The 10 Best Cannabis Newsletters

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As attitudes change and the cannabis, marijuana, and CBD industries continue to boom and thrive, cannabis newsletters are becoming more popular. In fact, as legalization advances and more medical marijuana and recreational states spring up, so do more creative cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

This is creating a truly exciting, interesting space, and some truly excellent cannabis newsletters you can get right in your inbox.

Here are the best Cannabis Newsletters to subscribe to in 2022:

  • FullSpectrum
  • Dopeletter
  • Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily)
  • Cultivated – Insider Cannabis Newsletter
  • Marijuana Moment
  • CannabisWire
  • Gangapreneur
  • New Cannabis Ventures
  • Politico Pro Morning Cannabis Newsletter
  • Marijuana Retail Report

Cannabis Newsletters: How to feed your cravings for news on cannabis

cannabis newsletter

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that it’s not that easy to stay current, let alone market, in the cannabis industry. There are complicated rules, outdated stigmas, and of course federal law to cope with, for starters. This just means that traditional marketing methods are sort of off the table.

Still, even if you’re just an avid cannabis fan, especially in this increasingly competitive market, staying on top of trends is just a fact of life. Fortunately, there are many people in this industry today who care about it just as mfuch as you—and they’re creating some genuinely interesting, informative, compelling newsletters that can keep you up to date.

We looked at the best newsletters from innovative cannapreneurs who stay up on what others in the business are doing as well as what is happening with industry news, current best practices, and trends, and curated them here for you. We love these cannabis newsletters because they are well-researched, fun to read sources of high-quality information.

Full Spectrum

You want all cannabis industry news, including cannabis use and culture, commentary, science, health and wellness, medical cannabis, politics, and legal updates, in minutes? That’s why we call it Full Spectrum, you know. The whole range of what’s out there in all news touching on cannabis in an easy to digest newsletter, right in your inbox, to get you ready for the day. We cover all things related to business + weed, including:

  • hemp
  • CBD oil
  • vape related policy
  • edibles
  • gummies
  • seeds
  • and more.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Free


If you only have a few minutes to spare, Dopeletter is an awesome weekly newsletter option for getting your need-to-know cannabis industry news. Dopeletter delivers cannabis news in a funny way and in a few words, and the result is a quick cannabis news fix.

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: Free

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Marijuana Business Daily (MJBizDaily)

A trusted professional source of legal, financial, political, and other cannabis business news for the industry. Marijuana Business Daily is among the most respected publications covering the legal cannabis industry in the US. Great for growers, retailers, you name it. And they even focus in on important markets like Denver, Colorado for a better view into how the cannabis market is working and changing.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Free

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Cultivated – Insider Cannabis Newsletter

Part of Business Insider, Cultivated is a cannabis newsletter that brings the resources of the larger publication to bear. The Cultivated newsletter covers important cannabis business trends, news, cannabis banking, and changes in the medical and adult-use cannabis industries. This is a great source for cannabis companies who need a more fiscal angle to their information.

Frequency: Weekly

Cost: Both free and paid options and content exist

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Marijuana Moment

Marijuana Moment’s newsletter, edited by cannabis activist Tom Angell, both creates original news stories and aggregates news and legal developments in the world of cannabis, in the US and worldwide. The site also publishes related stories about cannabis business, culture, and science and tracks cannabis legislation, the path of marijuana legalization, and what lawmakers and regulators are up to in the cannabis space.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Free

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For people with a professional interest in the cannabis industry, CannabisWire’s newsletter is among the best resources out there. Published every weekday, the newsletter features outstanding journalism covering cannabis policy updates, business news, and research.

Frequency: Daily during the week

Cost: $35 to $100 per month

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For a more activist take on things, look to Ganjapreneur’s daily newsletter. Gangapreneur offers ongoing coverage of a range of issues, including those business owners in established markets like California, cannabis activists across the board, and people hoping to break into the cannabis industry in newer markets like New York tend to care about.

PLUS, a robust growing section featuring content on producing flower, clones, lighting, soil, hydropinics, nutrients, and a lot more.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Free

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New Cannabis Ventures

The newsletter from New Cannabis Ventures focuses mainly on recent news affecting cannabis businesses. This is a niche newsletter aimed squarely at subscribers who are aspiring dispensary owners or others looking to get more involved in the legal marijuana industry (everything from tinctures to topicals), and they will get the most from this newsletter.

Frequency: Weekly

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Politico Pro Morning Cannabis Newsletter

To stay up to date on marijuana legislation, marijuana laws, what the Supreme Court is doing with the latest legalization bills, and more, this paid subscription is worth it for those working—or just living and breathing—the marijuana business space. They will also be able to meaningfully compare how cannabis laws compare from Oregon to Connecticut, and there’s a sprinkling of information there on psychedelics as well. It’s really only a cost an organization can absorb, but if you’re truly in the business of earning money in your cannabis market, it is a top source of information.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Varies, but expensive

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Marijuana Retail Report

The Marijuana Retail Report (MRR) newsletter tracks and reports on news and trends that affect retail business owners. The MRR newsletter is ideal for anyone who owns a retail business in the cannabis space—and anyone who hopes to.

Frequency: Daily

Cost: Free

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Final Thoughts on Cannabis Newsletters

From the ABCs of THC limits and the law to the best podcasts for people in the cannabis industry, you are likely to find what you’re looking for via one of these newsletters.

If you’re hoping to develop your brand and advance in the cannabis industry, we’ve got you. Our weekly cannabis newsletter is full of actionable, useful strategies and tips that will help you grow your cannabis brand.

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