A lot of indoor growers are forsaking their HIDs lights and switching to more energy-efficient LED options available. Unfortunately, with LED grow lights, many of them are high quality based on their LED diodes alone. Unlike the HID options from 5 or 10 years ago, no “best” option will fit everyone.

Instead, you have to hunt down the LED lights that best suit your needs and your budget. LED grow lights are quickly increasing in price because of their features, long lifespan, and energy efficiency. LED grow light systems also offer an increase in sterilization which is great for humid climates.

The Galaxy Hydro LED systems are known for their long-lasting LED grow lights and are full of features. The features aren’t always necessary, but many professional growers find them useful. However new growers find them overly complicated. Here’s our LED grow light review of the Roleadro LED grow light systems.

Best Features

The bestseller Roleadro GalaxyHydro series of features on their systems to lure people in. The best, without doubt, is the dimmer switch which allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. They are perfect indoor plant grow lights.

GalaxyHydro LED’s affordable options offer 1 or 2 dimming options, but their higher end models offer a variety of levels to simulate the light of a day. From sunrise to sunset, the concept here is that simulating the suns natural motions through the sky will lead to better yields and happier indoor plants growth.

The gradual changes you can achieve through the GalaxyHydro LED top lines can simulate not only a daylight feel but also changes of the seasons. This replication allows a gradual change in spectrum levels and your plants will respond accordingly. It features efficient heat dissipation using aluminum heat sinks.

Many GalaxyHydro LED comes with a one-switch feature that enables growers to use the plant light easily in grow tents, grow rooms and indoor gardens. Like all Roleadro products, it comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee


The GalaxyHydro LED has 8 light bands, but they offer a spectrum that includes red and blue light, white light as well as infrared and ultraviolet. This spectrum combination helps your indoor plants through all the plant growth cycle.

The spectrum quality is best explained by acknowledging which LEDs the GalaxyHydro uses. Because GalaxyHydro LED uses EpiLED lighting with 3-wattage diodes and LED chips, the spectrum shines with less interference than the lights that use regular LEDs. The light from GalaxyHydro LED diffuse easily. It comes with 165W of actual power.

Other Features

Many growers in humid environments prefer to have extraordinarily sterile lights. The GalaxyHydro LED uses a series of ultraviolet and red light spectrums which help sterilize the environment. They also have veg/flowering switches promote your plants to grow through the vegetative and flowering stages.

Unlike many other LED light systems, the Galaxy Hydro LEDs use only a professional mix of UV and infrared lighting. Some systems now are using too much UV and infrared causing plants to sunburn.

The light proportion is incredibly important, and the profession lighting mix you find in Roleadro LED systems is one of the best proportions you can find.

Cooling fans are another important feature available in all Roleadro LED systems. They keep the entire unit cool which helps the extend the lifespan of the unit as well.

GalaxyHydro 300W

This system is the first choice for many new growers using hydroponic systems. However, it doesn’t quite fit the bill for its price. You can pay slightly more for a much better product, or slightly lower for a very similar product.

The Galaxy Hydro 300 has 3 cooling systems, a dimmable switch, and full spectrum LED lighting. There’s nothing particularly special about this light given its size and price range.

GalaxyHydro 600W

The prize model of the Galaxy Hydro LEDs lower end, this system features a full spectrum grow lights while using 2 large fans that operate at high speeds to keep internal temperatures down.

The aluminum exterior keeps the system cool as wells. The primary feature that we find from the Galaxy Hydro LED is the UV sterilization. This model is great for beginners or hobbyists.


The Galaxy Hydro LEDs are outstanding lights for beginners and hobbyist. They’re designed with the needs of professionals in mind, but they don’t offer the size and intensity that professionals need. You can connect, or daisy-chain multiple units together. However, the daisy chaining comes with its issues

Many professionals desire a timed dimmer, not just a switch, and this shortcoming isn’t’ easily overlooked. The availability of different models from Galaxy Hydro LED is wonderful. However, the 2best selling models are for beginner growers. If you’re looking to choose between the Galaxy Hydro 300 and 600, you’ll get a better bang for your buck from the 600.

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