Have you ever thought of automating the grow lights in your indoor grow garden? Good news. You can easily automate your grow room lights with a high-quality timer for grow lights. These new devices have proven to be very effective.

There are a lot of functions built into that tiny box. If you fully exploit its capabilities, you can achieve reliable automation.

One of the amazing things about grow light timers is that they help you improve your efficiency, especially during the seedling stage.

Now, there’re many choices on the market, but not all of them are reliable. Luckily, we did detailed research on your behalf and found the following amazing products.

The Top 5 Grow Light Timers

#1 GreenLaren Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

Automate your grow light and save energy with GreenLaren Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer. A responsive and reliable choice.

You just have to set your timetables and go. You won’t have to worry when you leave the lights on for extended durations.

You do not need a removable pin to set the timer. Just push the pin down to set the time range on. You do not have to worry about losing the pins.

The unit comes with a two-prong outlet and a programmable timer. You can easily program the timer to turn on or off in increments of thirty minutes.

Once plugged in and programmed, the settings will automatically repeat daily. Also, the manual override allows for easy manual use.

Each package comes with three little timers that you can use in three different growing environments. The timer is well-suited for LED bulbs and fluorescents.

Things We Like:

  • Easy to program, press pin down to turn on and up to turn off
  • Has up to forty-eight hours on/off programs
  • Allows you to set the timer in thirty minutes intervals
  • No technical controls, just turn the knob to set the time
  • There’s an override switch on the top for manual control
  • Helps to save energy as well as reduce utility costs

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is a little bit noisy

#2 Canagrow Outlet Timer

Do you want to save money on power bills by making sure your grow lights turn on when you want them to? That’s possible with the Canagrow Outlet Timer.

The unit allows you to automate almost everything in your grow room, including your grow light, oscillating fan, and other appliances.

Comes with a heavy-duty design with clearly defined control buttons, and a large outlet digital timer readout that is super easy to read.

The timer is designed to control up to twenty groups of switches (on/off). You can easily set a number of timing combinations, including weekly, daily, hourly, and group of weeks.

Apart from the fact that the settings repeat automatically every week, the unit allows you to back up the settings in case you experience a power failure.

There is a mode button that allows you to manually turn the device on and off after or before the set time. Just in case you make changes on your schedule.

It is a mechanical timer; so, expect it to run silently for a while, then it will start to generate some annoying sound.

Things We Like:

  • Remarkably versatile and customizable design
  • Short interval time settings and simultaneously controlled outlets
  • Daylight saving mode extends battery life
  • The large digital readout is super easy to read
  • The mode button allows you to operate manually
  • Can control up to twenty groups of on/off switches

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Its operation gets noisy in the long-run
  • May fail to support some two-prong devices

#3 Nearpow Dual Digital Light Timer

Are you in search of an easy to program the digital timer for grow light systems? Look no further than the Nearpow Dual Outlet Digital Timer.

This is a three-prong timer that can independently control different appliances in your grow room, such as grow lights and fans.

It comes with two independent grow light controller outlets, a large digital readout, and well-defined lighting controller buttons.

The entire device features fireproof ABS insulation. Also, it uses a rechargeable backup battery that is long-lasting. You can save your settings in case of a power failure.

There’s a random vacation mode that allows you to program the timer conveniently in case you will be away from your indoor garden for a while.

Daylight saving mode preserves energy, and child-lock function ensures your kids don’t interfere with the settings in case they find their way to the grow groom.

Setting the timer is easy. Just press the second, minute, hour, or week buttons to program time. The digits are visible on the LCD display when setting time.

Things We Like:

  • Comes with two independently controlled outlets
  • Offers up to eighteen separate schedules
  • It is seven-day programmable with up to fifteen choices
  • Fireproof ABS material makes it safer to use
  • The long-lasting backup battery allows you to save settings
  • Random vacation mode allows you to keep the lights on when you are away
  • Runs silently

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • May arrive without an instruction manual

#4 Dewenwils 2 Pack Indoor Outlet Lamp Timer

You can save energy and money and add a little extra convenience to your grow room by introducing the Dewenwils 2 Pack Indoor Outlet Lamp Timer.

This two-prong timer is compact and lightweight with clearly labeled control buttons, including time, on, off, hour, min and reset.

The device is engineered with a highly vibrant LCD readout that is not only clear but also super easy to decipher.

You will always be able to automatically turn on your grow lights in time with this masterpiece. You will never miss a schedule when you have this timer in your indoor garden.

It is one of the easiest units to program. You’ve got five easy to use control buttons. You only need one set of daily repeat settings.

Unlike mechanical units, this digitally programmed timer will hardly generate any annoying ticking noise in the long-run.

Things We Like:

  • Lightweight, compact design that is easy to carry
  • Compatible with most grow lights, including LED, CFL, and incandescent
  • Five easy to use control buttons allow for quick one set of daily repeat settings
  • Compact but with a big, simple to decipher digital readout
  • Digitally programmed to run quietly

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not come with a manual override

#5 Century 2 Pack Indoor Digital Timer

Do you want to add convenience as well as encourage productive growth of your indoor plants? You need the Century 2 Pack Indoor Digital Timer.

The device comes with a plastic body, which is pretty nicely made. It has two outlets on each side, allowing you to plug in two appliances.

The device is versatile as well as customizable. You can effortlessly set up to eight on/off programs for the separate two grounded outlets.

The most impressive feature of this timer is that it allows you to select individual days or opt to use one of the pre-set combination days.

There is a daylight saving mode that you can easily engage by one press of a button. There’s a backup battery that comes in handy when there is a power failure.

The random vacation mode allows you to keep the lights in your indoor garden when you are away fro0m.

Things We Like:

  • Allows you to set up to eight on/off programs
  • Comes with two outlets for connecting two light sources
  • You can choose between preset combination days or individual days
  • Random vacation mode ensures your grow lights are on when you’re away
  • Daylight saving mode helps you conserve energy
  • The built-in backup battery comes in handy during power failure
  • Manual override allows you to operate the device manually

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is possible to receive a defective product

Best Timer for Grow Light: Buying Guide

There are several timers you can choose. However, you need to be selective to choose a model that will be safe and reliable. Here are a few features to consider:

Mechanical versus Digital

Mechanical timers are simple mechanical devices that are made up of a mechanical clock and a few mechanical switches for starting or stopping a system at a particular time.

Most manual timers on today’s market are fitted with a control knob/dial. All you have to do to set the time is to turn the dial.

These timers tend to function similarly to mechanical alarm clocks. They feature a mainspring that operates the device.

When compared to digital timers, manual designs can only manage a limited number of zones. They may be suitable for grow lights, but inefficient for more complex appliances.

They also don’t function during a power failure. So, you have to reset them every time you have a power outage.

They are still manufactured, but their popularity is fading as new digital devices with enhanced convenient features are added to the current market.

A better solution for indoor growers lies with the modern digital timers. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, digital models come with LCD readouts and an array of built-in functions.

Digital versions are fitted with control buttons that are easy to navigate. All you have to do to program the timer is press the appropriate button.

The most contemporary digital timers allow you to program settings for different days of the week. They are the perfect choice for those who like to sleep out on Friday night.

You will even come across digital models that allow different weekly patterns for different times of the year.

Plug-In versus Direct Connection

Timers for grow lights are sold in two major designs: plug-in and direct wire connection.

As the name suggests, plug-in models do not need any installation. All you have to do is plug them into the wall socket to power.

On the other hand, direct wire connection needs a hard-wire connection/installation. They allow you to control several devices and offer extra programming options.

Special Features

The essence of having a timer is to program you to grow lights to function in an organized manner without you being present.

One of the virtues of a high-quality timer for grow lights is time setting. The unit should be twenty-four-hour or seven-day programmable.

The finest digital designs are capable of controlling up to twenty groups of on/off switches. A convenient model should provide you with several timing combinations.

The timing combinations can be a group of weeks, weekly, daily, or hourly. You should also pay for a device that has automatic repeat weekly settings.

The most recent digital timers come with a manual override button that allows you to momentarily operate the timer manually.

Another special feature that is found in digital designs is a built-in backup battery. This backup battery allows you to operate the timer without connecting to power.

Also, the built-in power source allows you to save your programs in case of a power outage or failure.

Another special feature that will most likely entice you to choose digital over mechanical indoor timers is silent operation.

Mechanical designs can be silent in the short-run, but after a considerable amount of time has passed, they will start generating a crackling noise that is quite annoying.

The number of outlets also matters the most popular timers are either one-prong or two-prong. Two-prong allows you to connect two lights and one-prong connects one appliance.

Final Words

In addition to a good grow tent and hydroponics system, your LED grow lights are a crucial aspect of your grow operation. FA timer is a lifesaver for any indoor grower. You no longer have to turn the timer on and off. You can program the timer to do exactly that on your behalf.

Quality timers for grow lights are not difficult to choose. For starters, you should always go for a digital design instead of a mechanical one.

Digital timers come with built-in backup batteries, seven-day programmable features, manual override, and vacation mode (in case you need to step away for a day or two).

The ability to control how and when your grow lights come on, allows you to provide your plants with sufficient light whenever they need it, even when you’re not around for a while.

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