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Here’s what you’ll be reading about in today’s newsletter:

  • Sales volume of New Jersey’s infant recreational market are impressive
  • Rhode Island on the way to legalizing recreational marijuana
  • Instagram influencers are changing the image of cannabis consumers
  • Quick Hits

The New Jersey Recreational Market is Off to a BIG Start

NJ Cannabis Sales

Cannabis has only been recreationally available for ONE MONTH in New Jersey.

At a meeting on May 24th, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Committee reported that in its first month of recreational cannabis sales (April 21st – May 21st), stores did $24.2 million in revenue across 212.4k transactions.

If you’re wondering, that’s an average purchase of $113.92

I expect these numbers to rise significantly once more dispensaries open, and shopping becomes easier and more accessible.

Rhode Island Has Joined The Club

rhode island

On Tuesday (yesterday!), the Rhode Island general assembly voted to legalize recreational cannabis.

This makes Rhode Island the 19th state to do so, and one of the last holdouts in New England to legalize recreational cannabis.

Here’s the plan (once the governor signs it into law):

  • Recreational sales start on Dec 1st
  • The state’s three (!) medical dispensaries will convert to hybrid and be the first place recreational sales will happen
  • Six medical dispensaries recently awarded a license from a lottery will also join in offering recreational cannabis.
  • Criminal records will be expunged
  • The bill will put social equity programs in place
  • Cannabis sales will be taxed at 20%

A Study Was Published About How Cannabis Legalization Has Influenced Canna Marketing on Instagram

canna insta

But I can’t read it as a direct source because the scientific journal situation in this country is an absolute scam that locks away valuable research behind a paywall where the only party that profits is the journal itself, not the scientists that did the research, not the peer reviewers, not educational institutions, and never the public.

According to a write up in Forbes, here’s the good stuff:

  • Influencers on Instagram and changing traditional stereotypes
  • Where men used to dominate, cannabis is represented positively as an accessory “in certain feminine lifestyles”
  • Since the big tech companies prohibit canna advertising, influencers represent a grey area of not-directly-advertising

And this seems to summarize the main point of the research: According to the study, while cannabis dealers on Instagram enforce the stereotypes about subculture, masculinity, and risky transactions, cannabis influencers present cannabis and related products as natural and safe for anyone attracted to the influencers’ lifestyle. In particular, researchers noted that female cannabis influencers represent themselves in a very traditionally feminine way, showing women’s bodies as feminine, fashionable, and sexual. But at the same time, they actively enjoy “getting stoned” and recommend this to other women.

Quick Hits

Cannabis regulators in Oklahoma recall 99 products and suspend a lab’s license after it gave a passing score to samples that contained yeast, mold, aspergillus, salmonella, and e. coli

A bill in Louisiana that passed the house committee with a unanimous vote will allow state employees to consume medical cannabis. The bill still has a way to go, but it’s nice to see Louisiana on the right path in regards to taking care of cannabis patients.

That’s it for today’s Full Spectrum Daily.

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