At Premium Jane, they believe in the incredible effects of CBD to heal. Their mission to provide some of the purest, safest, and most effective CBD products in the industry. They want to educate and engage the CBD community about the natural medicinal properties of CBD.

Brand Overview

Premium Jane is a Los Angeles based company. They are an environmentally conscious organization that takes pride in their passion for the earth. They use a steady industrial hemp supply that supports their mission to the environment by contributing to minimizing waste and sourcing their hemp from quality partners.

They put in a lot of effort to explain the quality of their CBD products by providing a lot of information on their sourcing. Every one of their products is sourced from a controlled supply of industrial hemp. So they know where the hemp in each of their products comes from directly.

What’s their process?

All of Premium Janes CBD products are sourced from regulated and controlled industrial hemp supplies. Their hemp is always tested for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and fertilizers.

Among the things that make Premium Jane unique, all of their products are sourced from hemp grown in microclimates specific to the strain being used. This process guarantees the maximum amount of CBD oil extracted for that particular blend and product.

Their oil is extracted from the stalk, stems flowers and leaves of industrial Cannabis sativa L hemp strains. All of their plants are bred specifically on generational farms to contain high amounts of CBD and virtual no THC. All of their batches are tested for THC levels under 0.02% adhering to the federal guidelines that allow them to ship in all 50 states.

All of their products, including their oils, topicals, and edibles, provide the maximum effects of CBD without any of the psychoactive effects of THC.

What about transparency?

PRemium Jane offers all of their third-party lab testing results on her website. You can find the lab information for each specific product on their product pages on their website. If you think a report appears outdated, Premium Jane says to call or email them, and they will send you the most recent version.

What can I buy from Premium Jane?

Premium Jane sells CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, and CBD gummies. Let’s take a closer look at each of their products.

CBD Gummy Bears

Premium Jane sells flavored gummies for CBD users who want a fun and easy way to consume great-tasting CBD products. Each bottle of 100% organic CBD gummies contains 20 bears, each providing 25mg of CBD. The gummies have fruit flavors and contain small amounts of sugar. One bottle of 20 gummies costs $38.

CBD Oils

Premium Janes  CBD hemp oil comes is a full spectrum blend that in three flavors, including citrus, mint, and natural. They also come in three potencies, 300mg priced at $54, 600mg priced at $95, and 1000mg priced at $154.

Like all of their products, their oil is sourced from 100% organic Oregon hemp. The CBD tinctures and oils are all vegan and non-GMO. Since they are sourced from pure, natural hemp, sometimes the flavor is described as “earthy,” which is why they also offer mint and citrus flavors to take a bit of the edge off, taste wise. All of their flavorings are made from all natural citrus and mint extracts with no added preservatives or chemicals.

CBD Capsules & CBD Pills

Premium Janes CBD capsules are a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD as efficiently as possible. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD and is perfect for treating a wide range of ailments. One bottle of CBD capsules costs $83.

CBD Topicals

Applying Premium Jane CBD topicals to muscles and joints helps to relieve pain in specific areas of your body. The salve works on that specific part of your body and won’t cause the same mind/body benefits of taking CBD orally. Premium Jane goes into depth on their website about exactly how you use their salve for maximum effects. Premium Janes CBD topicals come in a 600 mg topical salve for $84, and1500mg cocoa butter solution for $129.

More to love about Premium Jane


Premium Jane stands by their dedication to the environment by using industrial hemp. CBD oil is usually made from hemp that isn’t deemed good enough for textile or industrial goods. So by using those plants that were already destined to become instrumental goods, they are cutting down on environmental waste. This is a change from other small scale CBD producers who tend to use whatever CBD they can get their hands on at an affordable price.


Every Premium Jame product is non-GMO, and lab tested to guarantee purity and CBD content.

They use only cannabis plant material grown in climates made specifically for their chosen strain to ensure that every plant is as healthy as possible. Healthy plants make sure that the CBD content is high enough to make good CBD oil.

The founders of Premium Jane were concerned about the highly unregulated nature of the CBD industry. This is why they’re team consists of a mix of different professionals ranging from agricultural experts to microbiologists to experienced farmers.

Customer Experience

Premium Jane stands behind the effectiveness of their products and offers full refunds or product exchanges within 30 days of purchasing. If you do return a product, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping. You can also request refunds on opened products as longa s the labeling or package has not been destroyed or tampered with.

Final Thoughts

Premium Jane is very consistent in their message and quality of their products. They offer a few products that are high-quality and maintain strict standards when it comes to their ethical values. Their dedication to organically, sourced, high-quality CBD means that you get the best product every time.

We look forward to seeing them grow and whether they choose to add more products into their line in the future.

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