Exploring the Link Between Endocannabinoids and Depression

A new study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research (titled “Dual pharmacological inhibitor of endocannabinoid degrading enzymes reduces depressive-like behavior in female rats”) draws new light upon the potential link between endocannabinoids and Major Depressive Disorder. It draws a link within the brains of female patients. The potential significance of that link could be …

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CBD for Weight Loss

CBD FOR WEIGHT LOSS Millions of people struggle with weight gain and are in a constant search for something that will help with weight loss. Even if you quit unhealthy food altogether, exercise properly, and take a balanced, healthy, green diet, maintaining this lifestyle takes practice. Maintaining your body weight helps prevent diseases like heart …

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CBD for Depression

Can CBD help treat Depression? Depression affects over 300 million people around the world, making it one of the most common diseases and mental illnesses. While it is common, everyone experiences depression differently, which can make it challenging to find a solution. Luckily, many people suffering from anxiety and depression are turning to the medicinal …

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Does CBD Get You High?

We’ll get right to it. No, CBD does not get you “high.” Since CBD is found in Marijuana, many people closely associate it with the “high” provided by THC. However, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. The chemical responsible for giving you the high psychoactive effect in Marijuana is THC, not CBD. But since CBD usually …

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