CBD Drip Review and Brand Info

CBD Drip Overview

Back in 2008, CBD Drip was one of the first CBD companies to hit the scene. Since then, they have sold over 1 million units are well known for being the best selling brand of CBD vape products online.

They are a California based company located in Newport Beach, with products distributed to thousands of storefronts across the United States, as well as to locations in Canada and Europe. They have been able to maintain their reputation over the past ten years by providing their customers with some of the safest and most effective CBD extracts you can find.

What’s their process?

CBD Drip uses whole-plant, full spectrum extract, not synthetic CBD isolates which studies have shown are less effective. Their extracts also retain all terpenes for flavoring, cannabinoids, vitamins, lipids, nutrients, and compounds from the hemp plant.

CBD Drip sources their extracts from EU grown hemp, which is a benefit as it is subjected to much stricter rules and regulations than US grown hemp is, and therefore is purer, cleaner, and often more potent and effective.

Although imported hemp may sound lower quality than hemp locally grown in the USA, the truth is that EU sourced hemp is held to some of the most rigorous agricultural standards in the world with intense rules and regulations, much more so than the United States. When buying CBD products sourced from the EU, you can be sure that you are receiving top of the line, pure, organic, high-quality extracts.

Their products are infused with full spectrum active CBD oil, not just isolated CBD. Which means you are getting all of the cannabinoids found in the plant and it utilizes the entourage effect of all the different cannabinoids working together with CBD, CBN, CBG and more.

What about transparency?

All of CBD Drip’s products undergo vigorous third-party lab testing with results posted on their website for anyone to see. The lab tests include full cannabinoid profile testing, pesticide testing, microbiological testing, terpene profiling, and residual solvents testing.

CBD Drip uses EU grown, CO2 extracted, full spectrum hemp extract, and their lab results posted online to verify these claims. These quality assurances allow their customers to be confident their product is pure and free of toxins making the CBD as effective as possible.

It’s crucial that brands show their transparency and focus on providing a truly safe and effective product by eliminating the possibility of having pesticides, residual solvents, or E-coli and mold in their products, which CBD Drip takes very seriously.

CBD Drip is one of the rare brands that actually offers batch numbers with every product they ship out. These numbers can be searched on their website to receive the third-party lab results tracing back to your batch verifying the purity and potency. On top of this, they are one of the rare brands that also test for and provide a full cannabinoid and terpene profile report, so you can see exactly which cannabinoids and terpenes are in your product, and how much.

What can I buy from CBD Drip?

CBD Drip’s product line began with CBD vape oil but has since expanded into CBD capsules, sublingual CBD oil, pet products, and their own unique EcoShot Energy/Relax drink which comes in a small travel bottle. All of their products have small sample sized options available as well as large packages for those who need large amounts of CBD.

Like many other CBD brands, they are expanding their product selection and are now offering a wide variety of products. Their products include sublingual CBD oil, CBD oil capsules, CBD vape juice, as well as pet products.

Their CBD vape juice is their most popular product and comes in three varieties: CBD Drip Gold is their regular strength full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant liquid cannabinoid product and made for occasional or new CBD users. CBD Drip Platinum is their extra-strength full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant liquid cannabinoid product. This product is a bit more concentrated and potent than the Gold option. CBD Drip Onyx is their maximum-strength full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant liquid cannabinoid product for serious vape and CBD users.

One of their most unique products is EcoShot Energy/Relax. It’s a shot of CBD in a small bottle to help you relax, or give you a boost of energy when you need it.

Their vape additives are the best selling CBD vape products on the market. With no artificial flavors added, and a full terpene and cannabinoid profile, this is about as good as it gets.

More great things about CBD Drip

Strict Quality Standards

In addition to being transparent about their third-party testing, CBD Drip meets the strict quality standards that we check for before vouching for a brand. We value brands who take extra care when it comes to using non-GMO hemp, no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemical additives in the extraction process.

While conducting our CBD Drip review, It was clear to us that this company truly cares about the quality and purity of their products. They go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction, and that is why they have remained a staple of the CBD industry for over ten years.


CBD Drip offers excellent prices for those looking to try CBD for the first time. They provide smaller packages available for all their products at less than $10. Their prices are incredibly competitive, even for large amounts of CBD. They are a great brand to start with since you won’t lose a lot of money if you end up not continuing to use CBD.

Final Thoughts

Although CBD Drip is a well rounded CBD company, with amazing products and very high-quality extracts, their website is not very informative about the brand as a whole.

They do provide valuable information to potential customers. However, we would like to know more about the company such as who started it, how it started, their vision and missions, and who is behind the scenes running things.

Although the website is very transparent about their products and what is in them, they could make improvements when it comes to the finer details about the company. It’s excellent for customers to feel connected to a brand, and know what motivates them, and why they are doing what they do.

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