The FAB CBD brand came to life in 2017 to create products that the everyday person would feel comfortable using. In a time where cannabidiol (CBD) is growing rapidly, there are still many questions and taboos around the CBD industry as a whole. FAB aims to tackle those issues by creating a product line that every generation can feel comfortable using without stigma. Ultimately, they want people to incorporate FAB CBD products into a preventative wellness routine that will result in a better and more well-balanced lifestyle.

In addition to creating simple, no-BS products, FAB regularly partners with amazing causes such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation and is very active in giving back to their community.


FAB formulates all of its products with a particular intent and purpose. They don’t include ingredients that don’t serve a specific purpose within their products. All of FAB CBD’s products are made using hemp extract made from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado. Their products contain zero pesticides and no THC.

They use an CO2 extraction method that helps the plants retain their natural terpenes to create full spectrum CBD oils and topicals. They use state of the art equipment to guarantee the safest and most high-quality products possible. All of their edibles, such as their FAB CBD chews, are THC free so users can rest easy knowing that they are using products that meet federal standards and regulations.

Shopping Experience

The company website is very modern and easy to navigate, making it a new CBD user’s dream to use. They also offer tons of educational resources and recommendations on which CBD types are best for different users.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products to encourage anyone to try their products as a great first introduction to CBD. To make a return, you have to notify them within 30 days of your purchase to get a full refund.

FAB offers standard shipping to anywhere in the US, and customers report receiving their products within 5 business days of ordering, making them a quick and speedy option for people who want their CBD in less time. US shoppers can get free shipping on orders of $89 or more. They also ship internationally, although due to customs regulations in different countries, they can’t guarantee a specific delivery window on international orders.

The brand is also known for having great and responsive customer service, and are always available for questions at

Range of products

FAB CBD review

We love that FAB CBD has a healthy range of hemp products that are diverse enough to appeal to many different people’s needs. Their current product lineup includes CBD oil and drops, CBD gummies, CBD topicals and balms, CBD vape products, CBD dog treats, and vegan superfoods. Let’s talk a little more about each specific product.

FAB CBD Oil Drops

All of their Premium CBD oil tinctures are made using full-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp from Colorado farms. They recommend their CBD oils for users who want to reduce inflammation, pain, and better sleeping cycles and manage everyday stress. Their CBD oils come in 5 different flavors: Citrus, Mint, Berry, Vanilla and Natural Flavor. Each of these flavors is available in 4 strengths: 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, 2400 mg. What’s great about using CBD drops is no matter what potency you get, you can control the amount of CBD you are consuming with the easy-to-use dropper.

FAB CBD Gummies

FAB CBD sells a full line of vegan, organic CBD gummies. All of the gummies are 100% THC-free, non-GMO, and made with all organic ingredients. Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD, and each jar contains an assortment of fruit flavor. These gummies are ideal for regulating sleep cycles and creating calm and focused energy throughout the day.

FAB CBD Topical Cream

If you’re looking to target muscle and centralized pain specifically, then the FAB CBD topicals are a great pick. Not only do they contain vital ingredients to reduce pain, inflammation, and skin irritation, they’re formulated with aloe vera to be incredibly nourishing and hydrating for any skin type. The topical CBD cream comes in a 600mg jar and can provide months of relief. The cream lightly scented with blood orange for a pleasant citrus-y experience when applying.

FAB CBD Vape Pen

Some CBD users prefer to use the vaping method rather than ingesting their CBD. If you’re one of these people, then FAB CBD makes a full disposable CBD vape pen that is ready to use right out the box. Each pen contains at least 250 servings of CBD and other potent cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and CBC. They have zero flavoring or additives, making them a very pure and no-frills way to consume CBD.

FAB CBD Dog Treats

FAB CBD’s crunchy dog treats are CBD perfect for anxious or hyperactive dogs that need a little hemp feeling calm. They are made without corn, wheat, soy, or dairy, making them a healthy snack for your dog. These treats are THC free and contain the same high-quality CBD that they are in their human-CBD products. You can choose from three flavors that your dog will love, including chicken, salmon, and peanut butter apple.

FAB CBD Green Superfoods

FAB is one of the only brands we’ve seen selling vegan superfoods as part of their CBD product line. While this product doesn’t contain any hemp or CBD, they recommend using it to help your body get better at absorbing the CBD products you use. Each scoop of the powder has a blend of over 90 nutrients that help you eliminate harmful toxins and promote overall wellness in your body. These powders are all vegan, gluten-free, and KETO friendly.

Third-Party Lab Testing

All of FAB CBDs products are lab testing at ProVerde Laboratories, a respected name in CBD third-party lab testing. The lab provides them with analytical consulting on their products. It makes sure that all of their products are meeting federal regulations and maintaining a high standard of quality.

You can find a comprehensive list of lab tests for each of their products directly on their website. We appreciate when CBD companies openly share these lab reports and love to see where our products are coming from and how they tested in comparison to others.


  • The diverse product line – They have CBD products for every type of person and cater to the needs of many different kinds of people.
  • Vegan options – We love that their CBD edibles are vegan and cruelty-free, considering most gummies contain gelatin and other non-vegan ingredients.
  • High-quality products – We always have to commend brands that source their CBD on local farms and pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients and materials they use to formulate their products.


  • Limited potencies – While their hemp oils come in higher strengths, many of their other products, like the gummies, are only available in one potency, which can result in using up your product quicker if you’re looking for a higher dose.
  • Only full-spectrum products – FAB CBD only sells full-spectrum CBD products, which is excellent but full-spectrum products can contain trace amounts of THC in some cases.

Final Thoughts

Besides being a reliable brand, with a wide range of products and a high-quality control level, we also love how involved FAB CBD is with their community. Their commitment to giving back and paying attention to those in need gives them a competitive edge in terms of branding and customer care. They have a generous return policy and pay attention to what their customers need. Their 30-day money-back guarantee makes them an excellent choice for someone who wants to try CBD for the first time in a risk-free way.

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