sellers guide to hemp biomass

A Seller’s Guide to Hemp Biomass

Ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill lifted countless restrictions on the buying and selling of hemp products, hemp biomass is being used at a record pace. Between the manufacturing of CBD distillate and isolate, and the market for hemp products, farmers can’t grow it fast enough. There’s a massive market for hemp …

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The Best CBD Affiliate Programs (of 2021)

As the CBD industry booms, financial opportunity for those interested in the niche also grows. By 2022, the hemp-CBD market is expected to hit $22 billion in the USA. That doesn’t include cannabis or THC products. So it makes sense why so many people are hopping on board for the chance to cash in on cannabidiol, before the FDA changes the landscape beyond recognition.  …

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cannabis statistics header

Cannabis Industry Statistics

Cannabis is a true business success story. Today it’s a multi billion-dollar industry growing in place of a prohibited substance. But the rapid-fire pace of this growth has caused serious confusion. Although there is a wealth of new data and major insights to gain from that data, it’s not always easy to find all of …

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Cannabis Social Networks

Connecting with others who think like us online is part of human life now. Thousands of social networks exist, with new versions targeted to new users developed all the time. Perhaps given the growing popularity of cannabis culture, the rise of the cannabis social network was inevitable. Today there are many cannabis social networks that …

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