The BESTVA Elite 2000W LED Grow is a long term investment that will keep working for your grow room for years to come. It is a bestseller LED, full spectrum grow lamp for greenhouse hydroponic indoor plants and supports both veg and flower stages.

This light is strong enough that it is meant to last at least 100,000 hours of use. This is the hypothetical figure that has been stated by the manufacturer.

However, considering the quality of this unit, you can easily assume that you will hardly face any setbacks with this model for at least five to seven years.

This can be a very good choice if you are just a beginner indoor grower as it offers useful light for your indoor medicinal plants.

Product Highlights

  • Measures 20.66 by 8.46 by 2.36 inches
  • 10.36 pounds item weight
  • Draws an average power of 390 wattage
  • Suitable replacement for 1400 watt HPS or MH
  • Has a working temp of -68°F to 104°F
  • Equipped with 200 pcs 10W LEDs
  • 120° LEDs angle
  • Has a lifespan of 100,000+ hours
  • Part of the Bestva Reflector Series
  • 3 years warranty and a 30 days satisfaction
  • Includes a 6ft power cord

Product Review

Design and Durability

The grow light, starting from the shell on the outside, all the way to the board and the LED chips in the inside, the Bestva 2000W LED light features highly reliable and strong quality materials.

This LED grows light weighs in at 10.36 pounds and has the dimensions of 20.66 by 8.46 by 2.36 inches. Its core coverage area is large enough for a grow room or grow tent of 7.8 by 7.5 feet at a height of 24 inches.

This LED grow light from Bestva LED comes equipped with 200 pieces of dual-chip 10-watt Epileds LED/Bridgelux LEDs.

These 10-watt LEDs emit some of the most intense light for your indoor medicinal plants. The diode, which is dual-chip/double chips LED, will also help you in decreasing the excessive power that is consumed.

It features new 5mm thick cooling fans make of aluminum sinks instead of multiple dispersed radiators or pure heat dissipation fans.


This model will provide your plants with a dimmable full spectrum light that is very necessary for your indoor plants to grow healthy and provide high yields.

The light spectrum does include the IR and UV light as well, which are both very essential for indoor growing, especially medicinal ones.

This LED grow light has a spectrum composition that ranges from 380nm to 780nm. The warm white and cool white light is replaced by 3500K and 7000K respectively.

All the LEDs in this light are arranged at 120°, which is going to ensure that the spectrum is spread evenly and avoid damaging your plants’ foliage.

The 120° angle in the unit will also mean that the light penetration rate is being increased in your indoor plants.

PAR Output

This high performance LED grow light comes with a very good balance of blue and red light in its spectrum. This balance helps in the process of photosynthesis.

The full spectrum means you will be able to use this light at all the stages of your indoor plants growing cycle, whether it will be the veg stage or flowering stage.

The highest PAR at 30 inches is 385, at 24 inches it’s 760, at 18 inches it’s 1036, at 12 inches it’s 1329, and at 6 inches it’s 2035.

The spectrum has a superior core coverage. At the farthest point of the core area, you will have approximately 110 PAR, which is a good value for photosynthesis.

Pros and Cons


  • Dual-chip LEDs are more energy-efficient and much brighter
  • Selectable full spectrum allows you to maximize growth
  • Powerful cooling system ensures the light is cool-running
  • IR and UV spectrums prevent plant disease and bacteria
  • 120° angle of the LEDs improve penetration rate
  • Spectrum has a superior light compensation point
  • Avg power draw of 390 watts from the wall socket
  • Includes hanging kits
  • Full spectrum LED for all stages of plant growth


  • Possible to lose an entire row of LEDs
  • It is not waterproof and intended for indoor use only
  • No double chips like the Bestva 1000W LED

Frequently Bought Together

The Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light is normally bought together with the AcuRite Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer and the Apollo Horticulture Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanger.

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