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Head of Sales and Marketing

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the leading THC- and CBD-infused edibles brands

About Stillwater:

Stillwater Brands was founded in 2015, when our Michigan-native co-founder’s grandmother asked him to get her a pot brownie. Realizing that grandma cared more about feeling better than getting stoned, we set out to develop functional cannabinoid-infused food and beverage products that delivered consistent and predictable cannabis experiences. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Today, Stillwater sells some of the leading THC- and CBD-infused edibles brands in Colorado under the Ripple brand name, including Ripple Dissolvables, Ripple Gummy Supplements, and Ripple QuickSticks — and now we’re bringing those products to Michigan!

About the job:

Do you love developing a coherent sales and marketing strategy and getting your hands dirty executing it? Are you excited at the idea of taking a great product set and growing it from zero stores to hundreds? Do you take pride in “manufacturing” sales by delivering the right messages to the right customers at the right cadence? Do you understand how marketing to consumers differs from marketing to budtenders differs from marketing to buyers? Then this could be the position for you.

This position requires a rare mix of sales enthusiasm, trade marketing acumen, business sense, and the ability to define, recruit, and manage a team of sales and trade marketing professionals. It’s best suited to an organized go-getter who gets a charge out of phone calls, sales calls, and getting out in the field. We recognize that certain things are outside of your control — e.g., regulations — so we will judge you on what is within your control, specifically, the systems and processes you build and your ability to leverage them to ever greater effect. The successful candidate will be likable, thoughtful, and unrelenting without being pushy. Above all, they will embody and represent our company values of responsibility, maturity, and honesty.

Here would be some of your initial responsibilities:

  • Gain a deep understanding of our Ripple products, their value propositions, and their technical differentiators
  • Learn our existing sales and trade marketing tools and processes in Colorado and adapt our playbook for Michigan
  • Analyze the Michigan market and develop a Ripple product launch strategy to guide our market entry
  • Act as the initial sales professional for Stillwater Brands Michigan to establish dispensary partner relationships and “pre-sell” our products in for launch
  • Hire and train your teams to gain significant distribution for all product lines within the first 3 months of market entry
  • Implement rigorous tracking of all sales and marketing activities while also collecting dispensary partner and customer feedback so you can continuously learn, improve, systematize, teach, and advance your teams’ activities
  • Continue to expand points of distribution and increase same-store velocities to drive healthy and sustainable revenue growth.

What we’ll love about you:

  • Sales and marketing acumen. You have a theory of sales and marketing that goes far beyond, “well, that worked last time!” You know the difference between commodity and differentiated products, and you have ideas on how to market the latter in an environment full of the former. You care deeply about customer feedback and performance metrics because you believe that the best marketing is the most effective marketing. When you look at our brand, your mind lights up with ideas on how to improve it, but your enthusiasm is tempered by the voice reminding you that the best brand is the one that sells.
  • Ambition and energy. You are your own harshest critic. The goals you set for yourself typically exceed those others would set for you. You tend to start projects early and work until they’re complete. You often do extra work or research, not for the kudos, but for the learning. Perseverance is also a pattern within your life, recognizing that first attempts, even when they don’t pan out, are worthwhile for their learnings. You don’t get discouraged by failure, but you always make a point to learn from it.
  • A love for process. We are a systems-oriented company. If you are good at your job, two things will be true: first, you could walk away at any time and everything you’ve built will keep running at pace; and second, we would do anything to keep you from leaving because we can’t wait to see what you’ll build next. The more quickly you make yourself redundant to the business systems you create, the more excited we’ll be to keep you around.
  • Curiosity and adaptability. We are a young, growing company and our people wear many hats; you are always happy to lend a hand and learn something new.
  • Communication. You know how to get everyone on the same page whether you’re creating the household shopping list or coordinating across functions to land a big customer. You listen carefully to feedback from everyone you work with and adapt your methods as needed.
  • Organization. You get weirdly excited by great documentation, but it’s only weird if you don’t embrace it.
  • Support. You care deeply about your customers and co-workers and are always looking for ways to help them succeed.
  • Reliability. “Going dark” is for other people. When you say you’ll get back to someone, you do it on time and without typos.
  • Proactiveness. You define and execute your duties without constant oversight because you’re comfortable figuring things out on the fly. You value guidance, but even more you relish the opportunity to take direction and run with it.
  • Ethics. You value doing things the “right” way. You believe that shortcuts never are.
  • A willingness to say “no”. This is not a company for “yes” people. We face new and evolving constraints every day, and the only way to stay sane is to recognize those constraints and say “no” when appropriate. We’re in this for the long term, and we would rather underpromise and overdeliver than the converse.

What you’ll love about us:

  • We are a company, not a cult. We expect you to put in an honest day’s work and then go home to your family. Fire drills are the exception, not the norm
  • We are a team of competent, motivated, diverse, and decent adults
  • We offer competitive compensation, 100% paid health benefits, and a fun, relaxed office environment.
  • We are a workplace of adults who value reasoned debate over political maneuvering. We try to do the right thing and, more importantly, we try to identify and admit when we don’t
  • We offer flexible PTO for all full-time employees. We too value health, relaxation, and spending time with friends and family
  • For more details on the culture we foster, visit:


  • Previous sales and marketing leadership roles in established CPG and/or Michigan cannabis industry companies.
  • Demonstrated ability to attract and close new business accounts in previous roles.
  • Experience in the creative marketing and promotional process that accelerates new product adoption in an existing marketplace.
  • Mentoring and leadership capabilities.
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends when necessary. That said, we consider fire drills to be better evidence of bad process than good effort.
  • Ability to multi-task within a rapidly evolving industry.
  • 10+ years of related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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