Blue Dream, An Experience

Blue Dream Strain Review

The Blue Dream cannabis strain was originally developed in the Northern Californian medical marijuana scene. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for its combination of an uplighting head high, and a relaxing body high.

Blue Dream is reliable. It’s your oldest, but favorite pair of tennis shoes. Maybe they’re not your fanciest, but they’ll get you where you’re going. Whether your destination is a bike ride in the local park or checking out one of the new, weird animation-to-CGI adaptations, it’s good for it.

And, bonus, Blue Dream leaves you with a distinct fruity berry aftertaste, unlike your sneakers, which kind of stink and need to be washed, Brad, wtf.

History and Makeup

blue dream plant genetics

Blue Dream’s One True Creator being a bit of a mystery. There’s all sorts of origin stories out there. What we’re going to do here is stick to what we know as the hard facts.

Hard fact #1: Blue Dream is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 indica and Santa Cruz Haze.

Hard fact #2: it’s extremely popular.

Blue Dream’s popularity isn’t solely anecdotal. Back in 2015, BDS Analytics released a number-crunching report illustrating Blue Dream as the top-selling marijuana strain in both Colorado and Washington. It was one of two strains that managed to secure a spot on both lists (Sour Diesel being the second-ranking tenth in Colorado and third in Washington).

According to Leafly, it’s a top-selling strain in California as well. After determining which of the best strains appeared most often in west coast dispensaries, Leafly then synchronized the results with local search terms. The product was a ranking that matches the impressive number of reviews (over 5,000) on the Leafly site.

Clearly it’s popular, but the big question is why. There are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, it’s a clone-only, non-proprietary strain, making access relatively uncomplicated for growers and buyers alike. Secondly, it’s fairly easy to grow and has a short flowering time. You don’t have to have two moss-covered thumbs to get a good yield from Blue Dream. It’s fairly resistant to mold, can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and roots both quickly and consistently.

The experience

It may be a sativa-dominant hybrid, but Blue Dream has some couchmelting, Netflix-bingeing indica tendencies, and provides a decent body high. But it mostly takes after its sativa-dominant, Haze side. If you’re someone like me with high levels of anxiety – the sort that can make tiny, everyday tasks near impossible – that high THC content sativa influence helped get shit done. Basically, it pairs well with Activities with a capital A. You want to feel energized? Maybe indulge in some creative pursuits or thoughts? You got it in spades. So many spades! To the point that Blue Dream’s potency can be overwhelming at first.

Not all phenotypes are the same, obviously, so the rushy penchant will vary based on the cut you’ve received. This sort of divergence is especially common with popular strains that encounter market flooding. As mentioned above, Blue Dream is popular as all hell in the United States. Despite this, the phenotypic variation isn’t likely to be a resounding issue since the sativa strain variety is the most prevalent among cuts. Just something to be aware of, really.

If other reviews are to be believed, Blue Dream is also useful for chronic pain relief and reducing depression as it contains a decent amount of CBD. I don’t have a chronic pain condition. I do have mild depression. With the uplifting head high, energized feeling I experienced throughout, I can see how it would be effective during a depressive slump. If you’re looking to alleviate depression symptoms specifically, I recommend examining more targeted reviews or articles such as “The Best Cannabis Strains for Depression,” on Leafly.

The top reported side effects of Blue Dream users are happiness and euphoria. Happiness and euphoria were absolutely there for me, but above all, it was uplifting. That anxiety haze that held everything down lifted up like a dusty sheet snapped off an old widow’s antique furniture. Did she kill her husband? Maybe. Does she have a vial of poison in her iron ring? Likely. Can you, the detective, see the minute bloodstain on the colonial chaise now that the sheet has been yanked off? Yes.

I didn’t have to solve a cozy murder mystery with Blue Dream in my system, but if I did, I’d certainly have the energy for such a prospect.*

*(Though not my experience, some have encountered a low-grade paranoia along with the euphoria. Maybe investigate a different strain if you’re going to try and solve a decade’s old cold case.)

Final Thoughts on Blue Dream

With its growability, clone-only accessibility, and energizing experience, it’s clear why Blue Dream is so popular. It’s a great sativa dominant strain for first-time users because of its balanced blend of THC levels and cannabinoids. There are a few possible drawbacks – phenotypic variances and/or low-grade paranoia – but those are dwarfed by its positives. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliably euphoric and uplifting experience, Blue Dream is worth checking out.

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