Submit Your CBD Products for Review

If you’re looking to submit your brand’s CBD products for review and potential inclusion on, this is the place that spells out how to do it.

A few things to note before you do.

  • We will post an honest review of your products, and anything we uncover when researching your brand. While we don’t go out of our way to be negative, we do go out of our way to be impartial and honest.
  • We take the health of our users very seriously, and we 100% will not include your brand on FullSpectrum if the content on your site is an FDA time-bomb claiming the CBD cures cancer or other unsubstantiated health claims. So please don’t submit your product if that is the case.
  • We do not guarantee we’ll link to your website (a lot of companies hound us about this) so if that is your only motivation, we may not be a good fit.
  • We get a lot of requests to review products, so I’d like to make this as easy and painless as possible for both of us!

One other thing to note: We cover ALL kinds of CBD products–not just tinctures. Please reach out especially if you have interesting products in uncommon categories like cosmetics, drinks (like tea), edibles, etc. (thought we absolutely do review tinctures, so we’re not saying DON’T submit those for review). 🙂

Here’s the process to get your products reviewed:

1. Fill out the form below

2. I’ll reply and let you know I received your email, ask any follow up questions, and send you the submission address

3. I’ll email again once I’ve received the products to let you know they’ve arrived

4. In 30-60 days, we’ll post our review and I’ll email you again to let you know it’s live.

Please don't just put a URL here I have to click on and read through. List out the details, thanks.
(ex. Refersion, Rev Offers, Post Affiliate Pro, Self-hosted, etc.)
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