Grand Daddy Purple Strain Review

If Blue Dream is a reliable pair of tennis shoes, Grand Daddy Purple is your granpappy on your mom’s side with a habit of cruising around town in an ancient, but well-maintained Ford truck. Everyone in town knows him, everyone adores him, and everyone has a story about the one-liner of wisdom he spouted the first time you met. He can be a little intense, but ultimately he’s a cool dude.

Grand Daddy Purple Origins and Profile

The likelihood you’ve come across GDP in whatever community you frequent is high. If we’re going by millennial years, its introduction in 2003 means it’s been around for basically forever. Ken Estes himself introduced it to the California cannabis scene as an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Both are classics in themselves, so it’s not terribly surprising that their little tyke grew up to be one too.

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An analysis by Steep Hill/Halent (an analytical service for distributors, producers, and regulators) reported that the THC content in GDP is between 17-23%. Additionally, it’s one of the heaviest indica strains (80%) with some milder Sativa influences (20%).

If you’ve had a convo longer than five minutes with your too-friendly neighborhood dealer or bearded and bespeckled dispensary owner, you’ll likely be at least vaguely familiar with the ‘Grand Daddy Purple and Grape Ape are the same thing!’ theory.

If you do encounter one of these ‘splainers, here are the responses I’ve found to be most effective: Ladies, smile vaguely, nod, and categorize your grocery list by alphabet, then color. Enbies, furrow your brow, nod, and think hard about what Hulu True Crime documentary you want to watch later. Dudes, say whatever you want. You’re dudes. It’ll be fine.

Appearance, texture, and smell

The nugs are thick (thicc, if I may), dense, feature royal deep purple buds, and covered with light, peachy/orangey pistils. A glittery, THC coating dusts the frosted white trichomes for an extremely photogenic look. The density is inherited from its parent, Big Bud, and the purple hues buds come from Purple Urkle. In short, it’s real purdy. It’s also super tacky, to the point that it requires a grinder to roll a high-value joint. No special instructions included for a bong hit other than patience (due to its sticky nature) and time.

I’ve been on a fruity kick lately, and Grand Daddy Purple did not disappoint. You get grapes (and a general fruity sweetness) on the inhale, with a pungent taste on the exhale.


Grand Daddy Purple is thoroughly psychotropic, and possesses excellent therapeutic/medicinal value. It’s usually listed as useful for chronic pain relief, muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety, and appetite. Personally, I can attest to its usefulness as an anti-anxiety.

It didn’t take long after the first inhale for a wave of happy to hit me. Shortly after that came a deep, sleepy, spacey comfort. Based on my experience, it’s definitely not a marijuana strain I would recommend for someone trying to avoid the munchies. I may or may not have demolished an entire box of Nutter Butters in an embarrassingly short amount of time because of Grand Daddy Purple. Delicious, but a little much. If you’re looking to boost your appetite though, I recommend checking GDP out.

A lot of reviewers and sites mention its effectiveness for insomnia; I can absolutely see how it’d be useful for lulling the user into a contented doze. I’ll be dipping my toe into Grandaddy Purps in (checks my Pink Pad App) about a week when I get hit with the Shark-Week-No-Sleeps. This time however, I hit a little too early on a day when I had plans later on. Don’t be like me! (Or do, whatever). Indulge later in the day so you can fulfill the intense couchlock your body will urge want to sink into. Seriously, it was intense. I disregarded other reviewers’ reports of couchlock, and should not have. The world slows down on Grand Daddy Purple, so I’d personally avoid this cannabis strain if you have an activity filled day ahead.

Side Effects

There are a few common side effects of the Grand Daddy Purple strain you can be on the lookout for. I mentioned the munchies above. I also woke up with itchy, dry eyes that was easily fixed with the application of some eye drops. Though I didn’t experience cottonmouth, dry mouth is another common experience reported by users. Additionally, I didn’t notice any accompanying paranoia at all, which is great because it’s one of my ultimate pet peeves.

Final Thoughts

Since its introduction in 2003, the Grand Daddy Purple cannabis strain has maintained a steady level of popularity as a powerful indica with a loyal stoner fan base. It’s obvious why after digging into its classic Indica-dominant parents, and its reliably heady, heavy, happy experience. If you’re looking to chill out, boost your appetite, or put a damper on your anxiety, Grand Daddy Purple might just be the strain for you.

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