Green Roads is a CBD company known for its unique extraction process and dedication to helping customers find the right product. They want their customers to heal their body and mind through CBD use. They offer a wide range of full-spectrum CBD and CBD products including CBD oils, gummies, topicals, concentrates, teas and CBD products for pets.

Their site is an extensive resource to shop for their full-spectrum CBD products and learn more about how each CBD product can affect you. Green Roads is a relatively well known CBD company and you can buy Green Roads CBD nearly every major dispensary around the country, as well as online.

Their main goal that fuels everything they do is to be able to offer a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and dangerous, addictive prescription painkillers. All of their products are natural and don’t contain any metals, pesticides, solvents, or harmful chemicals.

Brand Overview

After launching in Florida in 2012 and quickly rising to the top of the CBD industry, Green Roads expanded its product line and has sold over 1M CBD products to clients all over the world. Their reputation remains in high standing because they believe in honesty and transparency within their brand. They follow a very unique and stringent extraction process and rigorous lab testing to maintain the quality of their products. Their products are all formulated by a licensed pharmacist. Their website is very transparent about what CBD can and can’t treat. They make sure that their clients are always informed and understand their options when it comes to the CBD products they use.

What’s their process

While there are dozens of ways to manufacture CBD oil, there isn’t a specific standard that every brand in the industry is required to follow. Most CBD brands use the CO2 extraction method, which guarantees pure and natural oil. Green Roads takes its process a step further by developing a state of the art extraction process. Their process is much more difficult to obtain, but when done right, allows them to extract even more CBD from the plant. This makes sure their oil is as pure as possible. To master this process takes a lot of practice and skill since it is a very sophisticated and advanced method of extraction. The extra time and care they put into their method results in some of the purest and potent CBD we have seen.

Like the majority of the brands we review, Green Roads uses certified organically grown hemp free of solvents, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. They don’t disclose the exact farms their hemp comes from, and there is speculation as to whether it comes from Colorado or Europe. Regardless of the source, Green Roads is transparent enough with their lab results that we don’t have to worry about the origin of their plant. We know they are natural and high-quality.

What about transparency

We know that every batch of Green Roads is safe and clean because they are very transparent about their lab testing process on their website. In addition to posting their lab results, each product has its own tab that lets you see the results for the oils used in that procure. Their lab testing is done by a state-licensed third-party lab that is trusted by many others in the industry.

What can I buy from Green Roads?

Green Roads has expanded their product line to include a wide range of CBD infused products including CBD oil, CBD terpenes, CBD Gummies, CBD capsules, CBD coffee and tea, CBD topicals and CBD concentrates.

Here’s a more in-depth look at some of their most popular and unique products:


Teir broad-spectrum CBD oils come in a range of potencies from 100mg – 1500mg. They recommend taking two doses daily by placing a few drops under your tongue. If you don’t want to commit to an entire bottle, you can purchase daily dose CBD packets. Daily Dose packets break up the amount you should take each day into a small and easy to use dropper, so you always get the right dosage. Depending on the size of the bottle and the potency, their CBD oil can cost anywhere from $27-$209.

CBD Gummies

Their collection of award-winning CBD gummies includes Relax Gummy Bears, sugar-free Relief Toads, extra-large Froggies, and other fun and unique shapes and flavors of their signature Fruit Bites. Their SleepyZ’s combine CBD with melatonin to promote an extra restful night of sleep. Their Terp Toads are a blend of CBD enhanced with terpene oil to give the CBD an extra kick. The terpenes provide the gummies with an extra boost of aroma and flavor compared to other CBD gummies. The gummies range in price from $19-$49.

CBD Topicals

Green Roads CBD topical and relief cream use additional ingredients to support skin wellness, making them some of the most effective on the market. THeir CBD cream comes in two strengths 150mg and 300mg and is available as menthol-infused soothing blends or skin relief blends which contain vitamin E to reduce inflammation. They also offer CBD infused roll on balms for joint pain and muscle pain relief. The roll-ons include fast-acting heat technology to soothe sore muscles and pain instantly. The price of their CBD topicals ranges from $39.99-84.99.

CBD Terpenes

IF you’re put off by the taste of regular CBD oil, you can try their CBD terpenes.

Terpenes are the natural compounds that enhance the aroma of fruits, flowers, and herbs. Their CBD terpenes essentially combine their broad spectrum CBD oil with natural terpenes. Green Roads CBD Terpenes come in tasty flavors like strawberry, blueberry and more. Terpenes are also known for creating an “entourage effect” in your body that helps process CBD more easily. Each bottle of terpenes is 100mg and cost $37.99 per bottle. The terpenes are also available in daily dose packets.

More to love about Green Roads


You never have to worry about quality with Green Roads products. They always use pharmaceutical grade 99% pure, broad-spectrum CBD oil from organic hemp plants. They are one of the top manufacturers in the country because of their unique and stringent extraction process. They also work with top pharmacists to formulate their oil.


Nothing of such quality is going to be “cheap,” but for the quality of their oil, Green Roads is relatively affordable. They give users different size options to reduce the price of their products. They also offer Daily Dose packets that give you the exact do you need for every day. They also regularly offer discounts and bundles on their products to make them more accessible to people who can’t typically afford them. When you consider the level of quality you are getting, the price of Green Roads CBD oil is pretty competitive compared to other brands on the market. You will definitely get what you pay for.

Customer experience

Green Roads is extremely flexible to meet their customer’s needs. In addition to the promotions they regularly run discounting their products, they have quick customer service to answer all of your questions. They also offer military and first responder discounts.

Green Roads ships to all 50 states, however, they do not offer free shipping to all states. They do have an option for rush delivery. All of their products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee for new and unopened products.

Final Thoughts

Green Roads provides some of the purest and best quality CBD oil products we have seen. They are a leader in the industry in terms of their extraction process and dedication to quality. They regularly add to their product line and seem to care a great deal about their customer’s satisfaction and well being.

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