CBD Infusionz has an outstanding commitment to providing high-quality edibles and an extensive selection and customization options to chose from. They offer a pleasant customer experience that separates CBD Infusionz from their competitors.

Their products are infused with CBD that is extracted from a verified source of organically grown hemp in Colorado and does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals.

In this article, we’ll go over their extraction process, transparency, product line, and what makes CBD Infusionz great overall.

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About CBD Infusionz

The company mission, as stated by CBD Infusionz, is to provide the CBD market with high quality, reliable products at an extremely competitive price. They want their product range and price point to make CBD available to as many people as possible. CBD Infusionz offers by far the most extensive selection of CBD edible options online. Their website includes over 40+ different custom made edibles to choose from. They have one of the largest selections we’ve seen from any CBD company online. Recently they have expanded their product selection to include new CBD products such as CBD capsules, isolate, tinctures, and even pet treats. Their source of CBD is among the highest quality available anywhere, grown in several Colorado farms, located in Pueblo, Boulder, and Eastern Plains and grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

What’s their process?

CBD Infusionz uses a proprietary extraction process to ensure a full botanical plant extract. They use subzero temperature combined with ethanol extraction technology, to extract a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids. Unlike other extraction methods, this method is a full plant botanical extraction and makes sure that the end product has the entourage and multiplier effects with a full plant composition.

What about transparency?

Their website states that the Colorado Department of Agriculture tests all of their plants. Their CBD does not contain any THC greater than 0.3%. These results are classifying their plants, and their subsequent derivatives, as “Industrial Hemp.” One downside to the brand is that they do not state any third-party lab testing information on their website at all. To find out about their lab results, you need to contact them directly. While this doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with their CBD, the lack of transparency can raise some concerns. Many other CBD companies are transparent about their lab testing and lab test results directly on their website.

What Can I buy from CBD Infusionz

As we mentioned, CBD Infusionz has one of the broadest range of CBD product lines online. They currently offer CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD edibles and gum, CBD concentrate, CBD isolate, pre-roll joints, hemp-infused topicals, and CBD drops, treats, and isolate for pets.

Their CBD edibles come in 500mg and 1000mg options and a variety of flavors and types including gummy bears, chocolate bars, hard candy, and chewing gum.

They offer full spectrum, and CBD isolates capsules that are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and contain no preservatives. The capsules come in potencies ranging from 250mg to 1000mg. Their CBD concentrates are made from high-potency, high-quality hemp cbd wax and are a fan favorite as are their CBD tinctures which range from 15mg to 5280mg per dose.

Additionally, CBD Infusionz also offers CBD vape pens as well as CBD products for pets.

There’s a lot to love about CBD Infusionz


CBD Infusionz always guarantees the quality of its product. They offer over 40 different high-quality options. All of their products are guaranteed to be delicious. They even accommodate users who have dietary restrictions with their sugar-free edibles, vegan products, gluten-free items, and more. We also found their packaging to be far superior to other brands. All their products come in a child-proof bottle with all the nutritional facts and dosage information printed on it.


As we discussed, CBD Infusionz extracts their CBD from one of the highest quality sources you can find. Grown domestically in Colorado, the farms are explicitly grown for CBD without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides. CBD Infusionz extracts all their CBD without the use of toxic chemicals and additives.

Value for Money

CBD Infusionz offers excellent prices compared to their competitors online. With trial packages that include 3 x 5mg CBD gummies for only $.99, they are excellent at providing great products for beginners, and people that use the supplements frequently. Their products ship nationwide for the very inexpensive cost of $3.99. We found that CBD Infusionz products are relatively more affordable, and you get a better value per mg of CBD with them than most other companies online.

Buying from CBD Infusionz is an all-around pleasant experience, with speedy and cheap shipping, a fantastic presentation, verified lab test results, and most importantly, an exciting, delicious, and effective CBD product. They have a very responsive team that can help at all times with your order and an informative website which displays all the information on their brand.  We could not have had a better experience when buying CBD Products online other than CBD Infusionz.

Final Thoughts

Overall, We found CBD Infusionz to score 8.6/10 on our review breakdown. They offer a top quality, trustworthy, and affordable experience for buyers of all types with labels that are 100% accurate. Their selection is one of the most extensive we have found amongst any of the brands we review. Their commitment to high-quality customer experience shows within everything from the packaging to the amazingly effective and delicious products inside.

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