Cinderella 99 Strain Review

Cinderella 99 is a cerebral sativa that promises a boost in your energy and an intense head high. Additionally, squat plants, excellent yields, and disease resistance make Cindy a sought after strain for cultivation.

History and Makeup

Cinderella 99 (also referred to as C99 or Cindy 99) is a sativa-dominant hybrid made up of 15% indica and 85% sativa. The THC content is typically tested from 20% to 22%, and CBD content tends to be  <1%. Cindy was one of the contenders for High Times Magazine’s ‘Top Ten Marijuana Strains of 2009’ list.

It was created as a hybrid between Cinderella 88 and Princess through a back-crossing that stretches three generations. The rumor around Cinderella 99 is that Mr. Soul himself of Brother’s Grimm happened upon the original cannabis seeds (a Jack Herer F2 strain) of C99 in Amsterdam. A male seed of this kush strain was crossed with a Shiva Skunk female. A male from that generation was crossed with the original Jack Herer F2 over the span of three generations. It’s definitely a complex loop of breeding and hybridization. One that, if you continue reading, you’ll see was entirely worth it.

Growing Cinderella 99

Growers love Cinderella 99. It was developed specifically for indoor cultivating (it can also be grown outdoors if you find yourself so inclined), and therefore works best in hydro or soil. Hydro, in particular, sees this lovely princess strain shooting for the stars and landing far beyond the moon. Growers have good results with soil as well, but if you’re looking for the top yield and have the ability, hydro it is.

Cindy has a high calyx to leaf ratio. The plant itself is rather squat and short despite its sativa roots and typically stays under or around 100 centimeters. This is ideal for those who are growing inside, and therefore working with limited space.

Cinderella 99 has a short flowering time and finishes flowering within about fifty days. Outdoor growing sees harvest in late September or early October. The strain also has impressive resistance to the most pernicious diseases, molds, mildews, and pests that plague cannabis. Yield for Cinderella 99 tends to be around 35 ounces per plant for outdoor cultivation and 16 ounces per square meter for indoor cultivation.

All in all, Cinderella 99 is an excellent strain for producing high yields, especially when the grower is working with limited space.


Aesthetic and Flavor

Cinderella 99 is a squat, but classically colored cannabis strain. The leaves are a lovely, light green with orange-pink hair coating it.

Cinderella 99 has two distinct fruity flavor phenotypes: grapefruit and pineapple. Depending on which phenotype you receive, your experience will vary. Inevitably, however, you’ll get strong scents of fruit along with a nearly putrid sweetness in the background that ties it all together. There are definite diesel and skunk overtones as well, making this strain a cornucopia of scent and smoke.

Apparently, the Brothers Grimm’s had a favorite phenotype that was best described as ‘evil pineapple.’ This was because of its scent profile’s resemblance to rotten fruit or rotten meat. Can you say no thank you? No, thank you.

The flavor for Cindy also depends on the phenotype one receives. Regardless of whether the particular flavor leans more towards pineapple or grapefruit, there is a fruity, sweet taste throughout. A flowery, acrid note lingers on the back of the tongue, and a diesel taste dances across your lips.


Have you ever had to bake eight dozen cupcakes for your niece’s seventh birthday party because she apparently invited most of the school, and you already said you would? Well, I have.

As one can imagine, it wasn’t the most exciting prospect. And, as usual, I put the task off until the morning of said party. Before I cracked any eggs or mixed any flour, I started off my day with Cinderella 99. Let’s see if this is as cerebral and energizing as others say, I thought. It was an excellent decision for daytime use.

What a rush! Cinderella 99 took about fifteen minutes to take full effect. When it did, I was impressed and nearly floored by the impact. I was standing in my kitchen at the time and had to physically ground myself with two hands on the laminate counter because of the intense rush. My thoughts flew by in a whirl, and I felt excited to get started baking (which I definitely had not before). The high THC content of this strain can create intense psychoactive effects and an amazing body high. It can feel quite like a fairy tale, just like it’s namesake.

A few friends have reported visual distortions with this strain, as well as some dry mouth and dry eyes. I am happy to report that none of my cooking utensils went wobbly while I was using them. That might have been because of the relatively low dose I chose. If you consume a higher dose, then it might be something to look out for.

One of the side effects of Cindy is an intensified appetite. I definitely munched on more than a few of the cupcakes while baking. If I turned up with seven dozen instead of eight, hey, she should have invited fewer people! It’s not my fault I’m such a good chef. If you’re not looking to eat a dozen sweet treats and still feel like you could go for more, Cinderella 99 might not be the strain for you. If you’re looking to boost your appetite, though, then boy is Cindy for you.

Others have reported that this strain increases anxiety levels because of its rushy, intense nature. I used a lower dose and didn’t experience this, but it seems to be a fairly common side effect. As always, those looking to use cannabis for treating mental illness should keep an attentive eye on THC levels, as higher THC levels can negatively impact mental symptoms. Some users have also used Cindy 99 as their medical marijuana strain of choice to help reduce migraines, body pains, and other common diseases whos effects can be subdued with the right weed.

Wrapping up on Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 comes from complex roots and is not always readily available at every dispensary. It delivers a rushy, cerebral high that lasts for around 90 minutes. Many use Cindy in order to stimulate appetite, relieve depression and chronic pain, and decrease inflammation. If you’re looking for a daytime strain that acts as an excellent energy booster, Cinderella 99 deserves a spot on your list.

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