unique models are fitted with the built-in quiet cooling fan.

Light Intensity

You want the right amount of light for the particular stages of growth. The number of photons you plants need matters.

How do you know which fixture will cover your grow space? Use the recommended footprint from the manufacturer.

This is the easiest and the quickest way to know if the lamp will suit your grow space. Although, this does not tell you how much light is emitted from the bulb.

Most fixtures have coverage of approximately 3 square feet to approximately 5 square feet. Most designs can provide superior light intensity up to 24 inches high.

You should also consult the manufacturer PAR chart, which is a map of light intensity readings over the recommended footprint.

The PAR map shows how intense the light is over a given area and height, and how the light is distributed across that area.


You want to ensure you pick the correct spectrum with respect to the growth stage of your plants.

Some of you may be budding, others flowering, but most of you will be completing a full cycle from seedling to harvest.

There are basically two types of the spectrum: broad and targeted. A targeted spectrum uses specific wavelengths of LEDs to match the photosynthetic requirements.

The best bulbs feature a targeted spectrum, which may include UV, red light, white light, IR and blue light.

  • UV: This spectrum helps with growth stimulation, disease reduction, and promoting sugar and protein.
  • Blue Light: Helps with the overall plant phototropism work.
  • White Light: A full spectrum will fill in for any missing spectrums.
  • Red Light: Suitable for promoting photosynthesis, sprouting, as well as blossom. Also, contributes to the synthesis of chlorophyll and the formation of flower pigments.
  • IR: Plays a vital role in the development of heat necessary to ripe fruits.
    We recommend you choose a bulb with a targeted spectrum that includes all of the abovementioned spectrums.


You can use wattage to establish how powerful an LED grow light bulb is. In general, a 100 watts bulb will offer superior intensity compared to a 15 watts unit.

However, a higher wattage doesn’t necessarily mean the bulb is efficient. You need to choose a fixture that is highly commended in terms of efficiency.

A given lamp may use more watts to generate sufficient light, while another may use fewer watts to generate the required amount of light.


The cost of LED grows bulbs are significant, especially when you are working with a tight budget. Unlike traditional grow lamps, LED bulbs are pricier.

The wattage, efficiency, type of spectrum, as well as quality of parts, tend to drive this difference. When compared to traditional grow bulbs, LEDs have a higher lifespan that can range from 20000 to 50000 hours.

Therefore, before you settle for the cheapest model, consider the performance and service life. If you are satisfied, you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Final Words

When we were searching for the five best products we realized that the market is advancing faster than before.

New LED grows light bulbs hit the market every month, and more bulbs become more efficient as well as affordable.

We had to filter out overinflated product claims while trying to understand the different product specs and how effective they can be for the end user.

Our overall analysis suggests that there is no one specific bulb that will meet all your requirements, but there are products that will help your plants grow.

If you must choose a different product apart from the ones reviewed herein, we insist you take into account the above buying tips.

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