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OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It typically takes just over 50 days to flower, and typically has > 20% THC content with almost no CBD. Effects from consuming OG Kush leaves the patient feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed.

OG Kush parents: chemdog and Old World Paki Kush OR Lemon Thai

Whether you’re a connoisseur, a novice, or entirely uninterested in all things cannabis, you’ve likely heard of OG Kush. It’s been name dropped in movies, by celebrities, and that Facebook friend you swear you unfriended after she started inviting you to multi-level marketing makeup parties. It’s everywhere.

Everyone Loves a Good Mystery

OG Kush Strain

The origin of OG Kush is uncertain. But don’t worry – where truth fears to tread, myth saunters in confident and smirking. My favorite theory goes like this: it was a Chemdog transplant from Gainsville, Florida to California by a mysterious John Doe grower. He bred his clone with a cross of Old World Paki Kush and Lemon Thai. Years later, it exploded in popularity. One night, Doe was handed a bowl that the giver claimed to be Mountain Grown. Doe took a puff, promptly realized it was his very own breed, and declared it Ocean Grown, hence the OG.

Or that could be a weed induced fairy tale, and OG really stands for Original Gangster – a call back to its Chemdog origins or possibly the rap scene at the time. Or, maybe, OG means Outdoor Grown. How about Organically Grown if you’re on a health kick? There’s also the possibility that all of that is wrong and the simplest explanation – that it’s a shortening of Original – is correct.

People aren’t even entirely sure that it’s an Indica. Typically it tests in with a 55% sativa and 45% indica profile. Most sites will tell you that it is an Indica, and list a family tree of Chemdog x Old World Paki Kush/Lemon Thai as evidence. If you’re feeling up to it, you might debate that it’s a Sativa dominant hybrid, or even a pure Sativa strain. My advice would be to stay out of the Ouroboros debate all together. There’s no proving it either way, so why not just enjoy the experience? And let me tell you, it’s a hell of one.


Experience, Experience, Location

If you’re aware of OG Kush’s wild popularity and, at times, bonkers selling price ($30 per gram and $80 per eighth), and above average yield, you might be considering growing some yourself. If I were you, I’d hold off making that commitment until you read below.

OG Kush is notoriously rife with potential roadblocks, and therefore very difficult to grow. Mites, powdery mildew, and a host of other diseases love this strain almost as much as consumers. Unless your environment is exceptionally controlled, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have insect and disease issues.

Because of this, growing indoors is preferable. Hydroponics get the job done, but you can also try other growing methods. Outdoors growing is not advisable. Firstly, because it’s extremely difficult to control your growing environment when outdoors. Secondly, OG Kush really only flourishes in one climate – that of Southern California. So, unless you have long stretches of full sun, a tropical climate, and plenty of water, you’re not going to have a fun time.

If you’ve been bitten by the growing bug and still want to try, I’d suggest looking into strains like Blue Dream that are easier to grow.

OG Kush: Dank as Hell (and pretty to boot).

photos of OG Kush strain bud

OG Kush has a dark, woodsy aroma that hits the spot with the flannel-clad, hiking hipster hidden within me. If you’ve ever been in an old growth forest where there’s as much deteriorating debris on the ground as living matter above you, you know the smell. Woodsy, earthy, and all around gorgeous. Additionally, its flavor has hints of citrus with a tang of spice that lingers on the back of your tongue. The whole scent and flavor profile is all-around interesting, and generally delicious.

OG Kush is fairly sticky (though not as tacky as other strains such as Grand Daddy Purp) and is covered in glistening crystalline trichomes. If you walked up to some random in the produce department of your local grocery store and asked them to picture weed, an image close to OG Kush is likely what they’d conjure.

OG Kush Effects Review: A Pleasant Punch in the Face.

If you’ve read about my journey with GDP, you know that I’m not what one would call a planner. With GDP, I made the mistake of not doing adequate research on the intense, sleepy effects of GDP, and ended up with a day full of plans on my hands.

Not this time, Satan!

This time, I picked a day when I didn’t have anything going on to try the famed, OG Kush. This was, easily, the right choice. Consumers of OG Kush tend to describe the effects of the strain as intense, or as a hard, mixed high. Let me tell you, they’re not messing around. Even with a low dose edible, the 21-24% THC level smacked me right in the face with a burst of euphoria, followed by some serious couchlock. It was also a strongly uplifting and cerebral experience, with the citrus, piney flavor still lingering on my tongue.

The intensity would be ideal for those trying to treat chronic pain symptoms, as it tends to numb and relax. It’s also rather sedative and therefore encourages low movement. This also makes it ideal for treating insomnia. Take a late night hit and you’ll sleep like a non-colicky baby.

There are also a few negative side effects you can also be on the lookout for, just like with any strain. Since I used such a low dose, I didn’t experience any paranoia. If you’re looking to treat mental illness like me, lower doses or milder hits are generally recommended. Too much THC can make things worse, rather than better. Unless you want a head full of paranoia, pay attention to this when considering OG Kush. I didn’t notice any dry mouth or dry eyes either. However, other reviewers have mentioned both as side effects they’ve experienced.

Wrapping Up With OG

OG Kush has been lauded as a powerful night-time strain, that also eases anxiety, depression, migraines, and chronic pain. If you’re looking to experience a euphoric, and intensely powerful high from a strain with more mystery surrounding it than your favorite true crime podcast, OG Kush should be on your radar.

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OG Kush Strain Growing Video

OG Kush Seed Properties

Indica/Sativa/Hybrid75% Indica
Flowering Time56 days
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