Elixinol has been around since way before CBD became a household name. The company was founded in 1991 by Paul Benhaim and quickly became a top seller for their hemp-based snack bars, the ‘9bar.” Since then, Paul and the rest of the team have been advocates for the industrial hemp industry. They work with the best seed breeders, suppliers, growers, harvesters, and laboratories to maintain some of the highest quality hemp and CBD products on the market. Nearly three decades later they’ve expanded their product line to include everything from CBD oils to a full range of skincare products. It’s clear that their passion for CBD is a major driving factor within their company, hence their longevity and commitment to manufacturing cutting-edge products.

Source of Hemp

Elixinol sources their seeds from seed breeders and suppliers in both the US and Europe, but the oil that’s sold in the US comes exclusively from Colorado farms. They work with farmers from seed to sale in to ensure that every batch contains only the highest quality ingredients.

Their team also works closely with a group of medical professionals to conduct intensive research to develop unique formulas that give customers the most value for their money.

Taste and Flavors

Elixinol’s CBD oils and tinctures come in a variety of flavors including, grape mint, cinnamint and natural. Users love the fresh and cooling taste of mint variations to consume on their own, and the natural flavor to add to their favorite drinks and food. They also sell a water-soluble CBD powder in berries, citrus, and cocoa flavors.

Shopping Experience

Elixinol’s convenient website lays out everything you need to know about each product. They have a robust knowledge base that gives users information about their products and CBD use in general. We love that they offer free shipping and make it a point to donate proceeds from their sales to several non-profit organizations that they’ve partnered with.

Range of Products

Elixinol’s current product line includes a variety of 100% organic hemp products such as CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules, hemp oil liposomes, water-soluble CBD powder, CBD topical balms, CBD oil oral applicators, and CBD dog treats.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

 Their CBD oil tinctures contain full-spectrum CBD oil full of healthy cannabinoids that help promote the entourage effect within their oils. The entourage effect is when certain cannabinoids are left within the oil during the extraction process that works together to create a more powerful CBD. The oils use organic coconut extract as the base, which adds a hint of coconut flavor to the blend.

Standard Elixinol tinctures come in two flavors — Natural and Cinnamint, and two potency options — 300mg for $29.99 and 3600mg for $249.99.

Elixinol also has a line of Respira Oils. The Respira Oils are a dietary supplement designed to be a versatile and multi-use product for people who want to incorporate CBD into their diet and supplement routine. It’s made from vegetable glycerine. The nice thing about the Respira oils is that they can be added to your food effortlessly and even work well in most CBD vape pens. They don’t contain any THC and come with the full range of terpenes and cannabinoids as their full-spectrum oil.

Elixinol Respira Hemp Oils come in the natural flavor and Grape Mint and are available in a 300mg options for $39.99 and a 600mg bottle for $74.99.

Elixinol CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a convenient way to get CBD if you’re not a fan of consuming raw oil or adding it to your food. Capsules allow you to quickly get the same exact dose every time, even when you’re on the go. Like the hemp oils, Elixinol CBD capsules are made from organic hemp and contain full-spectrum CBD oil. Elixinol CBD capsules contain 30 capsules per bottle, and you can choose from a 450mg bottle for $44.99 or a 900mg bottle for $79.99.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes

Elixinol is one of the few CBD brands that we’ve seen to offer CBD oil liposomes. Liposomes are specially designed to get oil into your body faster, so there’s less downtime before you feel the effects of CBD. Liposomes carry the hemp oil and make sure it passes through your body’s membranes more efficiently than standard oil. The liposomes can be taken directly under your tongue as a spray or, if you don’t like the taste of its own, can be mixed with water and consumed as a drink. Elixinol’s liposomes come in easy to use pumps and are all infused with natural flavors and Stevia extract to create a sweeter taste than standard CBD oil.

You can choose from two potencies- 300mg for $59.99 and 1,000mg for $129.00

Elixinol CBD Oil X-Pen Oral Applicator

Another unique product is Elixinol’s X-Pen oral applicator. This syringe-like product lets you get an ultra-precise serving of CBD oil from a vacuum-sealed dispenser. Each pan contains 1000mg of CBD oil that’s taken in one serving for users who want a powerful dose of CBD, with no mess and no fuss. You can consume the entire pen at once or go for 15mg increments. It’s intuitive design lets you know you’re getting 15mg with every click of the pen. The pen features a twist-lock to prevent unwanted spills and a removable, hygienic tip that can be washed between each use. A single, 1000mg X-Pen costs $129.99

Elixinol CBD Topicals

Like many CBD brands, Elixinol now offers a line of CBD topicals and skin treatments to help moisturize your skin and manage localized pain. Their CBD hemp balm is designed to promote skin health by increasing moisture from within. You can choose from their standard hemp balm which contains 125mg of CBD and the extra strength hemp balm which contains 250mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. They also sell a CBD infused Lip Balm specifically made to moisturize and heal dry or chapped lips.

In addition to their CBD topicals, they also have a separate brand, SATIVA™ Hemp Skincare. SATIVA™ is their luxury skincare brand featuring vegan products that are made from 100% hemp and only sustainably sourced ingredients. The line currently includes lip balm, cleanser, moisturizer, serum, shampoo, deodorant, body wash and more. Despite being a luxury brand, the products are moderately priced and cost between $15 and $45.

Elixinol Edibles

Elixinol doesn’t sell any edibles that contain CBD. However, they do produce Hemp seeds and Hemp protein powder. While these products don’t contain CBD, hemp is still very healthy and contains beneficial nutrients that are a great source of protein and omega fatty acids. Their 8oz bag of Hemp Seeds is perfect for cooking with, and 30g contains 10g of plant-based protein. One 18oz pack of Hemp Seeds cost $14.99. They also sell 16oz bags of Hemp Protein. These protein powders are vegan and can be a great addition to shakes and smoothies. One 16oz bag costs $19.99.

Elixinol Dog Treats

The Elixinol Edibites dog treats are a line of CBD-infused pet products made specifically for dogs. They are formulated and approved by professional veterinary chefs and contain between 1 and 1.5mg of CBD per treat. You can choose from standard CBD dog treats for $23.99 and treats specifically for larger breeds for $34.99.

Lab Testing

All of Elixinol’s CBD goes through pharmaceutical-grade testing using advanced HPLC equipment to analyze and guarantee accurate results. Their in-depth testing process lets them detect heavy metals, pesticides, and if plants have been composted to microbiological contamination.

To confirm that the products are as rigorously tested as they claim, customers can check the lab results of each batch of product they purchase on their website. They make it easy to track the product and source of any specific batch. Additionally, you can find published certificates of all of their products complete lab test results on their product pages.


  • Product Sourcing – Elixinol goes above and beyond when sourcing the hemp for their products. Even though they have an international presence, they source their hemp from local distributors near the area they are serving. This allows them to keep their standards high and always provide a high-quality product.
  • Unique products – You can find CBD oils, capsules, and topicals quite regularly these days. But it’s not every day that you see water-soluble CBD powder or oral applicators. We love that they’ve created such a diverse product line that caters to different people’s needs.
  • Quality for the cost – Considering the quality of the hemp and the thoroughness of their sourcing process, Elixinol has affordable products that give options to a wide range of CBD users. They also offer coupon codes and regularly hold promotions for specific products.
  • Free Shipping and return policy – If you’re not happy with your product within 30 days, Elixinol will give you a full refund on your purchase. They also offer free ground shipping for US orders and some international orders as well.
  • Customer Service – Elixinol has a dedicated customer service team that responds to all inquiries and questions promptly. They also do a great job at educating consumers before they purchase with their company blog and FAQ section on their website.


  • Shipping times – Customers have reported that it takes up to five business days for Elixinol to process their orders. Then the processing time is followed by 2-4 days for shipping. While it’s not that long to wait, if you want to receive your CBD more urgently, you might choose a brand with a quicker shipping schedule.
  • Lab Testing Processes- Elixinol uses an internal team for parts of its lab testing process. Most CBD brands rely exclusively on third-party las to ensure transparency. Despite the in-house methods, Elixinol is still transparent about their results and provide its customers with information about what goes into all of their products.

Final Thoughts on Elixinol CBD

Elixinol is a seasoned competitor who is truly an expert when it comes to CBD. They’ve been in the game long enough to know how to make CBD the right way. From how to source the best hemp, to using the best extraction processes, they know how to create high-quality products that people keep coming back for. They sell some of the most unique CBD products we have seen and cater to people in every step of their CBD journey. It’s clear that they put a lot of effort into developing products that make people’s lives better,

They are also committed to giving back to the community that has supported them for so long. We love that they have give-back programs and partner with non-profit organizations to make social good a cornerstone of their business. We have no problem recommending Elixinol as a high-quality CBD provider. They stand behind their mission and keep their customer’s needs in mind with everything that they do.

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