Pruning your weed plants is important for improving the quality as well as the yield of your garden. The health of the plant depends mostly on exposure to light and nutrients.

There are several different tools you can use to trim buds and unwanted material from your weed plants.

While a sharp knife could do the trick, bud trimmers specifically made for plants usually yield better results. Basically, trimming helps to redirect growth hormones.

We understand that the choice of bud trimmers for dry trimming weed is huge on the current market. So, to help you choose a reliable pair, we have researched the five clear top rated models.

This guide; also, covers important buying tips that will make your shopping experience super easy.

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Top 5 Best Bud Trimmer for Weed 2019

#1 Fiskars Non-Stick Soft Grip Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

The Fiskars Non-Stick is a best seller and highly versatile pair of bud leaf bowl trimmers that is suitable for trimming, shaping, and deadheading your weed plant.

These snips come with a smooth action design that opens the blades automatically during use, making trimming your weed remarkably easy.

The blades are made of stainless steel and the edges are precision ground. These adjustable blades are very effective at retaining sharpness.

Unlike regular wire blades found on traditional scissors, the ones that come with the Fiskars feature non-stick coating that eliminates resin buildup and jamming.

This pair is outfitted with a highly ergonomic handle that is fitted with soft grip touch points for a strong, comfortable, secure grip.

The bud leaf trimmers also come with a razor blade cover and easy open lock for protecting the blades during storage and transportation.

What We Like

  • Highly versatile snips that can do more than trimming
  • Super sharp blades make precise, quick cuts
  • Non-stick coating on the blades lessens resin buildup and jamming
  • Soft grip touch points offer a comfortable and secure grip
  • Easy action design allows for the smooth opening of the blades

What We Don’t Like

  • Spring design may break, forcing you to incur replacement costs

#2 Hydroponic 2Pack Micro-Tip Straight Blade Flower Leaf Trimmer

Coming second in our list is the Hydroponic 2Pack by GREENTHUMBPRO. If you are in search of professional design like an industrial bud trimmer, then this pair is the real deal.

These pruners are lightweight and durable. The blades are engineered from stainless steel. They are also very sharp and good at maintaining a sharp edge after use.

You will hardly complain about hand stress or fatigue, thanks to the soft grip handles and quick release spring that does not require excessive force press.

What you will probably like most about these dry trimmers is the ability to produce precise and the clean cuts when pruning flowers and stems, making them ideal for trimming weed.

Are you a professional gardener with different plants to trim apart from weed? This pair is highly durable and versatile for all kinds of gardening.

What We Like

  • Stainless steel blades that are extra sharp with good edge retention
  • Availability of both straight and curved blades for all-purpose pruning
  • The comfort provided by the soft grip contoured handles
  • Quick release spring allows for effortless operation
  • Microtip design makes cutting easier

What We Don’t Like

  • Blades are not non-stick
  • Plastic cover for the tip is tiny

#3 Gonicc 8-Inch Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

Are you searching for comfortable and premium durable trimmers for your weed? Look no further than the Gonicc 8-Inch Bypass.

The very first impressive attribute of these pruners is the high-quality blade that features ultra-fine polishing technology.

The blade is constructed from high carbon steel, which is nearly imperishable. The blade isn’t difficult to sharpen, and it is very effective at maintaining a sharp edge, even with repeated use.

The drop forged body is fitted with ergonomically constructed handles that are lightweight, strong, non-slip, and comfortable when used for hours.

What is most exciting about the Gonicc 8-Inch is the sap groove design. The sap groove channels off sap to prevent the blades from sticking.

What We Like

  • Ultra-fine polishing technology
  • High carbon steel blade is highly durable and sharp
  • Lightweight ergonomic handles offer a strong, non-slip grip
  • Sap groove design prevents sticking
  • Super strong drop forged body is long-lasting
  • 1-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Spring design may break after a few rounds of use.

#4 Vivosun Gardening Hand Pruner

The Vivosun Gardening Hand Pruner is a great choice for selective trimming of your weed plants. This pair provides precision cutting.

The precision sharpened blades are made of premium stainless steel. The blades have superior strength to weight benefit, and they are very good at retaining sharpness.

One of Vivosun top features is the smooth spring action design that opens the blades effortlessly without causing hand strain or fatigue.

With the micro tip design, you can easily reach narrow or difficult to reach areas without damaging your weed plant.

This model comes with a closing latch that is incorporated with a black switch. These bud plant trimmers also come with soft, comfortable grip handles.

What We Like

  • Precision sharpened blades are highly durable
  • Spring action design that opens effortlessly
  • Microtip design cuts through difficult places
  • Soft, comfortable grip lessens hand strain
  • Closing latch with a switch allows for safe storage

What We Don’t Like

  • May experience alignment problems

#5 Troy Bilt Comfort Classic Anvil Pruner

If you want a heavy-duty pair of trimming scissors for cutting those mature weed branches, you should look no further than the Troy Bilt.

Even though this pair ranks fifth in our list, it features German steel blades that are sharp, durable and capable of retaining sharpness after use.

Unlike most traditional gardening scissors, the Troy Bilt is equipped with a patented internal spring system that offers energy-saving leverage.

You should not be worried about the sap sticking on the blades because the surface of the Troy Bilt is protected with a non-stick coating.

The handle design is quite impressive. It is non-slip, strong and very comfortable. The handle design also features a safety lock for right or left-handed users.

What We Like

  • Highly durable and sharp German steel blades
  • Patented internal spring system that operates smoothly
  • A non-stick coating that repels sap and prevents rusting
  • Non-slip, strong, comfortable grip
  • Safety lock for either right or left-handedness

What We Don’t Like

  • Blades may not align properly

Safe, Efficient Trimming Tips

Inefficient or improper handling of trimming scissors can lead to fatigue and injury. The tips listed below will help you learn to trim effectively, efficiently, and safely.

  1. Work close to your body, and do not apply too much force to the scissors. You may unintentionally damage your weed plants.
  2. Always wear protective gear, such as sturdy shoes, safety goggles, and appropriate clothing (not baggy ones).
  3. Make sure you choose a pair of scissors that fits you physically. Right-handed rather than left-handed scissors, for example.
  4. To avoid wrist and elbow strain, always try to operate trimming scissors with your elbow bent and your wrist straight.
  5. Use the other hand to slightly flex the branch away from the cutting edge of your trimming scissors. This way, you will be able to make smoother and easier trims.
  6. Always position the scissors in a 45-degree angle, and trim just above an outward facing bud or shoot. Avoid twisting or forcing the blades.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Trimming Scissors

Types of Scissors

The three basic types of trimming scissors or shears for weed are the anvil, bypass, and straight blade.

  • Bypass:

They have a sharp convex cutting blade that slides past a blunt, hooked concave blade that supports the stem being trimmed.

The female blade on this design has a groove that collects sap and keeps the blade clean up.

  • Anvil:

Anvil scissors/shears trim like a knife on a cutting board. A straight blade cuts against a flat metal surface.

  • Straight:

Straight blades do usually have micro tip design, and they can reach into plant centers without pushing foliage.

  • Automatic Bud Trimmers:

There are also plenty of electric trimmers and automatic trimmer machines that trim your large-scale buds in less time. Bud trimming machines reduce much of the manual labor associated with hand trimming your plants. Brands like Spinpro, iPower, Trimpro Original and Triminator have produced some of the best bud trimmer machines. Leaf trimmer machines work well with wet buds as well as dry buds.

You would most likely use trimming scissors regularly when you are planting weed. So, a good quality pair is a must have.

Not only will the pair last longer, but it will also produce clean cuts and a better quality blade that is remarkable at retaining sharpness.

According to our findings, anvil trimming scissors will most likely bruise the branches and stems because the blade pushes against the anvil.

With bypass scissors, if the blade is not sharp, the stem or branches being cut may snag. This usually leaves an unclean cut, resulting in uneven surfaces.


When shopping for garden tools, such as top rated scissors for trimming weed, quality is everything since this is a long-term investment.

You need to choose a pair that is crafted to meet high in-use standards. Therefore, they must be made of the finest materials available.

The blade curve design has to be able to hold the branch of your weed plant securely in order to make a clean cut without causing any damages.

In poorly made and low-quality tools, the branch is likely to slip from the blade when cutting pressure is applied.

The blade material is a very significant part of the overall construction. We urge you to choose blades that are forged, rather than stamped or casted.

The forging process involves heating the steel, then pounding it to shape. This compresses and restructures the steel to make a superior blade.


Are you new to trimming plants? Do you suffer from carpal tunnel? What you need is a pair of ergonomically made scissors for pruning weed.

As far as most designs are concerned, ergonomics falls mostly on the handle structure and material. The successful operation of the scissors depends on the handles.

When choosing handle designs consider your handedness. Are you a left-handed or right-handed? Proper handedness reduces hand fatigue.

As far as the material goes, choose silicone fingers, cushioned or rubberized handles to minimize pressure. You can avoid wrist wear with rotating handles.

The most ergonomic feature that you should look for is contoured handles that provide non-slip, strong, and comfortable grip even in wet trimming conditions.

Another feature that is common with most heavy-duty trimming scissors is the spring action design. The ideal spring should open gently to lessen the strain during use.


You are probably planting weed among other plants. So, when shopping for top scissors for trimming weed, you should consider a pair that is highly versatile.

You should be able to use the same pair for:

  • Fruit picking
  • Potted plants
  • Gardening
  • Flowering


Finding top rated scissors for trimming weed isn’t that difficult if you know what you are looking for. However, you should not overlook the price factor.

Trimming scissors are a hand tool used for table top plants; so, you are likely to pay more depending on the features the tool comes with.

Also, there are high-end brands that are pricy and there are basic brands that are fairly cheap. We recommend you to pay for a quality brand.

The idea is not to buy a cheap or very expensive model, but to buy a pair that will reduce hand strain, has ultra-sharp blades, makes precise and clean cuts, and it is safe to use.

Final thoughts

If you carefully consider all the aforementioned buying tips, then it will not be difficult for you to spot good quality scissors for trimming weed.

You can feel the balance as well as the solid construction and see the finishing details. If you are planning to trim all the weed on a single day, a well-made pair should cut down the fatigue.

Make sure the product you choose offers smooth action that helps to produce precise and clean cuts, encouraging the plant to grow healthier within your grow tent.

Durability is as important as sharp blades because you want to buy a pair of scissors that you can rely on long-term before you think of buying another pair. Put just as much care into your choosing your bud trimmers are you do your LED grow lights.

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