Strawberry Cough cannabis is aptly named, both for its delicious strawberry flavor and the coughing fit that makes the throat go all a-tingle.

Myth, Mystery, and Origins, Oh My!

chart of the genetic parents of strawberry cough

Similar to our recent strain review of OG Kush, mystery surrounds Strawberry Cough’s origins. If you dig into Strawberry Cough’s origins, you’ll come across the most popular theory – that it’s a result of crossbreeding of Strawberry Fields and a Haze strain by the master himself, Kyle Kushman. Which Haze? No one seems to know for certain. It’s also rumored to have been cultivated in a strawberry field; hence the flavor.

There are two things we do know for sure.

1) Strawberry Cough comes in at roughly 20% indica and 80% sativa, making it a distinctly sativa strain.

2) It has an immense THC balance ranging from 16-26%. This means that, phenotype depending, Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is likely to be highly potent with THC content and contain low CBD.

strawberry cough strain

A Middle of the Road Strain: Growing Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is an easy strain to find at most dispensaries and is often recommended as a good starter-cannabis for enthusiasts looking to dip their toe in the cultivation scene. A few supporting reasons are detailed below.

  • It has a quick harvest. Most sativa strains tend to be a bit slower to grow. This can be traced to its semitropical origins. Strawberry Cough, on the other hand, has enough indica influence to make the growth period (around 2 months) relatively speedy in comparison to its sibling sativas.
  • It’s neither the largest, nor the smallest strain. It grows to a height of 3 feet, and should be sown 15 to 20 plants per square meter. It doesn’t need much support as it tends to be bushier. (If you’re curious, Ganja Dwarf is the smallest strain and Monster, the tallest).
  • It flourishes in a greenhouse, but can also be grown indoors. As a sativa, Strawberry Cough craves hotter environments. Because of this, it does exceptionally well in greenhouse environments. However, indoors growing is also an option when you have the means to reproduce the sought after environment.
  • It is a disease, insect, and mold resistant strain. It’s heartbreaking to lovingly tend to your brood for weeks only to suddenly discover that the stems are covered in mites or that the buds are thick with rot. A disease resistant strain like Strawberry Cough helps prevent exactly that, and save you some heartache in the process.

An honest name for a fruity strain.

strawberry cough strain I appreciate when a cannabis strain is named with utter frankness. Grape Ape? Tastes like grape. Pineapple Kush? Pineapple coats the tongue with each inhale. Grand Daddy Purple? Tastes like gran–no wait, I mean the plant is purple! For the most part, you get what you expect. Guess what sense this strain evoked. Go on, I’ll wait…

Strawberry Cough tastes like a warm, just-picked strawberry. Not only does it have a throat tickling fruity flavor, but there are piney, earthy hints in there too. It was almost spicy at times. The aftertaste was there on the back of my tongue both before and after the coughing fit, and lingered for a good while after.

Strawberry Cough’s appearance is just as vibrant as its flavor. The leaves are coated with dense trichomes that give them a sugared, delicious appearance. Meanwhile, the pistils are a lovely, cheerful orange. It also has a sweet strawberry smell.


Sativa strains are known for washing over the user quickly. Strawberry Cough was a bit different, in that it took a few minutes to really hit. What didn’t take long at all? The coughing. Oh, the coughing. The moment I inhaled, I got a jolt of tingling, spicy strawberry right to the back of the throat that somehow managed to be delicious and yet frustrating at the same time. Once again, I thought the reported effects (aka the coughing) of this strain didn’t apply to me. Turns out it did! One day I will learn, but today is not that day.

Strawberry Cough is said to be a daytime strain. I absolutely agree. After I got over the coughing (that I really should have expected in the first place), I could focus on the gorgeous, energizing impact. The way it came over me was almost gentle. Soon though, I was feeling cheerful, relaxed, and ready to tackle my busy day.

First, was a trip to the Saturday farmer’s market. I wasn’t terribly excited to venture into the 95 degree heat in order to acquire some heirloom tomatoes. After some Strawberry Cough though? I was buzzing to get things done. Excited, even.

I’ve had some trouble with THC-potent sativas inducing wicked headaches and increasing my already high level of anxiety. Both of these factors have made me leery of sativas in general. I’m happy to report that neither were a problem with the Strawberry Cough strain. In fact, my anxiety levels went significantly down with this strain. I was feeling no pain whatsoever – including the sore muscles I’d woken up with after helping my friend move the day before. I did get a case of dry eyes, but my handy-dandy bottle of eye drops alleviated that quickly. Some people might experience dry mouth as one of the side effects of Strawberry Cough but it varies.


strawberry cough hybrid strain

My stress and anxiety levels decreased significantly with Strawberry Cough. It made everything feel more fun, uplifting and a bit euphoric – even the banal activities. Additionally, the way it melted my sore muscles from the day before would likely make it ideal for those wishing to use it as a chronic pain reliever.

Though it personally decreased my anxiety level, many have the opposite impact with high-THC cannabis strains or medical marijuana. Because of this, I recommend approaching cautiously if you’re looking to treat mental illness. All in all, Strawberry Cough is a delicious daytime marijuana strain that energized me, made me feel uplifted and improved my day – after I got over the coughing, that is. We understand why it’s a fan favorite strain.

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