Sunsoil CBD, formerly named Green Mountain CBD, was created in 2015 by seasoned hemp entrepreneurs, Jacob Goldstein, and Alejandro Bergad. They founded the company with the mission to make high-quality, organically-grown CBD accessible to as many people as possible. All of Sunsoils products are made using limited ingredients to maintain the purity of their products. Their ingredients are streamlined, and their product line takes a minimal approach to CBD. The limited options make it easy to navigate their products and find what’s right for you.

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They are an “earth-first” company, and all of their hemp comes directly from their own farm located in Hardwick, Vermont. They take a holistic, whole-planet approach to doing good for the earth, as well as people. They want to make a wider impact by protecting nature while they produce CBD products that benefit people who need them.

What drives them day by day? It’s simple: People, Plants, and The Planet.

Source of hemp

All of Sunsoil’s hemp is locally sourced from their company farms in Vermont. They know that better plants make better end products, which is why they commit their farms to be pesticide and GMO-free. They build high-quality soil through regular crop rotation and track their progress throughout enough that they trace every plant, seed to shelf. They only grow USDA-certified organic hemp and do multiple levels of quality control throughout the growing, extraction, and bottling process. Unlike many CBD brands that use CO2 extraction, Sunsoil uses a lipid extraction process using organic MCT oil as their main carrier in the oil.

All of their hemp plants produce, whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum hemp extract retains many of the cannabinoids, cannabidiol, and terpenes from the plant. While these are powerful compounds that improve the quality of the CBD, they also contain more THC content than CBD isolate or broad-spectrum oils. However, their lab tests indicate that they still don’t contain more than the .03% of THC that is currently legal in all 50 states.

Taste and Flavors

Sunsoil doesn’t have the best range of flavors for their products. They only sell Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, and unflavored oils. However, since they only have to focus on a few products, they are high quality and great tasting according to user feedback. Since all of their products use MCT oil as the base, some may have a hint of coconut flavor, which users describe as light and not at all overwhelming.

Shopping Experience

Sunsoil currently only ships within the US through limited shipping options. You can choose between USPS First Class or Priority Shipping and pay shipping costs according to your location and the shipping option you choose. Most orders ship within 24-hours and users have reported receiving their shipment relatively quickly after it’s been shipped. They also sell products through a few local retailers, but their website doesn’t make it easy to find out which stores near you carry their products.

The company has a detailed FAQ page that gives more information about their oils, process and how to contact their customer support. They don’t give a phone number for customer support, so you need to go through their website form or send an email directly.

Sunsoil will give you a full refund within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with your product or want to request a replacement.

Range of Products

picture of a field of hemp

Sunsoil CBD Oil Tinctures

All of Sunsoil’s CBD tinctures contain full-spectrum CBD oil from USDA certified organic hemp that’s grown and processed on their Vermont farm. Their inctures use a CBD and MCT oil base. Each 60ml bottle comes with a convenient dropper to take Subsoils recommended 10ml dose per serving.

picture of sunsoil cbd tincture bottle

With Sunsoil tinctures you can choose from three options a 600mg Chocolate Mint blend for $30, a 1200mg Cinnamon flavored oil for, and 600mg Unflavored for $30.

These oils are a great pick for someone new on their CBD journey and want to experience a high-quality, affordable oil. Their limited options make it straightforward to understand what they offer, so you don’t get stuck trying to make the right choice.

Sunsoil CBD Softgels and Capsules

picture of Sunsoil brand cbd capsule bottle

Sunsoil recognizes that capsules might be too harsh for some people, so they’ve expanded their range of CBD capsules to include softgels as well. The softgels are half the size of the capsules, making them easier to swallow. However, they still contain the same amount of CBD as the capsules. Both the capsules and softgels each contain 20mg of CBD per pill. You can choose from 30-count bottles which include 600mg of CBD total for $30, or 90-count bottles which includes 1800-mg of CBD per bottle for $90.

Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil

picture of sunsoil cbd coconut oil salve

The CBD coconut oil by Sunsoil is a premium, organic coconut oil infused with organic hemp CBD. It’s an extremely useful product that you can consume as it is, use it in a variety of recipes or apply it as a salve topically for localized relief. Plus, it’s pet-friendly! Even though Sunsoil doesn’t have specific pet products, the purity of the coconut oil makes it safe for consumption by pets who need a little CBD-induced relief.

It sells in a 30ml jar containing 20mg of CBD per milliliter and 600mg of CBD total. The CBD oil is a liquid, but when mixed with coconut oil, it becomes solid when dropped below 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Some users experience changes in color or viscosity as the mixture goes from hot to cold, but don’t worry, this is normal and does not affect the quality of the oil.

Third-Party Lab Testing & Quality Control

All of Sunsoil’s CBD oils are rigorously analyzed through three rounds of third-party lab tested by ISO-accredited labs. After the third party testing, they go through an additional in-house testing and quality control process.

Sunsoil shares their lab results directly on their website for every batch of their hemp oil — something, not all brands do transparently. Furthermore, every bottle ordered comes with a specific QR code that you can scan to get the specific lab test results for your bottle.

Since the FDA does not regulate CBD, CBD companies must create transparency with their customers about their processes and testing practices. Sunsoil is a great example of how a company can be fully transparent with their customers about how they manufacture their products.


  • Affordability – All of Sunoils products are priced at $0.05 per mg of CBD — one of the lowest in the market. For full-spectrum, organic CBD and hemp oil grown on their private farms, it is relatively affordable compared to other brands. Their dedication to intense third party testing, using organic and natural ingredients while maintaining affordability says a lot about their commitment to helping people.
  • Earth-focused products – Sunsoil goes above in making sure they have as little environmental impact as possible. They are an “earth first” company through their organic farming methods and their low-impact CBD extraction methods. Their limited product line also means that they don’t produce as much waste through the production of their products.
  • Great for beginners – Sunsoil takes a minimal approach to CBD. Brands with dozens of products and blends can get overwhelming for new CBD users, so opting for a brand with fewer options, and higher quality ingredients is a great way to dip your toes into the CBD world.


  • Limited Products – Sunsoils product line is quite minimal. They currently sell tinctures, capsules and softgels, and CBD coconut oil. If you’re someone who prefers to vape, does with gummies, edibles or another form of CBD, you might not find what you’re looking for with Sunoil. But despite their limited products, they are very intentional about what they produce to minimize their carbon footprint and focus on quality.
  • No high-potency blends – Sunsoil is a great brand for beginners and new CBD users. People wanting to use CBD more aggressively, with higher potency blends, might be disappointed by their Sunsoil’s current offerings. However, since they are a very affordable brand, some users may opt to choose their 1200mg CBD oil and take an extra dose to reach their desired result.

Final Thoughts on Sunsoil CBD

We love the focused effort Sunsoil puts into developing products that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s rare to find a full-spectrum CBD brand that is affordable, high quality, and comes from the company’s own farm. Sunsoil users report experiencing decreased symptoms of medical conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression with zero side effects. We recommend Sunsoil for anyone who wants a no-nonsense CBD oil or capsule at a mid-potency. While they don’t have the most selection of their products, they far make up for that with the quality of products and their customer service.

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