The Galaxyhydro 300W LED Grow Light is an ideal choice for beginner growers who are looking for a light to complement their indoor plants. Even people experienced at indoor growing rave about how affordable and easy to use this LED grow light is compared to its competitors.

The very first thing that you should note about this LED grow light is the price tag. It is a cheap alternative for those who want to do away with 150W rated HPS or HIDs.

You should not have hyperbolic expectations of this product, especially when talking about maximum coverage.

This is a good choice for someone with an indoor garden, grow tent or room of a small footprint. So, it is a good choice for boosting the growth cycle of a few plants at one go.

For those who are interested in a value LED grow light that performs, here is our Galaxyhydro series LED grow light review, highing the main reasons why you should consider Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W grow light.

Product Highlights

  • Measures 15.8 by 8.3 by 2.4 inches
  • Weighs 7.8 pounds
  • 100 pcs 3W Epiled LEDs
  • Draws 140W +/-5% at 120V
  • Features zener diode technology
  • Daisy chain connection

Product Review

Design and Durability

It features a heavy-duty design that is made of fire-resistant housing. At the back of the unit, you have an on/off switch, power outlet, daisy connection outlet, and three bass cooling fans.

The premium design features upgraded heat sinks, which in combination with the high speed bass fans, they deliver superior cooling system, heat dissipation and optimal working temperatures at all time.

The professional design also adopts a hundred pieces of high-intensity Epiled LEDs rated at 3W. These LEDs are the most effective because they do not heat up easily like the 5W and 10W LEDs.

The zener diode technology used protects the individual LEDs. A burn out LED will not affect the performance of the rest.

Apart from having excellent heat insulation, the shell of this indoor plant grow light is also well-protected against dampness, rust, and corrosion.

This Galaxyhydro LED design also features dimmer technology. It has a dimmer located at the back of the unit, which allows you to conveniently adjust the brightness from 0 to 100 percent.

The dimmable light setting is a very resourceful feature because it allows you to control the brightness at different growth stages of your plants. You can optimize for veg and flowering stage when you need to.


The light delivers an optimal full spectrum with the following wavelengths: 470nm, UV 380-400nm, IR 730nm, white light, 650-660nm, 620-630nm, 610-615nm, 450-460nm, and 430-440nm.

Even though the full spectrum LED is not selectable, it has the most beneficial LED light that your plants desperately need.

The red light and blue light contained in this light spectrum will fast-track the plant growth of your plants and increase yields. While the UV light eliminates plant disease by killing bacteria.

PAR Output and Performance

This model has a higher PAR value and the superior ratio of light spectrum for your plants. PAR is very impressive.

At 12 inches, you have 716 μmol m−2 s−1, at 18 inches you have 312 μmol m−2 s−1, at 24 inches you have 223 μmol m−2 s−1, and at 36 inches you have 96 μmol m−2 s−1.

The excellent PAR value ensures that your plants maximize LED light absorption, and increase plant canopy penetration by 20 percent.

The superior PAR value will bring your seedlings to life in a matter of days.

Pros and Cons


  • Dimmer design allows you to adjust brightness for growth stages
  • Optimal full spectrum is ideal for all growth stages
  • 3W Epiled LEDs produces 25% additional nutrients for your plants
  • Zener diode technology protect functioning LEDs from the dead ones
  • Daisy chain outlet allows you to connect four to five units
  • On/off switch eliminates the need for a timer
  • Energy saving wattage draws about 140 watts from the wall socket for optimal power consumption
  • Works with hydroponic systems


  • Spectrum is not selectable
  • Has a small footprint

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