Straight Hemp is a Colorado-based CBD company that pride themselves on their uncompromising standards when it comes to creating CBD products. Their carefully cultivated product line uses CBD that comes from high-quality soil and undergoes exceedingly strict regulatory standards. Although their product line is limited, their customers love the quality and care they put into handcrafting each of their products.

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Source of hemp

Straight Hemp claims to use extremely high-quality soil that goes above and beyond industry standards. All of their CBD contains cannabinoids and terpenes that are below the federally legal THC limit of 0.3%. They test all of their CBD for terpenes to ensure that the CBD in their products is consistent. Straight Hemp uses a popular C)2 extraction process that ensures their CBD is clean of butane, ethyl alcohol, and other harmful chemicals. They source their hemp from dry, local climates but test for yeasts and molds that tend to be common in those areas as an extra precautionary measure.
Since there isn’t much regulation in the industry when it comes to dangerous chemicals, it’s nice to know that they take extra steps to make sure their CBD is as clean as possible.


None of Straight Hemp’s products come in any flavor varieties. Their most popular product, the Straight Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil, is unflavored and features a natural and rich taste of CBD. The CBD is full of unique cannabinoids and terpenes, giving it it’s own unique taste but doesn’t feature any added flavors.

While the taste is not overwhelmingly strong, it might not be ideal for people who prefer flavored CBD oil or do not like the natural and earthy taste of raw CBD oil.

Shopping Experience

Straight Hemp has several physical stores all over the U.S. and also sells its entire product supply online. Every order made online ships within 24 hours and usually arrives within 5-7 business days. Straight Hemp also has a generous return policy, and any user may request a full refund of their purchase within 30 days if they are not completely satisfied. For military personnel, first responders, and teachers or professors, Straight Hemp offers specific discounts as a thank you for their service to our communities. All of Straight Hemp’s products are shipped using discreet packaging for extra privacy to the buyer.

Range of Products

On the Straight Hemp website, you can purchase CBD oil, CBD balm, and CBD vape. While they currently only sell these three products, they emphasized getting each product right, which means it takes longer to release new products because of how thorough their production process is.

Straight Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

This is Straight Hemp’s signature CBD oil, which contains all of the native hemp terpenes, cannabinoids, and less than 0.3% THC. They combine the CBD oil with cold-pressed hemp oil, making the final product 100% hemp with no additional ingredients. It’s manufactured using cGMP processes, which is a regulation enforced by the FDA. The oil comes in an easy to use dripper. It’s recommended that you take 5-10 drops per day, three times a day to start and then adjust your dosage accordingly based on how you feel. Each drop of oil contains 1.7mg of CBD.

Straight Hemp CBD Balm

For those times, when you want to ease muscle pain without taking any pain relievers, this CBD balm is an excellent choice for local area relief. Just rub it into the area affected and start to feel the effects almost instantly. This formula is blended with other healing ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD, which creates a rich entourage effect in the balm. For additional relief, Straight Hemp CBD Balm also contains arnica Montana and magnesium, which are known for their added healing benefits. It’s recommended that you use a pea-sized amount on the painful area 1-3 times per day and reapply as needed.

Straight Hemp Vape Oil

For users who prefer to inhale their CBD, Straight Hemp sells vaporizers and vape cartridges filled with 100% hemp essential oils and CBD. They’ve eliminated the hazard of using metal coils in their vape cartridges and instead use a ceramic coil, which is less risky than the metal coils.

All of the oils in their vape products are flavored with hemp terpenes to create an herbal and floral vape experience. Their vape oils do not contain any fillers propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). With CBD vapes, the CBD by[asses the liver and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, creating an almost instant effect.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Straight Hemp is hands-on at every stage of their quality control process. From the time the seeds hit the field until their products are packaged and shipped out, the company oversees every step of the process. Every batch of CBD hemp oil undergoes a thorough lab analysis with a third party lab. The lab tests ensure that every batch of CBD oil meets Colorado’s state-mandated standards for quality. The lab reports show that all of their oil is free from heavy metals, pesticides, and bio-contaminants.

Straight Hemp uses independent ISO 17025 certified labs located in the U.S. and publishes all of its Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on its website and each product page. Customers can enter the batch number on their product and see a lab report for their specific batch.


  • Thorough lab testing – Straight Hemp is very transparent about their lab testing process and does a great job making the results readily available to consumers and the general public.
  • Good shopping experience – Their website is straightforward to navigate. They offer quick shipping times, great return policy, and discreet shipping options.
  • Available in stores – For people who want a more hands-on shopping experience, Straight Hemp products are sold in stores all over the U.S.


  • Lack of company information – We don’t know much about Straight Hemp as a company. They disclose that they are headquartered in Colorado, but their website does not go into detail about how the company was founded, or it’s origins.
  • Limited product line – Currently, Straight Hemp only has three CBD products in their line.
  • No flavors or higher potencies – Their products don’t come in a variety of strengths or flavors, which might not be ideal for users who are used to flavored oil or are looking for a stronger blend.

Final Thoughts on Straight Hemp CBD

All in all, Straight Hemp is a reliable CBD brand with high-quality products. Since they have a basic range of products without any flavors or potencies, they are a great brand for people who take a no-nonsense approach to CBD. We would recommend them for people who aren’t looking to be very adventurous with their CBD experience but just for high-quality oil, balm, or vape.

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