The Best Smell Proof Backpacks To Buy in 2020

Even if cannabis is totally legal where you are, it’s bad form to walk around smelling like a dispensary. Like drinking from a paper bag in the park, reeking of skunky marijuana also tends to invite attention from all kinds of “friends” you never knew you had—not to mention law enforcement.

It’s easier said than done to squash the smelly odor of high-quality cannabis. Lots of companies claim to have solved this problem, but only a select few do it like champions.

(And if you’re wondering if you can use these for more than carrying around some highly potent Sour Diesel, yes, they’ll also protect the world from those week-old gym clothes you forgot to take home and wash.)

Here are five of the best smell proof backpacks used and reviewed for 2020.

The Best Smell Proof Backpacks

Revelry: The Drifter20” x 13” x 6”1.85 poundsView on Amazon
Dime Bags: The Transporter Omerta18” x 13” x 6”2.8 poundsView on Amazon
Vatra Skunk: Urban Backpack18” x 12” x 6”1.61 poundsView on Amazon
Revelry: The Escort17” x 13” x 5”1.85 poundsView on Amazon
Vatra Skunk: Hybrid Backpack21” x 11” x 9.5”2.7 poundsView on Amazon

Revelry: The Drifter – The Go Anywhere, Do Anything Backpack

[lasso ref=”revelry-the-drifter-link” id=”4042″ link_id=”1013032″]

We love this rugged product for long trips because it’s durable enough to go anywhere. That’s why the Revelry Supply Drifter Rolltop backpack is our “go anywhere, do anything” pick for smell proof backpacks.

The Revelry Supply Drifter offers a lot of features:

  • Dimensions: 20” x 13” x 6”
  • Volume: 23L
  • Custom protective lining
  • Five colors (black, crosshatch grey, green, navy blue, and striped black) with genuine leather accents
  • Lockable, secure
  • Tough metal hardware
  • Odor absorbing, Carbon Filter System
  • Roll Top for extra space
  • Secret stash pocket inside
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Water resistant, rubber-backed nylon


The Revelry Drifter backpack is a water-resistant, smell proof rollup backpack ideal for many uses. Its size and features make it a great choice for someone who might need a bag for school, work, travel, outdoors, and more.

This is hands-down one of the most impressive smell proof backpacks on the market, in part because it would be appealing even as a regular hiking pack. You don’t look at this and think, “Well, it’s okay for something that’s smell proof.” It looks high quality and stylish, and it is made with durable materials so it will last you a long time.

In use

The Revelry Drifter  is a really handy backpack if you need a lot of storage space and enough volume to  travel for a few days. The main compartment has one large pocket (not a full sleeve) for a laptop and three smaller pockets inside the bottom, all made with soft moleskin fabric. These are more secure inner storage spaces, and if your backpack is full, you might not be able to reach in and readily grab what you need. .

That’s okay, though, because there are plenty of spots to stash things on the outside, including two deep side pockets that close with heavy-duty snaps and a zipped front pocket. You can store water bottles or similar items in these side pockets.

Smell proof features

The Drifter backpack from Revelry is designed and constructed to be both odor-absorbing and water-resistant. One of the best things about it is the Carbon Filter System. The three-layered carbon filter system is two synthetic filters encasing an activated charcoal layer. To ensure your backpack stays smelling pristine and absorbing odor, just refresh it in the dryer for a few minutes. Once it’s warm, it has released all of the odors from your last trip and is ready to absorb again.

Each Revelry Drifter backpack also has a cotton canvas exterior with a sturdy, heavy-duty rubber backing. You can’t see that part from the outside, but it adds to the water-resistance.


If you’re worried that a rugged backpack that’s great for camping won’t look all that great, well, you can stop worrying. Revelry Supply’s Drifter backpack is genuinely IG-worthy and will see you through in most urban settings as well. That sturdy canvas lasts, and the seven colors, metal hardware, and leather details wear well.

The classic, retro style of this backpack means it needs a little breaking in. But, after one good hike or trip, the Drifter softens up,  loses some of that new-bag stiffness, and really starts to fit your body.

What sets it apart

The biggest advantages to the Revelry Drifter backpack is genuine smell proof performance, and size. The 23 liter volume provides the capacity you’d expect from a large daypack.

The backpack is designed so you close it, roll down the top, and by doing so, compress what’s inside your bag so the whole thing is more compact. Even if you overfill the bag, you’ll still be able to close it by folding the top down once, and you can use the metal clips to secure the backpack shut. When rolled and compacted, the Revelry Drifter Backpack 20 x 13 x 6 inches, but its unrolled length is 28 inches.

The other thing we love about this bag is the many pockets and compartments. We mentioned the other ones above, but there is also an inner, zipped “secret stash” pocket in the top half of the main compartment. Naturally, that’s our favorite, because it works like a smell proof pouch which is  an extra bonus.

Dime Bags: The Transporter Omerta – The Most Secure Option

[amazon box=”B07P14377F”]

This one is our top choice for security. With a totally unique lock on every smell proof backpack, it doesn’t get much more discreet than the Transporter Omerta.

The Transporter Omerta is full of great features:

  • Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 6”
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Highly discreet zipper lock unique to each backpack
  • Active carbon filter technology
  • Bottle holders, 9 large compartments
  • Padded smell-proof interior protects fragile glass items
  • Sealed, childproof double zipper
  • Customizable/removable logo, discreet black polyester exterior
  • Durable, water-resistant exterior
  • One secret smell-proof pocket
  • Adjustable straps


Thanks to great design and heavy duty construction, the Transporter Omerta by Dime Bags is one of the most durable smell proof backpacks on the market. And while all components of this bag are top shelf, the zipping system is the best aspect of the backpack.

Dime Bags Transporter Omerta features heavy-duty zippers that don’t bind, bite, or separate. You can feel confident about both your valuables and odors stayin  secure within those zippers and filters.

Stylistically, this smell proof backpack is discrete and inconspicuous, constructed of a unique, water-resistant outer material called Hempster that is also genuinely wear and tear-resistant. We also love that Hempster is smooth,soft, and stays nice looking even after many uses and refreshes.

Bonus: add a Dime Bags Secret Pocket if you really want an extra layer of protection in there.

In use

The smell proof backpack from Dime Bags is great for athletes, with two water bottle holders and four external compartments for gear. There’s lots of room inside, too, and one internal pocket large enough for a textbook, plus a soft, padded inside that is safe for carrying anything breakable, from sports equipment like goggles, glass bongs or messy grinders, or even just a smartphone or tablet.

The shoulder straps are contoured and completely adjustable so users of all sizes will feel comfortable.

Smell proof features

The Omerta double zipper is high-quality, ensuring that you will not experience any kind of odor leakage. The smell proof technology works using an active carbon lining, and, even if you open it up in public, most of the smell stays in. This plain Jane black backpack is not catching anyone’s eye, or nose.

Whenever it’s needed, just refresh the carbon lining in the dryer. Throw the backpack into the dryer for 10 minutes on low heat and that’s it.


We really love the Dime Bags brand, made by and for folks like us. The Omerta line is basically one of this brand’s best smell proof backpacks, and, to us, it’s among the best looking choices because it is so discreet and sleek.

It’s easy to customize the look of the backpack because you can remove the Velcro badge. You can stay totally plain or add something that fits with your mood, personality, or style with ease.

What sets it apart

The thing we love most about Dime Bags Transporter Omerta is the zipper lock. Each one is uniquely keyed and reminiscent of the money bags they use in retail for banking.. To us, it’s the best anti-theft, smell proof backpack available on the market. You even have an extra key for your backpack on your ring—just don’t lose it!

Other bonus features we like are the awesome hemp fabric, the organic hemp cotton lining, and the way this backpack rides on motorcycles—especially since it’s so secure.

Skunk: Urban Backpack – The Best Looking Design

[amazon box=”B06WLL6HXM”]

Just based on appearance alone, we chose the lightweight Skunk Urban over the Skunk Backpack Rogue as our best smell proof backpack—and it was a tough choice!

The Skunk Urban offers tons of benefits:

  • Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 6”
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Discreet combo lock with zipper covered by velcro flap
  • Top-quality carbon filter thermal lining
  • Durable, water-resistant exterior with anti-tear netting fabric
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Waterproof rubber-backed nylon cover
  • Front side pockets


The Skunk Urban backpack features excellent waterproof zippers that really help make this bag smell proof. Without good zippers, a great carbon lining doesn’t do much, but these are very effective. We also like the combination locks a lot.

One downside is that the handle on top and shoulder straps are not as sturdy as some other models—but this is also a lighter, slimmer urban style backpack, too. If you’re super hard on things or climbing over lava rocks constantly, maybe choose a more rugged option.

In use

This is a fun backpack to use. It has a stylish look and doesn’t stand out as too functional. You may have even chosen it just for looks.

There are two main compartments inside and secret zipper pockets on the inside walls of each. These are great discreet stash holders, and the convenient side pockets can hold your more basic stuff.

You can reset the combination lock whenever you want to, so, although it’s not as cool as the individual key from the Omerta, it’s still really secure and functional. Just use a needle or paper clip to push the little button and reset the lock.

Smell proof

The Skunk Urban backpack has a thermal lining and carbon filter, along with several protective layers that ensure the interiors and the contents stay safe from weather and spills. The backpack’s silver antibacterial lining and patented activated-carbon technology neutralize odors by trapping gases inside tiny pores.

It’s nice to know you can count on the smell free features even during wet weather, and the carbon filtration technology is effective enough to mask the smell of just about anything you’re stowing in there.


We’ll get more into this below since appearance is really what sets this backpack apart, but we love the design of this bag.  There are nice fabric options, and the denim is probably the coolest looking selection. If you like streetwear, you are going to love this backpack, which won’t look or feel dumpy or lame like it could be your mom’s.

What sets it apart

If you want to look like a hipster and not a park ranger, the Skunk Urban is your smell proof backpack. It’s modern and urban vibe is  more for everyday use and not suggesting the Appalachian Trail.

Although, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t take it there! Skunk Urban is high quality and durable. The combination lock is covered by the velcro flap, and the rubber-backed nylon, resilient protective netting, and maximum strength carbon filter in the anti-smell interiors are all made to last.

Revelry: The Escort – The Best Use-it-everyday Backpack

[lasso ref=”revelry-the-escort” id=”4048″ link_id=”1013033″]

For those of you who are all business and primarily seeking functionality, the Escort smell proof backpack by Revelry Supply is the best bag out there.

The Revelry Escort has lots of amazing features:

  • Dimensions: 17” x 13” x 5”
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Secret stash pocket
  • Waterproof, rubber-coated zippers
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual carbon filter and cotton linings
  • Genuine leather accents and quality metal hardware
  • Outstanding design
  • Fast wash and dry material


The outermost layer of the Revelry Escort smell proof backpack is water-resistant rubber-backed nylon, which also helps trap odors inside the backpack.

Adding to this backpack’s high quality is the rubber-coated zipping system with metal hardware and pure leather accents. The zippers glide open and shut easily and quietly, and they will wear a long time without breaking or leaking smells.

In use

Another great quality point with the Revelry Escort is the shoulder straps. If you’re someone using this for business, comfort probably matters to you as it’s likely to be a daily driver. The Revelry’s shoulder straps are more padded and wider than most other models, so it’s far more comfortable.

Like the Dime Bags smell proof backpack, the Revelry Escort has a secret stash pocket inside the bag for your cannabis, your vaporizer, your glass bong, and a laptop sleeve.

Smell proof features

The Revelry Escort backpack has a dual carbon filter system encased in a tough but light cotton lining. The system filters out odors effectively and lasts well, even though it is soft to the touch. Refreshing the bag is simple—just flip it inside out and leave it in the sun to recharge.


This is a really attractive backpack that won’t look stupid if you’re dressed for work. There are solid color options in Crosshatch, Stripe Black, and Green.

What sets it apart

The Escort by Revelry aims to bring all of the smell proof technology and functionality into a smaller, more subtle and stylish backpack that you can bring anywhere. With black trim, suede, and brass hardware, this smell proof backpack looks as professional as it functions—and that’s saying something.

The rubber-backed, nylon weave outer layer waterproofs the bag in addition to keeping in odors, and the inner lining adds a layer of protection with its dual carbon filter. Seal it all with rubber coated zippers, and you are truly ready for work—just add a laptop to the sleeve and whatever you want to your secret stash pocket.

Skunk: Hybrid Backpack – The Biggest Smell Proof Backpack

[amazon box=”B01MQFH6W9″]

The Vatra Skunk Hybrid backpack is the athlete’s choice funk fighter, a multi-use smell proof backpack that doubles as a duffle bag that can carry everything from tons of gear to personal items with secrecy.

The Skunk Hybrid backpack has tons of benefits:

  • Dimensions: 21” x 11” x 9.5”
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Weather resistant
  • Military grade material
  • Smell proof
  • Convenient strap storage
  • Rainproof pockets


Skunk’s Hybrid smell proof backpack lives up to the same standards as the rest of the line. It is safe to use in all weather conditions because it is water-resistant. These materials and fabrics are military grade and heavy-duty enough to last, whatever you’re subjecting them to. Add to this the rubber backed nylon and anti tear protective netting, and you have a very high quality and tough smell proof backpack great for those who are outside or just harder on things.

In use

This bag is great for working out because you can use it like a classic backpack, or like a duffel bag instead. You can speedily open, close, and hide your belongings in it, especially when you’re using it duffel style.

Smell proof

The high-potency carbon filter lining enclosed in the anti-smell retainer interior traps and tightly seals odors inside this bag. Skunk uses tiny carbon molecules to trap particles that cause odors in their surfaces. The rubber-coated zippers are part of the smell proofing here, too, and also come with under and overlinings.


Although the Skunk Hybrid has a serious, militaristic style, once it’s on your back it looks like a pretty standard rucksack.

What sets it apart

We love the Skunk Hybrid smell proof backpack for its extra large interior space. It provides the highest capacity of any of the genuinely smell proof bags we’ve seen, and it’s ideal for those who need to carry more.

We also love that the Vatra Skunk Hybrid backpack can be used either as a duffel or as a shoulder pack.

Benefits of Using a Smell Proof Backpack

Obviously, if you want a smell proof backpack at all, you probably have a reason. If the backpack achieves your goal, it’s doing what you want, right? But still, there are lots of great reasons to use a top-quality smell-proof backpack that you may not have considered:

Avoid Unwanted Attention While Camping

If you’re a camper, you probably already know that leaving food or other items out that smell strongly can be a bad idea. You want to avoid attracting raccoons, bears, and other animals, so you’d better conceal those delicious or stinky-smelling items well.

Avoid Unwanted Attention—From Humans

Let’s be real: the unwanted attention you’re probably more concerned about is from other people.

Even if it’s just your workout clothes, no one wants to see another person making a face and sniffing—only to realize it’s your stuff they are smelling. Whether you love to eat curry at the office, need to work out during the day, or like most of us might be carrying a little ganja here and there, you need a way to help other people mind their own business. Throwing everything that could cause a problem into a smell proof backpack can save you from unnecessary embarrassment.

Stress-Free Commute

Driving somewhere with something that smells? If you keep gym clothes, food, or pot in your car, you are always at risk of being pulled over and running into trouble. Even just a weird smell can start trouble with police.

And even if you don’t get pulled over, the first time someone has to ride in your car might be the last if you don’t manage the smell.

Save Money

These smell proof backpacks aren’t cheap—for a reason. They are an investment! But in the end, they actually save money.

That’s because instead of burning through countless plastic bags and other things to conceal odors, you’re just reusing your smell proof technologies.

How Do Smell Proof Backpacks Work?

Image of a smell proof backpack

This is the genius of the technology: it’s not even that high-tech, in a way. Smell proof backpacks work based on tech that is relatively new, yet simple and reliable.

Reusable bags typically feature a durable nylon exterior, which lends a weather-resistant, rugged quality to the bag as well as smell proof qualities. Materials such as cotton or bamboo are sometimes used in multiple layers, but they don’t wear as well and may not last as long.

Bag closures are a matter of preference to some extent, but if you want the backpack to be smell proof, you need a functional closure. The most effective closure for keeping odors in is a rubberized zipper or a zipper with velcro, and some bags also have a foldable top edge.

Most smell-proof backpacks that are worthwhile also contain an activated carbon filter or liner in between the outer shell and interior lining of the bag. Also called activated charcoal, carbon filters trap odors through adsorption. During this process, molecules are not absorbed into the fabric which would make it stink; instead, they attach to the outside of a surface.

The more porous the surface of the activated carbon, the better this process works because the stinky contaminants have more places to attach to the filter. In fact, carbon is among nature’s most porous substances, so the carbon filter system is very effective at handling smells.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Smell Proof Backpack

Image of a smell proof backpack

Don’t just grab the first odor proof bag that comes up on Google. Here are some things to consider:

Is it really smell proof? This is the whole point, after all. Always look for the real activated carbon lining, multiple layers, and a reliable closure system, possibly with a roll up, to avoid the kind of embarrassing situations you’re hoping to end in the first place. Check the reviews—and not just on Amazon. Read around and see what people are saying if you think you’ve found the perfect bag—especially if it is suspiciously cheap.

Materials. High-quality materials are what is standing between you and public odor. A single layer cotton bag or hemp backpack is like wrapping your stash in a tee shirt and hoping for the best.

Design and quality. Where is the bag made? If it is made in the USA, you might have a greater shot at high quality design and lasting manufacturing. Look for a design with some thought in it. Was this made by someone with the same goals? Are there convenient “extra” features? Is the backpack light and easy to use?

Durability. There’s no sense investing in a great smell proof backpack if it won’t last. Look for military grade materials and durable nylon, rubber-backed parts, and metal and leather accessories.

Zipping system. Almost any backpack has a zipper, but only a lined or rubberized zipper will really keep odors in.

Size. Is this smell proof backpack big enough for what you’ll be carrying? Can you go away for long enough with this bag?

Cost. Smell proof backpacks are not cheap—no question. You want the quality for your money. But remember: this is one time when you really do get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a very large bag, then the Revelry Drifter or the Vatra Skunk Hybrid Backpack/Duffel are each great options. If having the most secure is important, then the Dimebag Omerta Transporter is the right call. For a stylish option the Vatra Skunk Urban Backpack is really the best. And for a smaller, business-ready choice, check out the Revelry Escort.

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