Fluorescent grow lights have been seen as inferior products for a very long time because the conventional T12 and T8 bulbs had a very low lumen-to-watt ratio, making them inefficient.

With the new high lumen output T5 grow light systems, fluorescent lights have come a long way to being a sustainable option for indoor growing.

Most T5 fluorescents grow light system are capable of delivering an adequate amount of lumens, allowing you to grow seeds, flowers, cuttings, as well as house plants indoors.

The new T5 lights are also known to be highly energy efficient. They draw less wattage of power to function optimally. They even have the potential to emit the same wavelengths of light as HPS grow lights.

However, not all T5 fluorescent grow light systems are up to the task. Here is our roundup of grow light reviews for the choices that come highly recommended by most growers for indoor grow rooms.

The 5 Best T5 Grow Lights

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Top 5 Best T5 Grow Lights of 2019

#1 Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

The Agrobrite FLT24 T5 high output fluorescent lighting system from Hydrofarm is a best seller and the perfect choice for rapid vegetative stage growth as well as propagation.

The lights deliver a power output of balanced daylight spectrum light that is suitable for young plants and newly cuttings.

In fact, the slender design of these T5 lamp tubes provides twice the efficiency and twice the light output of common fluorescent bulbs.

These Agrobrite T5 lights have a cool running, low-profile, open roof design, which combined with the already low temperature of T5 bulbs allow you to safely run the system indoors.

You can also operate these lights by using hangers to suspend them vertically, making them very versatile, and no assembly is necessary.
This T5 grow light system has a powder-coated steel housing that is capable of withstanding humid environments.

Also, the package comes with a T5 fixture and built-in power cord.

Things We Like:

  • Super bright tubes capable of delivering up to 18,800 lumens
  • Available in seven bulb configuration from two to twelve tubes
  • Powder-coated, low profile steel housing is resistant to humidity
  • Open-roof design is cool running
  • Versatile hanging options (horizontal, vertical, or overhead)
  • Daisy chainable for multiple fluorescent fixtures

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Ballasts may fail halfway through the system’s life
  • One of the tubes may stop working

#2 Hydroplanet™ T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights Fixtures

Are you in search of high performing T5 grow lights for your hydroponic garden? Look no further than the Hydroplanet T5 grow light system.

The powder-coated steel housing has a low profile structure that mounts horizontally, vertically, and overhead. The package includes “V” hanging cables.

The four high-quality lamps have a superior coverage area compared to ordinary models. The 95 percent reflective aluminum reflectors ensure that all the light is concentrated on your plants.

This T5 system comes with two on/off switches, one for a full blast and the other one for a moderate blast. The plug and playblasts are time-saving and hassle-free.

The system operates on 110/120V, fifteen-foot power cord, which is highly maneuverable. However, this system does not work with GFCI outlets.

The balanced and powerful daylight spectrum delivered by the Hydroplanet T5 grow lights is perfect for plants in the vegetative growth phase.

There is a daisy chain outlet that allows for easy connection of multiple fixtures.

Things We Like:

  • Plug and playblasts design is time-saving and hassle-free
  • Balanced daylight spectrum is ideal for the veg growth phase
  • Highly reflective aluminum reflectors help to concentrate all the light on the plants
  • Powder coated, low profile housing is highly durable
  • Daisy chain outlet allows for multiple connections of fixtures
  • Two year warranty

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Does not work with GFCI outlets
  • The two middle fixtures may fail to work

#3 Jump Start T5 Grow Light System (Stand, Fixture & Tube)

The Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is a good choice for germinating seeds, flowers, cuttings, and house plants, efficiently providing twenty percent more lumens than ordinary grow lights.

The Jump Start T5 grow light system has a well-made powder-coated metal frame that is remarkably simple to assemble.

The sturdy frame features a reinforced top bar with a toggle clamp pulley system for easy reflector height adjustment.

The lightweight reflector has a highly reflective internal finish and it comes with a T5 high output fluorescent tube as well as a built-in six-foot power cord with an inline on/off switch.

Once assembled, you can effortlessly raise and lower the reflector using the toggle clamp pulley system.

Apart from the two-foot size, the Jump Start T5 Grow light System is available in a four-foot size. Both sizes are designed to fit perfectly over your germination station.

Things We Like:

  • It is the simplest T5 grow light system to assemble, takes a few minutes
  • It is companionable with Hydrofarm’s FLP, FLV, and FLT fluorescent tubes
  • T5 fluorescent tube provides 20% more lumens than conventional lights
  • Toggle clamp pulley system allows for easy reflector height adjustment
  • Internal reflective finish ensures all light is directed to your plants
  • The spectrum produced is suitable for seedlings, flowers, cuttings, and house plants

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Ballast may fail after a year or so
  • It is not daisy chainable

#4 iPower T5 Fluorescent Grow Light for Seed Starting

Are you in search for a heavy-duty T5 grow light system for your herbs, vegetables, flowers, cuttings, seedlings, and house plants? Search no further than the iPower T5 Grow Light System.

The high output T5 fluorescent tube is UL/CSA listed. This tube delivers a balanced daylight spectrum that’s is fifteen to twenty percent more powerful than ordinary grow lights.

This grows light system comes with a robust frame that’s easy to assemble. No tools are necessary because all the pieces slide together effortlessly.

The fixture height of the iPower T5 grows light system is simple to adjust. All you have to do is pull the cord either upwards or downwards and then slide the locks to adjust.

iPower also included a very simple toggle clamp that makes height adjustment of the lamp exceptionally simple. This helps to bring light intensity closer to your plants.

Things We Like:

  • Powder coated frame comes with easy to mount pieces
  • Powerful daylight spectrum delivers superior lumens than traditional lights
  • More light is directed to your young plants, thanks to the internal reflective finish
  • Simple fixture height adjustment brings the light closer to the plants
  • Has a reliable coverage for a 1-Tube bulb configuration

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Ballast may fail after one year of use
  • It is not daisy chainable

#5 Vivosun T5 HO Fluorescent Hydroponic Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants

Bring green to your indoor garden with the Vivosun T5 HO 4Lamp Fluorescent Hydroponic Grow Light System. This is the perfect choice for your hydroponics systems.

The UL listed fluorescent tubes provide your vegetative plants with sufficient ballasts to grow strong. Also, it offers your plants a healthier spectrum for blooming during the flowering stage.

It is one of the easiest systems to install. Not to mention that it mounts overhead, horizontally, and vertically. This makes it ideal for stand racks, grow tents, as well as grow houses.

Ultra-reflective surface provides more light intensity for less energy. The reflective surface features a peel-off covering that maintains spotlessness for maximum light reflectivity.

Dual switch design makes the unit easy to use. Two separate on/off switches allow flexible control over the grow light system.

Another remarkable feature that is worth mentioning is the sturdy packaging. The tubes and fixtures are neatly packed in separate boxes.

Things We Like:

  • High output fluorescent tubes are brighter than conventional grow lamps
  • Fixture can easily be installed overhead, horizontally, or vertically
  • Ultra-reflective surface concentrates the full spectrum on your plants
  • Two on/off switches offer flexible control over the light’s performance
  • Delivers constant brightness that will hardly flicker
  • Comes with a highly secured sturdy packaging

Things We Don’t Like:

  • May receive defective fixture and T5 tubes
  • Some fluorescent tubes may fail to work

Things to consider

T5 grow lights have the smallest diameter compared to similar types, such as T12 and T8. But they have a superior watt-to-lumen ratio.

So, they aren’t just brighter, but also more efficient than the alternatives. They have a better life cycle compared to incandescent bulbs.

Now, choosing the ideal T5 grow light system that will help your plants grow healthier requires you to consider the following.

What Fluorescent Lights Should You Buy?

When fluorescent lights first appeared in the market, a lot of people were using them in conjunction with incandescent lights for indoor growing.

There are actually lots of different fluorescent lights out there. But, there’re some that just outperform others as far as lumen production is concerned.

When you are looking at buying T5 grow lights, you must ensure that you are buying grow lights. There are lots of fluorescent grow light bulbs for all sorts of different applications in the market.

The ones for growing plants typically have a very specific Kelvin rating, which may range from 3,000K to 6,500K.

Consider Light Color Temperature (Kelvin Rating)

The color temperature of any light source is a measure of how blue, yellow, or white it appears. The system of measurement used for rating the color temperature of T5 grows lights is Kelvin.

We see light differently than plants do. Your plants use the photosynthetic active response part of the light spectrum for different stages of growth.

T5 grow lights (fluorescent tubes) with a Kelvin temperature rating from 3,000 to 6,500 K are best for indoor gardening, such as growing marijuana.

Lower color temperatures are usually easier on the eyes and ideal for home use. However, T5 grow lights with lower Kelvin rating may do a poor job of illuminating your plants.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to that Kelvin rating in order to ensure that you’re getting the exactly as much light for the right time in your plants’ life cycle.

The fluorescent lights are also classified as very high output (VHO), high output (HO), and normal output (NO).

We recommend tubes that are rated as high output (HO). These bulbs will provide you with the best of both worlds in terms of Kelvin and usable spectrum your plants need.

What Kinds of Plants Are You Growing?

T5 fluorescent grows lights are more efficient in warmer temperatures, and they are certainly more reliable than T12 and T8 for most of your indoor growing.

They generally emit light in a range that is a little bit friendlier for most vegetative plant production.

However, they seem to be only suitable for plants that don’t require lots and lots of lumens or light with a variable spectrum.

According to our findings, T5s will give you the best results in the vegetative growth stage. In fact, you will get dense vegetative growth and more color.

What about the Coverage?

You cannot just go picking any good quality T5 grow light. You must consider your size requirements with respect to your grow tent, grow house, or stand racks.

Mostly, the bulb configuration will help you establish whether or not the grow light system will be sufficient for your indoor garden.

The most common bulb configurations that you will come across are 1-Tube 2-Tube, 4-Tube, 6-Tube, 8-Tube, and 12-Tube.

Usually, a 1-Tube or 2-Tube bulb configuration is suitable for growing a few small plants. However, a more elaborate garden may need a 4-Tube or higher.

Final Words

These lights still have limits on how much heat and light they give off. Therefore, they are particularly recommended for young plants.

Unlike high-powered grow lights, a high-quality T5 grow light system is very unlikely to burn sensitive cuttings or seedlings.

Their less intense spectrum is also suitable for planting a variety of different herbs and vegetables.

However, T5s may not be as convenient and reliable as LED lights, or a viable option when you want to venture in big production environments.

If you are thinking about a commercial farm, you should think long and hard about installing T5 fluorescent grow lights over something like LED grow lights.

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