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Welcome another edition of The Full Spectrum Daily, where I share all the news and insights that will help you become a better cannabusiness owner.

Here’s what you’ll find in today’s edition:

  • The endless ‘indica/sativa isn’t an accurate label’ debate
  • A cannabis loyalty program that’s straight killing it
  • Quick hite

Indica and Sativa Labels Don’t Accurately Encompass The Entirety of Chemical Compounds In Cannabis Plants

People love to report on this fact.

Huge discussions happen at Reddit and other communities about how Indica and Sativa are just meaningless labels.

Yeah, they are technically more art than science. But guess what: consumers don’t care.

Both Indica and Sativa are shorthand for a desired effect–an effect that’s basically the result of the combination of terpene in a particular strain (another abused term, in these same discussions), as well as particular combinations of cannabinoids.

To help visualize just how popular the terms “indica” and “sativa” are, I looked at some keyword research data from, that estimates the number of times a particular word or phrase is searched in Google. Here’s what such a search showed:

indica sativa

Between 188k – 418 searches per month, combined.

With that kind of momentum, and with such a strong consumer understanding of those terms–the indica/sativa thing is not going away any time soon.

Neither are strain names.

The best we, as an industry, can hope for, is that people come to understand that there’s a huge amount of variance among strains claiming to be indica/sativa/hybrid, and the effect they’ll get from them.

Canna Cabana’s Loyalty Program Surpasses 500k Signs-ups

canna cabana club

People love a good deal.

Canna Cabana, one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies recently announced that their loyalty program has 515,000 members.

An impressive number!

Even more impressive: they signed up just under 250k when they launched the program.

Ever MORE extra impressive: that was just seven months ago.

Curious what the loyalty program entails?

I was too! Here’s the summary:

  • member pricing
  • discounts on accessories
  • price matching
  • new product notifications
  • exclusive giveaways

The takeaway from this: people love to save a buck. Give them a way to feel like VIPs and everybody wins.

Quick Hits

Nipsey Hustle’s estate just released The Marathon (Cultivation), which looks at the late rapper’s journey in starting a cannabis business and creating a new strain.

That’s it for Monday, May 23, 2022’s Full Spectrum Daily.

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